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In World Cruise Story you own a cruise liner, and cater to your customers every whim and fancy. You can build not only the inside of your boat, but the outside as well, with new clients getting on and old ones getting off at different stops.


KairoBot Statues

Kairobot Statues are rewarded by Kings of very hard difficulties. 3 are known to exist: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

  • Bronze Kairobot -- Gives the surrounding area +20 Energy
  • Silver Kairobot -- Gives the surrounding area +20 Appeal
  • Gold Kairobot -- Gives surrounding qualifying facilities/stores compatibility bonuses. The bonuses differ for different kinds of facilities, namely Group A and Group B. Group B consists of all cabins. The gold Kairobot gives +2 compatibility for group A facilities and +1 compatibility for Group B facilities.


Compatibilities are introduced by placing facilities/stores close to each other. The maximum distance between two compatible facilities is 3 blocks. Most compatibilities will occur at both facilities, but some only contains one, eg,. Internet and ATM, in which ATM does not have any stats at all.

Compatibility can also be boosted by Compatibility Seeds. They are awarded by the ranking association upon getting perfect in the cabin category.


Once you unlock your Theater (see Structures, it will have a single Program, Hula Dancing). You can unlock new programs by placing various combinations of structures around the theater.

Name Unlock Conditions
Hula Dancing Initially Available
Belly Dancing 4 Persian Rug, 2 Cactus, 1 Cafe
Samba 2 Dancer, 2 Palm Tree, 1 Dance Hall
Opera 2 Thinker, 1 Painting, 1 Library
Pop Group 2 Angel, 1 Beauty Salon, 2 Theater
Musical Gym, Grass
Kairo Festival 2 Bronze Kairobot, 2 Silver Kairobot, 2 Gold Kairobot


Each new starting port after the original receives a first time bonus. This bonus starts as $1,000 and increases a $1,000 each time with the final port providing a bonus of $10,000. 


Bugs & Cheats

Bug-game dev story Bugs and cheats listed below can be replicated on a device without the need of cheat tools.
  • Gym gives compatibilities to Pool in West/North, but this shows up as East/North.
  • Queen of Briton says "I am the king." instead of "I am the queen." when you unlock the investment.
  • There are two different carpets named "Blue Carpet" with different shades of blue and different stats.
  • Ship upgrades adds vertical/horizontal spaces on the ship. For horizontal upgrades, it will copy all the carpeting in the front row tiles of each floor of the ship. By adding expensive carpets (Persian rug/Gold Carpet) on the front row tiles of each floor before doing upgrade, thousands of dollars can be saved from doing carpeting works. Especially useful when preparing a maze on the 1F.
  • The Japanese word is still showing on V1.0.6 when the pink evaluation bar (such the evaluation from a King) is full.
  • On V1.0.6, once you done building a structure, you may see balloon of Location A,B,C but actually is different than in-facility info.


  • For the country "zhongguo" the Chinese word for China is "zhong guo"or 中国 (middle kingdom).
    • The King of Zhongguo is said to have been a ruffian in his teens. This may be a reference to the famous Chinese novel Water Margin.
  • If one looks closely, the flag shown on the engine is that of the starting country you picked for the playthrough.
  • Most of the kings may use helicopters to leave and return.
    • You may have noticed that when the king's helicopter is at the middle-side of the ship then you can pause the game for changing the floor, the position of helicopter may change up and down.
  • The word 'Reserved' may be showing at above the cabin that is reserved for the invited king.
  • The music used ingame when first arriving at a new country or after unlocking is same as used in Bonbon Cakery for winning a contest or any related event.
  • If you didn't built any grand stairs for going up to F2 and so on, the people may climb up and down the wall of ship.

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