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How to Play 1/25
This game is set in Edo Japan (1603-1868). Manage your own feudal domain by attracting residents and developing new crafts and buildings.
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Game Flow
Build Vacant Lots to attract new residents. Research new buildings and construct them on the map to increase your domain's Yield.
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What is Yield?
Yield is an overall indicator of a domain's wealth. All buildings, people, and even crafts contribute to your total Yield.
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People's Movements
People move along paths to shop at stores or go to work. There's a limit to how far they can travel, but a horse or vehicle can increase it.
How to Play 5/25
Farmers work in fields. Artisans and merchants work at Wholesalers. The castle will sometimes collect taxes depending on job lvl. and location.
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Getting More Residents
Increase your domain's total Yield to attract new residents. When you get a new resident, you will collect a fee based on their home's Yield.
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Resident Parameters 1
Aids in discovering new buildings & leveling up.
Higher loyalty = harder work and more money.
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Resident Parameters 2
Makes it easier to go out & meet others.
Helps discover crafts and get research points.
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Yearly Taxes
Taxes are paid by your residents in gold each year, depending on the size and Yield of their house. (Taxes don't affect their Wallets.)
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Research Points
There are 4 kinds of RP: Food, War, Technology, and Education. These can be discovered when people shop, talk, craft or perform research.
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Town Size
Get more residents, buildings and combos to increase your town size. Then you can research more buildings & crafts, and get more visitors.
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Store Parameters
When residents enter a store, its parameters will increase and you may find Research Points. As users increase, so does a store's level.
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Building Compatibility
Placing compatible buildings near each other increases Yield. Try placing trees and plants near houses, or placing stores together.
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Castle Characteristics
A castle gets income from all jobs and allows people to switch jobs. It can raise the Yield of other buildings that are relatively far away.
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What Are Crafts?
Crafts are special items with a high Yield value. After an artisan makes a craft, it can be used on a building to boost its parameters.
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Making Crafts
Craft plans can be found in buildings near Wholesalers. Making crafts uses Research Points. High Int and Skill will improve your chances.
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Using Crafts
Use a craft on a person or building to boost Yield or a resident's Wallet. Leveling up a craft boosts effectiveness and recharges it.
How to Play 18/25
You will sometimes get visitors to your domain. Having crafts and combos will attract more visitors. If they accomplish their goal, you get a reward.
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Jobs (Part 1)
Average people who work in the fields.
Skilled craftspeople who can make crafts.
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Jobs (Part 2)
Hardworking people with more money to spend.
Work in the castle or fields. Have high Yield.
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What Are Combos?
Put compatible buildings near each other to make a combo, increasing the Yield and product prices of nearby buildings. Combos are vital!
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Gameplay Hints
At first, watch how you use Gold and Research Points. After you get more residents, try and make combos to increase Yield and prices.
How to Play 23/25
The game ends when you reach March of the 16th year. Your high score will be saved, but you can keep playing the map for as long as you like.
How to Play 24/25
Some of your parameters will be carried over to subsequent games. And if you keep playing, you may find special characters or visitors.
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