This page contains images/templates that aren't linked/used to anywhere (often because they are used directly through url / wiki use, such as the top-left wordmark), yet are put here to stop them from being listed on Special:UnusedFiles and Special:Unusedtemplates.

Some of my linksEdit

Links to my subpages / etc that I want to keep track of: (all)
/merger /new message /guestbook /header


KairoPark imagesEdit

Not necessarily in use, but uploaded for historical purposes since I think they look nice.


Winter 2016Edit

??? 2016Edit

Autumn 2017Edit

Badges (display automatically using DPL)Edit

Badge-sayhi Badge-welcome

Promotion images (displays automatically using DPL)Edit

Wikia-Visualization-Main,kairosoft Wikia-Visualization-Main </div>


For same reasons as the images, using some templates here to avoid being listed as unused as well.

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Links (displayed using DPL)Edit

These links are displayed using DPL to list all the pages in a given category.


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(not really used anymore) Template:Archive list/preload

Editintro subpagesEdit

Friend IDs (Dream House Days)/list/addToTop  Friend IDs (Pocket League Story 2)/list/addToTop  Template:Tips/editintro

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