The games on this page are games by Kairosoft that have not yet been translated into an English version and/or have not been officially released on an English app store. These may included games that are on the Japanese Android / iOS app store, or possibly on a different device that Kairosoft only supports in Japan. A complete list of games (both translated and non) can be found on the Gameography, as well as their release / translation dates.

An official list of all Kairosoft games (including Japanese mobile devices) can be found at:

If you are interested in finding more detailed guides for these games, it's suggested you check out the Japanese Kairosoft Wiki. Links for games can be found on the left side (or you can find the link to a specific game's page on it on this wiki).

You can also find up-coming Japanese releases here.

Android and iOSEdit

  • Android: These games are available for download from Google Play. They are in Japanese, but you do not need a Japanese account. You do need a compatible device.
  • iOS: These games are available on Japanese iOS, but not on English iOS. If you have a Japanese iOS account and a Japanese iOS iTunes card, then you can buy these games.

While any of these may be played, the ones "simple" enough for the average non-Japanese speaking user to play are: CARD CHANGE, Dragging!! Cat Rebel, Munch Munch Kairo-kun, and Witch Quest.

Japanese mobile onlyEdit

These games are only available for Japanese mobile phones.

Available for download on PCEdit

These are Kairosoft PC games that are available, free to download, from the Kairosoft website (any link on left side of this page). Note that instructions for installation are in Japanese. Kairosoft currently does not make PC games any more, and these will most likely never be officially translated. These games were made between 1996 and 2001.


  • Translation of game names are often difficult since they are not exact. It is also not uncommon when games are translated for Kairosoft to change the name to a more favourable English version.
  • In some cases when games are translated, certain features of the game are visually changed as well. Example: If there is no English version of a building (like a Buddhist shrine), they may remove it / replace it with a similar but different English style one.

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