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   In this simulation game, you manage a racehorse ranch.
   Your goal is to improve your ranch and raise horses to win races and shoot for a coveted Triple Crown.
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Game Flow
   Build facilities and train horses to enter races and win prize money.
   Build a full range of facilities for visitors and obtain as many items and medals as you can.
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Obtaining Racehorses
   You can get new horses by purchasing them or by breeding. You will need stables to raise them, so be sure to get one of those, first.
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Raising Racehorses
   Dirt courses and walking machines can let horses improve on their own. Working with jockeys makes them develop faster, and allows them to push past their limits.
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Racehorse Classes
   There are different race requirements for types such as novice, 5 million, and G3. Enter more difficult races by winning a race above the local level.
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Abilities 1
   Winning races and pleasing the visitors lets you earn abilities which can greatly boost your horses' stats. Smarter horses have higher chances of learning them.
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Abilities 2
   There is a limit to how many abilities a horse can learn.
This number varies based on pedigree for each breed.
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Improving Abilities
   Medals are used to improve abilities.
   This affects all horses who have that ability, so there is no need to re-train.
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Training Plan
   You can prioritize facilities and put jockeys in charge of training from "Training Plan" on the menu.
   This is useful when raising multiple horses at once.
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Attributes 1
   Determines race eligibility. Improved by winning races.
   Consumed during races. Speed drops when it runs out.
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Attributes 2
   Determines max speed.
   Allows for faster cornering.
   A horse's acceleration.
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Attributes 3
   Consumed in races when overtaking and when stamina runs out.
   Determines starting dash.
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Attributes 4
   Affects success rate of learning abilities.
   Affects recovery. Decreases with age.
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Attributes 5
   Aptitude for different racing grounds.
   Affects temper and gate in races. Changes over time.
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Racehorse Age
   All horses age by one year each January. As horses get older, they have a harder time improving and get injured more easily. Consider retiring older horses for breeding.
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Breeding 1
   Improve to the G3 rank for the first time to earn breeding rights. Select an active or retired horse to pass their talents on to a colt born several months later.
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Breeding 2
   Parents pass along their genes. Each breed possesses two traits, and proper combinations can be quite effective.
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Selling & Retiring Horses
   If your stables are full of horses who are full grown, try selling or retiring some. Winning horses fetch a higher price. Retired horses can be used for breeding.
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   There are facilities for rearing horses as well as for visitor enjoyment.
   Placing plants around them increases their appeal, granting a quality bonus.
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Training Facilities
   These are used to improve the abilities of your horses.
   Raise quality to increase effectiveness and appeal. Some are used for recovering from exhaustion or injuries.
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Visitor Facilities
   Needed for visitors to come to your ranch. Some can give medals and others improve your ranch's value. Improve their quality to boost value and make it easier to receive medals.
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   Race results and other events can boost your ranch's fame and draw in visitors.
   With each race, you can appeal to different guests.
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Visitor Value
   Facilities for visitors to enjoy can boost visitor value. When the value is high enough, you might get gifts. Try to keep boosting your facility quality!
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Triple Crown Races
⬛Classic Requirements
   Achieve G1 class by age 3
⬛Dirt Requirements
   Achieve G1 class by age 4
Individual races held in spring, summer, and autumn.
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   The game "ends" at the end of March in the 16th game year. Your score is based on funds and points earned by the end. You can keep playing as long as you like afterward.
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   Some attributes from the end of the game can be carried over to subsequent playthroughs. Keep playing to discover new secrets and encounter special characters.
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