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How to Play 1/36
This is a conlgomerate management simulation. Place companies and houses on the map to help residents develop and find new jobs and industries.
How to Play 2/36
Screen Icons 1/2
Black-bordered numbers coming from stores show residents' spending. Yellow numbers coming from offices indicate residents' salaries.
How to Play 3/36
Screen Icons 2/2
Residents who enter stores will sometimes have speech bubbles with numbers displayed. These are Research Points that they have discovered.
How to Play 4/36
Tips for High Growth
Try to build stores around offices or next to other stores. Build houses near woods or parks to boost Land Prices and growth.
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Residents 1/3
Residents earn salaries by working at an office. Salary is not related to company funds. Residents save it, shop with it, use it to remodel, etc.
How to Play 6/36
Residents 2/3
Residents can shop if they have money in their savings. Their spending depends on the store's prices. They work when they run out of money.
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Residents 3/3
Residents can't visit buildings outside their movement range. This range can be increased with items, or if the resident gets a vehicle.
How to Play 8/36
Development Projects
These have special effects that affect the entire town. As you find more jobs, you will also find more development projects to sponsor.
How to Play 9/36
Shopping Sprees
When a store is very popular, it can trigger a shopping spree, where residents pay up to 4x normal price. Nearby plants boost popularity.
How to Play 10/36
The Role of Plants
Plants help boost Land Prices and Popularity of surrounding buildings. Plus, passing residents sometimes get Research Points from them.
How to Play 11/36
Resident Interaction 1/2
Residents will sometimes meet at parks near roads and talk. They may find Research Points, or boost each other's parameters.
How to Play 12/36
Resident Interaction 2/2
The residents' Appeal affects how long the conversation lasts and how effective it will be.
How to Play 13/36
Attracting Residents
Build Vacant Buildings and residents may move into them, depending on timing and city status. When this happens, you get 6x the Land Price.
How to Play 14/36
Where to Build
Choosing the best place to build is important. Nearby parks and plants boost Land Prices, and you should also consider building compatibility.
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Research Points 1/2
Research Points--found at stores--are used to unlock new industries and items.
Food-venture townsFood
Ent-venture townsEnt
Serv-venture townsServ
Cult-venture townsCult
How to Play 16/36
Research Points 2/2
Residents have a chance to find RP depending on their IQ and the store they enter. Master jobs to increase the max RP you can save up.
How to Play 17/36
New Industries
You may find new industries depending on the jobs available and the status of your city. Use RP to research and unlock them.
How to Play 18/36
Making Items
As the game progresses, you will gain the ability to make items. Some increase parameters or prices, while others boost movement range.
How to Play 19/36
Residents' Houses
The size of a resident's house depends on their savings and the type of roads nearby. Residents who work hard will move into nicer houses.
How to Play 20/36
You will collect rent from residents each March according to their house size and land price. This doesn't affect their savings.
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Jobs 1/3
Residents do their job when they enter an office. If there are stores nearby, they may discover new jobs that they can switch to.
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Jobs 2/3
Specialized jobs have higher salaries and can sometimes make it easier to discover new industries.
How to Play 23/36
Jobs 3/3
Your company pays for a resident to attempt to switch jobs. The job and the resident's stats will affect the chances of success.
How to Play 24/36
Residents with high Appeal can have pets, resulting in bonuses or longer conversations in parks. Low Appeal can make them run away…
How to Play 25/36
City Size 1/3
Village -> Burg
When you reach a certain population, your Village becomes a Burg, allowing you to research new industries.
How to Play 26/36
City Size 2/3
Burg -> Town
This requires an even bigger population and some specialist jobs. Getting specialist jobs is the key here.
How to Play 27/36
City Size 3/3
Town -> Super Town
This requires a larger population, more specialist jobs, and several combos on the map.
How to Play 28/36
Combos 1/3
A combo is a group of compatible stores placed near each other. E.g. A Pachinko Parlor, Arcade, and Bowling Alley make an Entertainment Combo.
How to Play 29/36
Combos 2/3
When you create a combo, it will boost the Land and Product Prices of stores near it, as well as increase sales.
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Combos 3/3
Some other combos are the Star Combo, Gourmet Combo and Student Combo. When combos overlap, Land/ Product Price gets a giant boost!
How to Play 31/36
Combo Effects
When a combo is created, the stores surrounding the combo are affected. The area of effect extends one square all around the combo.
How to Play 32/36
Other 1/2
When the game ends, your Clear Points will be calculated. Compete with other players using this score in the online rankings.
How to Play 33/36
Other 2/2
Once you have found a character in the game, you can select their graphic when starting a new game. There might be secret characters...
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Gameplay Hints
Placing houses in range of a combo increases Land Prices and Rent. Put stores near offices to help discover new jobs.
How to Play 35/36
Carry Over Data
After you beat the game, you can carry over some of your first resident's stats, the levels of industries you built, and combos you've found.
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