aka (^_^)Haryako_Kun(^_^)

  • I live in -=Land of Eternity=-
  • I was born on June 29
  • I am Unique

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My Favorite PagesEdit

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My Favorite GamesEdit

  • ==(=^;^=)Top 5 Kairosoft Games for HaryakO(=^;^=)==
  • Pocket League Story 2 (95%)
  • This game is endless tournament even online or ofline because the opponent is also become stronger too so be careful to them! (0_0) Add me there: 332 078 193... Some tips? Add me and dont forget to template yourself that you re playing this game too (^_^)
  • Dungeon Village RPG (93%)
  • This game is also endless battle like Pocket League Story 2 but in different game objective. Fight the hordes of monsters outside with building and simulation will make you satisfying in this game! (^_^)
  • Grand Prix Story 1 (93%)
  • I like this kind of racing... very different compare to mostly racing games we seen and we play (*0*) Very addictive so excessive play may be harmful (0-0) I dont like the new one which is online game so this is much better (^-')
  • Epic Astro Story (91%)
  • Outside world simulation but like Dungeon Village and Beasty Bay (^-') Can you survive the last in the cave? (0-0)
  • Beasty Bay (91%)
  • Oh yeah! A pokemon twisted with farming and cultural simulation! This one also big different(^0^) Tame the extreme species! (^-^)
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