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In Venture Towns, you build your own town from the ground up. You can create combos, unlock many different vehicles, buildings, houses, and jobs, and even get your residents pets. Your residents get money by going to work, and you get money from your residents spending their money at shops, residents paying rent, or by winning awards.




Residents are the main source of your income, as well as the income tax gained based on their house.


Main article: Jobs (Venture Towns)

Jobs are used to help residents make more money, get a better house, and afford more stuff. There are many jobs, each with an unlock condition, and possible special benefits. However, if the resident fails switching jobs, one of their stats may go down.

Park MeetingsEdit

An important part of obtaining research points.


Vehicles allow residents to move farther and access store they otherwise would have. Vehicles are either bought from stores, or won in contests by the Resident. A resident winning/buying a car is random, vehicles cannot be bought for a resident by the player.


Main article: Pets (Venture Towns)

Pets increase a specific stat of their owner.

  • Dog - Increases Work
  • Cat - Increases Appeal
  • Duck - Increases IQ
  • Hawk - Increases Skill

Development ProjectsEdit

Development Projects are important temporary events, that can result in long term stats boosts / monetary gain. These projects cost research points, often with a fairly balanced cost across all 4 types.

City UpgradesEdit


Main article: Items (Venture Towns)

Items can be used to change the stats or other features of buildings / residents. They can be made using resource points, or found through harvesting Fruitful Trees.

Bugs & Cheats

Bug-game dev story Bugs and cheats listed below can be replicated on a device without the need of cheat tools.
  • On V1.0.3, The japanese word is not translated in town news (Town Walker) on Y15 M12 W3.
  • When shops are rotated their signage is backwards.


  • There are many unused art assets in the game. Among these are three buildings: a Bank, a Launch Pltfrm, and a Gold House. Names are extrapolated from the game's text files.
  • The game's text files refer to a Shuttle Combo that does not appear in game, as well as several items (Travel Coupon, Stock, Clothing Set, Vehicle Coupon, Sale Flyer).
  • The Ancient Combo is comprised of a Pagoda, a Jpn. "Garden", and a Monument modeled after the Washington monument. In the Japanese version, the Jpn. Garden is a Shrine and the Monument is a Daibutsu.
  • The first music playing ingame (not main menu) may be same as Magazine Mogul or Pocket Academy.
  • You can change the name of both offices and building.
  • Your town may being considered as a location for the Ulympics for each 4 years.
  • There are no rotate option in build menu.

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