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Vehicles allow residents to move farther and access store they otherwise would have. Vehicles are either bought from stores, or won in contests.

Icon Vehicle Range Purchase Requirements Notes
Store Job
Bicycle-venture towns.png Bicycle +3 Bicycle Shop
Scooter-venture towns.png Scooter +6 Scooter Shp
Car-venture towns.gif Car +15 Car Dealer
Horse-venture towns.png Horse +16 Pasture/Sports Gym Jockey/Spy Secreatary's Vehicle
Cnvrtbl-venture towns.png Cnvrtbl +20 Car Dealer Racercar Drvr/Spy
Cow-venture towns.png Cow +30 Pasture Dog Groomer Chimpan Z's Vehicle
Helicopter-venture towns.png Helicopter Heliport Bearington's Vehicle
Jet-venture towns.png Jet Airport Entrepreneur King Ackbar's Vehicle
Balloon-venture towns.png Balloon Heliport
(Lottery Shp)
Anyone can win a Balloon from the Lottery Shp. Only Adventurers can buy it from the Heliport/Antenna.
UFO style="white-space:nowrap" Launch Pltfrm
Any Astronaut can get it Possible reward from Kairobot Fest
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