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Pocket League Story 2
In this game you take on the role of a soccer club owner trying to create the perfect team. Train your players and compete with the world's best!
Tutorial 2/48
Game Flow
As club owner, you will hire and train players as you try to win all of your matches. Update your team facilities and sign with new sponsors to get more money to help you on your way.
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Matches (1/2)
Matches are played out automatically, but you can occasionally issue tactical instructions to your team. You can also make up to three player substitutions during a match.
Tutorial 4/48
Matches (2/2)
League matches are round-robin, while tournaments are knockout-style. There are special one-off matches as well. You can earn special bonuses based on how you win (e.g., a large goal difference).
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Player Stats (1/2)
Stamina: When low, players are sluggish
Kick: Shot speed/pass strength
Speed: Running speed
Technique: Precision of play
Body:Fend off tackles and collisions
Tutorial 6/48
Player Stats (2/2)
All stats (excluding Stamina) are rated on a scale of A to G. Assign players to the positions they're best at and they should shine on the field.
Tutorial 7/48
Players (1/3)
Some players have particular talents and are designated strikers or "exceptional players." These talents determine how easy the player is to train as well as final stats attained at Level 30 (the maximum).
Tutorial 8/48
Players (2/3)
Players get paid each time they participate in a match. Their salaries rise as they play more matches. If a player doesn't play, you don't have to pay.
Tutorial 9/48
Players (3/3)
Players are evaluated during each match. Consistently high evaluations and popularity can lead to such benefits as Best Eleven player accolades or being selected for the national team.
Tutorial 10/48
You can teach your players a range of soccer skills through the use of special items. Equip your players with as many skills as possible and give them the competitive edge!
Tutorial 11/48
Items have various effects on your players. They can be purchased at the item shop or won in matches. Think carefully when deciding who to use a particular item on.
Tutorial 12/48
Category Changes
Player talents (such as "Average" or "Exceptional") can be changed using rare items, but only for team members who are Level 20 or above. Choosing a more advanced talent requires a more powerful item.
Tutorial 13/48
Players grow fatigued as they practice and play matches, sometimes leading to serious injury. You can ease players' fatigue by changing coaching strategies or by having them rest in the team facilities.
Tutorial 14/48
Players who are seriously injured can still play but won't be at their best, gain experience points, or otherwise improve. Try to avoid injuries!
Tutorial 15/48
Falling Down
When a player's balance gauge reaches zero due to a collision with another player, they will fall down. This will increase their Aura gauge. Try boosting your players' Body and Speed stats as a preventative
Tutorial 16/48
When a player falls down, their Aura gauge goes up, eventually allowing them to activate an Aura. This amplifies their abilities, but activating it at the right time is key.
Tutorial 17/48
Coaches exert an influence on the amount of experience points players earn in training as well as the contents of treasure chests . They are paid a salary each month and level up once a year (depending on their
Tutorial 18/48
Training Players
You can hold special training sessions for three players at a time. Effects vary according to the players' talents and the type of training chosen. The combination of players training together impacts effectiveness as
Tutorial 19/48
Research Points
Research points are required for a variety of things and include two types: light bulbs and hearts. Collect them by playing in matches or using facilities. The quality of your coach and team facilities is crucial.
Tutorial 20/48
You can choose different player formations to use in different situations. You can sometimes discover new formations by changing your coach at the end of the year.
Tutorial 21/48
Starting Members & Substitutions
The players used at kickoff are your starting members. You can change them via the "Lineup" menu. Even if you make substitutions along the way, you will still use your original starting members in the next match.
Tutorial 22/48
Hiring Players
If negotiations go well, you can hire a new player to strengthen your team. A high team evaluation and number of fans will make negotiations go more smoothly. Hiring players is the best shortcut to making a stronger
Tutorial 23/48
Players get research points by using facilities. Depending on the practice strategy used, more players will be able to use facilities. A player's Aura gauge fills up a bit while using a facility.
Tutorial 24/48
As you make progress in the game, you will be able to access the item shop. Items come in several times throughout each game year. The quality and range of goods on offer will improve as your team rank goes
Tutorial 25/48
Lucky Target
At a certain point in the game, you'll be able to access the Lucky Target store, where you can win a variety of fabulous prizes. The more you play, the better the prizes will be.
Tutorial 26/48
Sponsors (1/2)
Sign with a sponsor and you'll get a bonus for every match, so try to get as many as possible. A high team evaluation and lots of fans make negotiations easier.
Tutorial 27/48
Sponsors (2/2)
Select a main sponsor to activate that sponsor's special skill, giving you an edge on the field. Your main sponsor will develop with each match you play. Once you select a main sponsor, you can't change it for several
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Fan Activities
Fan activities are a way for a team to connect with fans in their area. Some activities may let you discover new coaches or players.
Tutorial 29/48
Scouting Level
The higher your team's scouting level, the better the players you will be able to discover. Use fan activities to increase your scouting level.
Tutorial 30/48
Cup Matches
There are two kinds of cup matches: one-on-one matches and tournaments. You win a tournament by winning a set number of matches. This requires skill.
Tutorial 31/48
League Matches
When you become a league champion, you may get access to another league. Some leagues cannot be discovered unless you win a tournament.
Tutorial 32/48
Treasure Chests
Getting knocked down or failing to block shots can help players discover unexpected treasures. The skill of their coach can affect what they find within.
Tutorial 33/48
Weather and Ground Types
Each stadium differs in terms of weather, field type, and so on. Certain players perform better than others in particular environments. Some skills can help overcome adverse conditions.
Tutorial 34/48
Fan Base
Playing in matches or performing fan activities will increase a team's fan base. This greatly increases the spectators at your matches. More fans means more income.
Tutorial 35/48
Playing in matches or performing fan activities increases your support. This affects the number of fans who come to a match and how much a player's Aura gauge increases when they fall down.
Tutorial 36/48
Contract Renewal
Coach contracts are renewed at the end of the year. Player contracts can be canceled at any time. You can have up to 40 players, but try to empty out some player slots before you get too many.
Tutorial 37/48
Team Evaluation
Evaluation is affected by your win/loss record. Beat a higher ranked team to boost your evaluation. When your evaluation gets to a certain point, your team rank will go up.
Tutorial 38/48
Add friends to your friends list by entering their IDs. You can compete against each other once you've attained a team rank of at least 5. Doing so earns your opponent coins.
Tutorial 39/48
Friends' Players
You can hire players from a friend's team at any time once they reach a team rank of 2. Train them and use them in matches freely. This won't affect your friend's data.
Tutorial 40/48
Friend Bonus
You get bonus coins for the first ten friends you register. There's no bonus for additional friends registered.
Tutorial 41/48
Original Players Online
Once you attain a team rank of 2, your original players are registered online and will appear in your friends' games. Your players' data is updated as you complete against friends or other users.
Tutorial 42/48
Online Matches
Once you gain a team rank of 5, you can compete against friends and other users online. Each match consumes 1 online stamina point. Win and you'll earn bonuses!
Tutorial 43/48
Teams that have won a certain number of matches by Monday of each week advance in rank to compete against stronger teams. Can you make it to the top?
Tutorial 44/48
Purchasing Coins
As you progress through the game, you'll be able to buy coins at the coin shop with real money. You can also gradually earn coins by competing against friends online.
Tutorial 45/48
Play Time Bonus
You get a bonus of 1 coin for every ten minutes of play time when you resume the game from the title screen. This excludes time spent with menus open or while your team's actions are otherwise paused.
Tutorial 46/48
Game Ending
Your Clear Points are calculated at the end of the third month of the 16th game year. You can compete against users around the world for the best score until then. Afterward, you can keep playing for as long as you like.
Tutorial 47/48
If you start a new game after reaching the ending, you can transfer some of your data over, making it easier to get a better high score the next time.
Note: Coins do not transfer over.
Tutorial 48/48
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