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During the Ingredient Hunts that take place 4 times a year, you collect treasures from each location as you explore them. Treasures include dishes, recipes, money, tables and other furniture.

You can only find each treasure once, and you can only find 1 treasure per hunt.

It takes a certain number of employees to find a treasure chest (shown as # in the table below). The skill Food Info helps you find treasure chests faster. Each person with Food Info equipped counts as 1.5 (Food Info Lv1), 2 (Food Info Lv2), or 3 persons (Food Info Lv3). So, for example, you can find a treasure in the Local Farm with 4 employees if one of them has Food Info Lv2 equipped.

Ingredient Hunts: Treasures
# Treasure 1 Treasure 2 Treasure 3 Treasure 4 Treasure 5 Treasure 6
Sunny Village Local Woods 3 Udon, Yaki Onigiri Recipe Fried Rice Recipe, Popular Table Salad Recipe, $5000
Steep Hill 4 Toast, Bookshelf Chinese Table, Spaghetti Recipe Rice Omelette Recipe Toy Corner
Local Farm 5 Pop Table Oak Cask Set Fried Chicken Recipe[1] Seafood Soup Recipe Audio Set
Greenville Green Pasture 4 Chinese Counter, Ice Cream Omelette Public Phone Stew
Fishery 5 Sauteed Chicken, Standard Sofa Red Table Vending Machine[2] Simple Room
Veggie Market 6 Fried Chicken, Luxury Set Orange Crate Bird's Nest Soup Recipe
Ocean View Fish Market 8 Salad, Simple Counter Shumai Relaxing Sofa Salad Bench
Craggy Rocks 10 Chocolate Parfait Recipe, Grilled Fish Western Sofa Kid's Lunch Recipe Dining Sofa
Fisher's House 12 Grilled Fish Arcade Game Steak Recipe White Sofa Takoyaki Japanese Set
Uni Town Contract Farmer 12 Toast Aquarium Tempura Recipe Simple Sofa Ramen Theater Set
Top Fish Market 15 Shumai Student Set Meat Stir Fry Recipe Luxury Sofa $10000, Japanese Set, Tuna Bowl
Associated Store 15 Nimono Recipe Luxury Corner Top-Grade Sushi Recipe Berry Parfait Recipe Luxury Sofa
Heavenly Hills Dept. Store 15 Miso Soup Office Set Ikizukuri Recipe Corn Chowder
NY Market 20 Toast Luxury Room Hamburger Pasta Cabonara
Kairo Island 20 Ice Cream Relaxing Room Gratin Recipe Grand Piano Floor Cushion Set Gold Kairobot
  1. Hidden; unlocked by obtaining 3rd treasure at Fishery
  2. Unlocks hidden treasure at Local Farm
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