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The Ramen Sensei
In this simulation game, you run a ramen noodle shop and try to reach the top of the ramen industry. Try making your own noodles and soup to make the ultimate bowl of ramen!
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Game Flow 1
First, you'll want to make some ramen that you can sell at your shop. Choose a type of noodle and soup and finally add some toppings.
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Game Flow 2
If you change your sales area, you may be able to find new customers. Satisfied customers can become regulars, so try to make the kinds of ramen that they like.
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Game Flow 3
Once you gain access to the Ramen Hall, you will be able to manage multiple shops simultaneously. Rival shops will also appear, so do your best to make delicious ramen.
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Game Flow 4
After you've played for a while, you will be able to make your own original noodles and soups. Experiment to make the best ramen you can!
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Game Flow 5
If you make ramen that you are particularly proud of, you can enter it in a contest, arena or try a grading test to make your shop even more popular.
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Making Noodles 1
Flour: Raises win rate and firmness
Kansui: Magical liquid that boosts noodles' firmness. It also increases variability
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Making Noodles 2
Win rate: The rate at which winning squares appear on the roulette wheel
Variability: The maximum values that appears on the roulette wheel
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Making Noodles 3
Moisture: The amount of water in the noodles
Shape: Noodle straightness and thickness
Noodles are compatible with different kinds of soups depending on their moisture and shape.
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Making Soup 1
Select ingredients to add to the pot one after another. Sometimes the ingredients you add will produce broth, making the soup taste better.
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Making Soup 2
When ingredients have good compatibility, a combo is triggered, boosting the soup's flavor. The more combos you get, the higher the multiplier.
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Ramen Stats 1
Price: Product price
Flavor: Affects rating
Appeal: Affects aura creation
Ingredients Costs: Deducted at the beginning of the month
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Ramen Stats 2
Richness: Affects final rating
Volume: Affects time spent eating
Aroma: Affects time spent in line
Charisma: Affects aura creation
Ramen that sells well is most useful to the Ramen Lab.
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Editing Toppings
Putting toppings on ramen can change a variety of stats. If you get enough skill points, it can trigger a ramen skill, which can be quite useful.
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When ramen sells, the toppings used on it will earn XP, eventually going up in level and increasing their capabilities. Toppings also get XP when they are sold individually.
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Sales Areas 1
You can move your shop to a variety of different areas. Each area has different customer types. Customers who become regulars will even come to visit you at the Ramen Hall.
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Sales Areas 2
The energy and appetite of your current area will gradually decrease, while they will increase in other areas.
Energy: Affects shop visitation rate
Appetite: Affects how much ramen is eaten
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Investment Types
Materials: Adds usable ingredients
People: Related to staff or customers
Facilities: Adds Ramen Hall facilities
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Shop Stats
Staff: Manage your staff
Equipment: Manage kitchen equipment or line tiles
Deco: Change interior decoration
Your shop's popularity and charisma are calculated based on the total values of the dishes it sells.
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As you play through the game, you will acquire new ramen bowls. You can change your bowl on the shop details menu (the top button on the shop menu to the left of the screen).
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Ramen Arena 1
This is a place where you can go up against your rivals. Judges will give you a score, so try to get the most points within the time limit to win. You can get a variety of prizes.
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Ramen Arena 2
The flavor of the ramen you enter into a contest is converted to popularity, while its appeal is converted into charisma.
Popularity: Affects shop visitation rate
Charisma: Affects the rate at which auras are triggered
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Ramen Arena 3
There are 3 commands that you can use.
Pop Up: Raise popularity
Charisma Up: Raise charisma and trigger an aura for one customer at the shop
Spirit Bowl: Trigger auras for all customers at the shop
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Ramen Arena 4
Each arena rates richness, aroma, volume and charisma differently. You may want to take a look at these if you're having trouble winning.
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Grading Tests
These test the skills of a ramen shop owner. If you reach the target, you can go up in rank and get prizes. There are some arenas that you cannot enter unless you are a certain grade.
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Pumpkin Products
Here you can purchase the necessary ingredients for noodles, soups and toppings. New products will appear as you play through the game, and when you make investments.
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Item Shop
Here you can buy and sell items. More products will become available as you play through the game. Spirit Points are used to purchase items.
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Some items have temporary effects, while others can be used to upgrade your staff's abilities. Items can be obtained in various places.
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Ramen Lab 1
You can sell unneeded ramen recipes here. The more you sell, the better the results.
Get Spirit Points: Acquire Spirit Points
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Ramen Lab 2
Get XP: Get XP, which is used to go up in manager rank
Lucky Draw: Exchange ramen recipes for chances to win random items
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Manager Rank
When you go up in rank, you get rank bonus points. You earn rank XP by making ramen, defeating rivals and winning in the arena.
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Rank Bonuses
You can use rank bonus points to get bonuses that will help you manage your shop. New rank bonuses will appear as you go up in Manager Rank.
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Contests 1
Contests are held in June and December each year. You can choose the contest you want to participate in from 3 different types. Come in first to get some fabulous prizes.
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Contests 2
Staff: Based on your staff's total cooking, speed and service stats
Customers: Based on total levels for all customers
Shop: Based on total popularity and charisma for all shops
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Customers 1
Wallet: Products that exceed a customer's wallet are harder for them to buy
Speed: Affects eating speed
Patience: Affects how long they will wait in line
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Customers 2
If you feed customers a lot of the kind of ramen they like, they may give you presents, so it's important to choose noodles and soup according to their preferences.
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Customers 3
When customers visit your store, you will get XP, which is used to go up in manager rank. The amount of XP you get depends on the level of the customer.
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Customers 4
When customers go up in level, they are more likely to visit another shop in the Ramen Hall after they finish eating.
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Customer Fullness
When customers eat, their fullness will increase. If it reaches the max, you will get Spirit Points. The higher a ramen's volume, the more fullness will increase and the longer it will take to eat.
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Ramen Frenzy 1
When you have a line outside your shop and customers are eating ramen that they like, the ramen frenzy gauge above the vending machine will start to fill up. When it is completely full, a frenzy will occur.
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Ramen Frenzy 2
When a ramen frenzy occurs, many customers come, so you can expect a boost to your sales. In addition, the stats of customers coming to your shop will increase, and your staff will get auras.
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Staff 1
Cooking: It's easier to make mistakes if this stat is lower than the ramen's difficulty
Service: Affects staff members' attempts to discover a customer's preferences
Speed: Movement speed
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Staff 2
There are also other benefits of increasing stats. When a staff member's cooking skill increases, they will be able to boil more noodles at once. When service increases, they will be able to carry more at once, etc.
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Staff 3
After a customer buys a ticket, the staff will ask about their preferences. A higher service skill will allow them to find this out more quickly. Only customers coming to your main shop are surveyed.
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Staff Finishing Skills
Each staff member has a different skill that is used when putting the finishing touches on ramen. When the corresponding stat increases, the skill also increases in effectiveness.
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Ramen Hall 1
When the number of shops in the Ramen Hall increases, it makes it more likely for customers to come, so try to have as many as possible.
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Ramen Hall 2
Also, customers are more likely to visit the Ramen Hall when their level goes up or they become a regular. Making ramen that matches your customers is important.
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You can build facilities in the Ramen Hall. There are various types of facilities, including ones used by customers and ones that affect nearby buildings.
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Construction (Shops)
You can also build shops in the Ramen Hall. The size of the shop determines the number of staff, seats, and facilities it has. You can get shops as bonuses for going up in rank.
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Construction (Facilities)
Facilities are used by customers. Depending on their type, they can have a variety of effects. In some cases you will also get money when they are used.
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Construction (Other)
These are things that are not directly used by customers, such as line tiles or potted plants. Many give bonuses to the popularity or charisma of nearby facilities.
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Exercise Facilities
Some facilities allow customers to exercise. Customers using these facilities will become hungry, boosting their walking and eating speeds.
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Rival Shops 1
As time passes, rival shops may appear. Depending on the strength of their products, your own products' stats or your shop's popularity may go down.
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Rival Shops 2
When a rival shop's funds are used up, they will leave and you may get XP, money or items. In some cases you may even win topping ingredients.
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Rival Shops 3
Rival shops also leave when they have earned a certain amount of money, but in that case you win nothing. If you definitely want to drive them away, try facing off with them directly.
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When you fulfill certain conditions in the game, you will win trophies. Try and collect them all!
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