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How to Play 1/32
This is a high school management simulation game. Place classrooms, hire teachers, and build special facilities to help the students learn.
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Game Flow
As your school expands, you will attract new students. Hold special classes and have students take on academic challenges!
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Student Attributes 1
▼ Intelligence (Int)
Quick to learn and to discover new facilities.
▼ Athletics (Ath)
Lets students go to faraway facilities.
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Student Attributes 2
■ Popularity (Pop)
Helps make friends and (maybe) discover love.
■ Attitude (Att)
Helps a student learn in special classes.
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Character Movement
Characters move between facilities using paths. A student's Athletics score determines how far they can go, but a teacher can go anywhere.
How to Play 6/32
Gate Placement
Teachers and students use gates to enter and leave school. When you add more gates, watch traffic routes to check for the best locations.
How to Play 7/32
Tests are held each semester for students. Your school average will be ranked against other schools in the country.
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Facility Attributes
When a student enters a facility, their attributes can increase. Teachers can discover Research Points. Compatible facilities give bonuses.
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School Spirit
School Spirit goes up depending on a facility's surroundings. Build scenery or compatible facilities for an easy boost to Spirit.
How to Play 10/32
The number of available clubs depends on the facilities at your school. Compatible facilities or scenery nearby can boost Spirit and performance.
How to Play 11/32
The closer friends get, the more likely one will ask the other out. High popularity helps this succeed. Love can boost Research Points & more.
How to Play 12/32
You can create items by using Research Points. They allow you to change a student's career path or club, or temporarily boost their attributes.
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Educational Kits
Successfully finishing an event can get you an educational kit, used by students after changing in a locker room.
How to Play 14/32
Students with auras will perform better than usual. Sometimes just talking with the opposite sex can trigger an aura.
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Student Movement
After class, students go to facilities they are interested in. Facilities near their classroom are are more likely to be chosen.
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The Role of Teachers
At the start of the semester, teachers teach classes and find Research Points. Build a Teachers' Room to hire and level-up teachers.
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Academic Challenges
Passing challenges for subjects in your school will boost tuition. A student's chances of success depend on attributes and grades.
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Special Classes
Select a classroom to hold a special class. These use Research Points, but can improve grades. Aura boosts effectiveness.
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Research Points
When teachers enter a facility or students get together, they can get Research Points that can be used for special classes or facilities.
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Prospective Students
Having an article written about the school makes it more attractive to prospective students, as does holding special school events.
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Getting More Students
You can have up to 3 classrooms a grade (1st, 2nd, and 3rd years). High job placement rates can attract lucrative transfer students.
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School Size
Schools with many students and Popular Spots will grow in size. This gives you access to new special classes and career paths.
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Career Paths
When students enter facilities or pass challenges, they can discover new paths. The more lucrative paths are more difficult.
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Bulletin Board
Students will sometimes post their opinions on the bulletin board. These change depending on the bulletin board's surroundings.
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Placement Tests
3rd year students take a placement test before graduation. Try encouraging students with poor chances of passing to try another career path.
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Facility Placement
Where you place your facilities can be very important, as it changes the effects they have on students and on nearby facilities.
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Popular Spots
Placing compatible facilities near each other can create a Popular Spot, which boosts the effectiveness of nearby facilities.
How to Play 28/32
As you play the game, your students will get invited to a variety of events. The student will be away for a time, but you will get a reward.
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Game Hints
Start slow and learn how to use your funds and Research Points. Then you can hire more teachers and start to build new facilities.
How to Play 30/32
The game "ends" when you reach April of year 11. Your funds and Clear Points will be saved as your High Score, but you can continue playing.
How to Play 31/32
Some of your attributes at the game's end can be carried over to a new game. You may also find secret characters you can hire as teachers...
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