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Pocket Harvest
In this simulation game, you manage a farm where you raise virtual crops and livestock. Try to make the farm the biggest and best in the world.
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Game Flow
Plant new fields, train your workers and expand the size of your farm. After tourism facilities become available, you will also be able to invite guests to your farm.
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How to Farm
When you build a field in an empty lot, your workers will plant it. A little while after the field is seeded, you will be able to harvest crops. If your workers tend the field, the quality of the crops will increase.
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Fields 1
Fertility: This increases a crop's sales price, and can be boosted by a forest or other facilities nearby.
Quality: Can be improved by using items or through cultivation. May also be affected by the nearby environment...
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Fields 2
Moisture: Affected by weather and the nearby environment. Each type of crop has an ideal moisture level. Some facilities also allow you to adjust moisture levels.
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Fields 3
Taste, Texture, Aroma, Appearance: These are important in contests and when trying to increase the quality of your crops. Crops that taste better will fetch a higher price.
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In addition to using items, your workers can try to increase the number of fields you can plant of a particular type of crop, or improve the crop itself. The more knowledge the worker has, the higher the chances of success.
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Changes in Season
Each crop has seasons it is best suited to and won't grow outside of those seasons (although they can still be harvested). Having a greenhouse nearby lets crops grow even out of season.
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Sunny: Crops grow quickly, but the fields dry out.
Rainy or snowy: Crops grow more slowly, but fields get more moisture.
Cloudy: No change in moisture.
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If your farm gets hit by a typhoon, your produce can get completely blown away. But if you have insurance you can get at least some compensation for the damage.
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Increasing Crop Yield
You can use items or cultivation to boost crop yield, but planting the same kinds of crops next to each other also helps. Try planting in squares of 2x2 or 3x3, etc.
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Crop Components
Each crop has various components like vitamin and starch. Use a bio lab to extract these and you may be able to make items or specialties for the facilities on your farm.
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While insects can get in the way of harvesting crops, they can increase the yield of crops that are still growing. You can use items and certain facilities to get rid of insects.
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Farm Workers
Your workers live in houses on your farm and work tending the nearby fields. They can also move from one house to another, You can give them items and tools to boost their attributes and increase the amount they harvest.
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Worker Attributes
Stamina: When workers get tired, they will go home, but you can restore their stamina with a boxed lunch.
Knowledge: Boosts chances of successful cultivation.
Work: Boosts the produce that can be harvested at once.
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Boxed Lunches
When your workers get tired, they can eat a boxed lunch to regain their stamina and also get a boost to their attributes. Planting certain fields near one another can let you discover new types of lunches.
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Hiring Workers
You will periodically get applications from people who want to work at your farm. Having skilled staff members tends to attract more applicants.
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Tourists 1
As your farm's overall popularity and appeal increase, you will be visited by more and more tourists. And as you get more facilities, you will also be able to invite certain special guests.
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Tourists 2
The higher the attributes of the facilities that tourists visit, the more satisfied they will be, When tourists' satisfaction goes up, they will spend more money. Place crops that they like near the facilities to boost satisfaction.
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Research Points
Research Points are indicated by the light bulb icon in the upper right of the screen. They can be discovered when your staff works in the fields or via facilities, and are used for cultivation, to purchase tools, etc.
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Facilities 1
Facilities can be discovered on the map or developed through investments.
Popularity: This is added to the value for the farm as a whole, making it easier to attract tourists.
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Facilities 2
Appeal: Higher appeal makes it easier to satisfy visitors.
As you proceed in the game, you can also develop specialties using components extracted from your crops.
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Placing compatible facilities near each other creates combos that boost popularity, appeal, and fees, all of which should make managing your farm easier.
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Store Missions
Your farm will get a variety of missions from stores that want to develop new products. To complete a mission, you must grow he specified crops in fields near the store.
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Using items on workers or crops can increase their attributes or quality. Developing a specialty at a store will increase the number of items that you can create.
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Farming Cards
Farming Cards have a variety of useful effects, such as accelerating a crop's harvest or boosting a field's moisture. You can get cards via events or create them using certain crop components.
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Crop Crazes
From time to time, certain crops may suddenly become popular, temporarily increasing their sales price. Using Farming Cards or moving skilled workers near the popular crop is a good strategy.
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Tours can be initiated from the "Investments" menu, and involve inviting a large number of tourists to your farm. The higher the popularity and appeal of the facilities the tourists visit, the more satisfied they will be.
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Year-End Farm Rankings
At the end of each year, your farm will be ranked against others using a variety of statistics. To get high ratings in each category, you'll need to manage your farm in a well-balanced manner.
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Winning Contests
Once you decide which field you will be entering in a contest, try using Farming Cards on it or creating combos in the area. It's also important to move talented staff members nearby.
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Game Tips
Work on building more fields and cultivating your crops. Don't just build one kind of facility. Try building a number of different ones to discover good combinations.
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After the End
The game "ends" in the 4th month of the 16th game year, but you can keep playing for as long as you like. And you can carry some of your data when starting a new game, making it easier to get a high score.
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