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Manage your own movie studios, producing blockbusters to build up your reputation over 20 years.

Customize studios with various facilities, hire and train actors, directors and crew.

Select themes, genre and cast for your movies. Learn what impresses the audience and how to make it big on the silver screen.
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Game Flow
Set up your studio, hire a director and staff, and you'll be able to start filming. Try to pick themes which go well together and appeal to a wide audience.
As you start making money, invest in deals with movie theaters, add new facilities to your studios, get new filming locations, and produce even more new films.
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Movie Stats 1
Quality: goes up when staff working on the movie is highly skilled.
Popularity and Hype: increase the odds of events taking place and your chances of success, as well as how many people will come to see your movies. These are affected by the popularity of the cast and director.
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Movie Stats 2
Certain stats appeal more to specific audiences.
Boys: Surprise/Humor
Girls: Popularity/Characters
Men: Worldbuilding/Tech
Women: Excitement/Romance
Older Men: Story/Music
Older Women: Acting/Hype
The higher the stats, the longer the movie will be shown in theaters, and the better the odds of triggering an event.
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Director and Staff
Pick the person with the right abilities for the job as the director, then assign staff to other roles. The more talented the staff working on a movie, the better the final product. Some staff can learn more skills than others.
Once your studio gains some fame, you'll be able to scout promising new actors and crew members. You don't need to pay extra fees for contract staff, so hire as many people as you can.
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Director and Staff Stats
Popularity (director only): affects popularity of movies produced.
Charisma (director only): affects the odds of the staff working on the movie using their full potential.
Talent: improves the final product overall. Also helps directors pick themes that work well together.
Tech: improves the final product overall.
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Sometimes using facilities can trigger an aura. Staff with an active aura get much better results, greatly improving the quality of the movie they're working on.

Actors with auras perform much better while filming on location.
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Genres and Themes
There are 6 genres in total. The more you use them, the higher the production cost.

There are lots of different themes your staff can discover when on location, during training activities, or on standby inside buildings. Try different combinations of themes to find the winning concept!
Production costs also go up when you re-use the same themes.
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Different actors are available for hire each season. Be careful not to go over your budget when picking the cast for your movies.

Good actors are hard to come by, so never let an opportunity to scout them slip away.

Actors gain experience during filming. They get lots of experience at film festivals.
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There are many ways to promote your movies, such as making production announcements, holding preview screenings before release, or advertising released movies on TV.

Pre-release advertising's success depends on the movie's actors and quality. It can increase the movie's popularity and make it a hot topic, getting you more fans.

Post-release advertising is more effective when Popularity and Publicity stats are high.
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Film Festivals
There are two types of film festivals: national, in which all movies shown within that year are entered, and international, where only movies featured at the festival count.

Film Festival: Motion Picture Awards
Awards for best performances of the cast and other staff.

Film Festival: International
Awards for the best movie.
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Staff Training
Send your staff to training activities and they'll gain experience. You can get money this way; the amount depends on where your staff go. It can help you when you're low on funds, and sometimes they'll come up with new themes to use in your movies.


Special abilities of your staff. Skills cost Research Points to learn, but once they're learned, they can be reassigned for free.
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Install various facilities in your studios for all kinds of beneficial effects. Staff can get EXP and Research Points from using facilities, and sometimes their auras may be triggered. When visitors use your facilities, you may get some money.

To get more our of your facilities, upgrade them. How many points you get from them depends on how many actors and other staff you employ.
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Movie Theaters
Make deals with movie theaters to have your movies shown at more venues. The more you cooperate with movie theaters, the less will the screenings cost you.

You'll need to clear certain requirements regarding the quality of your movies to get better deals with theaters.

To have your movies shown abroad, you'll need to make deals with foreign movie theaters.
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Satisfying the Audience
You will sometimes receive requests from people in the industry or from movie fans. Fulfilling these requests gets you bonus rewards, so be sure to check what the viewers want to see and try to make movies that appeal to them.
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Filming Sites
Filming at a location that goes well with the movie's genre and themes leads to better results.

Filming sites also draw in tourists -- the more you film there, the more famous the location becomes, and the more Research Points you can get.

During filming, your staff may discover new themes, which vary depending on the location.
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The Right Themes, The Right Actors
Your movies will have better odds of becoming smash hits if you include high-star themes and high-rank actors, and have them shown at many movie theaters. Advertising really makes a difference, and working on getting more loyal fans is also super important.

Film at various locations and fulfill viewers' wishes, and your success will be guaranteed.
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Studio Rank
Clear certain movie industry requirements to rank up your studios, unlocking new movie theaters, skills, training activities, and staff for hire.

It's also a good starting point if you want to compete in the rankings.
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The story ends after 20 years. Your score will be calculated at that point, based on the number of people who saw your movies, your funds, number of fans, etc.

After finishing the game, you can start a New Game+, keeping some of the data from your previous playthrough. This will help you aim for an even higher final score!
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Names of Characters and Movie Titles
Names of characters and movie titles that appear in this game are randomly generated. Any resemblance to real persons or movie titles is not intended and coincidental.
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