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How to Play 1/30
In this shopping mall simulation game, you get 15 years to create a 5-star shopping mall filled with shops that customers want to visit.
How to Play 2/30
Game Flow 1
Try to build shops that your customers will like. When a customer is satisfied with a shop's quality, they become a regular. Regulars tend to spend more money.
How to Play 3/30
Game Flow 2
Malls are ranked with a 5-star rating system. as you go up in rank, you will get access to more employees and advertising methods. Try to get to 5 stars.
How to Play 4/30
Going Up In Rank
Your ability to go up in rank depends on things like monthly sales and the number of regular customers. Try to build stores that have high sales, or that will be liked by customers.
How to Play 5/30
Adding Stores 1
You can get plans for new stores by selecting "Actions" > "Buy Plans" from the menu. You will sometimes get new plans as a gift when a customer becomes a regular.
How to Play 6/30
Adding Stores 2
Adding new stores will sometimes attract new customers. In some cases, a customer may even ask you to invest in something because they want to move into the area.
How to Play 7/30
Making Investments 1
You can make investments to attract developments such as apartment complexes and office buildings to the area, increasing your mall's business.
How to Play 8/30
Making Investments 2
You can also sometimes invest in your own mall, increasing its size or researching things such as escalators. These will be vital if you want to become a mega-mall.
How to Play 9/30
Hiring Staff
Staff have two roles: handing out hearts and increasing product quality. Some staff are best paired with certain types of stores, so watch where you place them.
How to Play 10/30
At first, you won't be able to change your staff, but as your mall gets more floors you will be able to hire more people to manage them. Try investing in your mall to make it bigger.
How to Play 11/30
Getting Hearts 1
You need hearts to hold sales or get plans for new stores. You get hearts when customers use facilities such as toilets, or when they interact with staff.
How to Play 12/30
Getting Hearts 2
If you want more hearts, build more facilities or hire a staff member who is particularly thoughtful.
How to Play 13/30
Holding Sales
Holding a sale makes it more likely for customers to visit a particular store. It can be a useful method of increasing your national rank or of leveling up a store.
How to Play 14/30
Fever 1
During a Fever, customers from the surrounding area will crowd into your mall. It's a perfect chance to make a lot of sales, but be careful you don't sell out too soon.
How to Play 15/30
Fever 2
A Fever starts when your mall's Popularity reaches 100. During a Fever, every visitor to your mall will give you a heart, making it a great opportunity to get hearts.
How to Play 16/30
Making Store Combos 1
A store combo is a combination of stores that, when built next to each other, give bonuses to prices or Rep.
How to Play 17/30
Making Store Combos 2
To make a combo, all of the stores must be touching in one unbroken line. There are also rumors of a salesman who sells plans for new store combos...
How to Play 18/30
Leveling Up Stores
Once a store gets a certain number of visitors, it will level up, increasing its sales prices and Rep. You also get bonus points that you can allocate to Quality or Stock.
How to Play 19/30
Adding New Services
Each store has a variety of services that can be added by spending hearts, which boosts its Quality and Rep. Try adding services to stores with slow sales.
How to Play 20/30
Installing Movement Facilities
Facilities such as stairways and escalators help customers move around more smoothly, and can greatly affect your sales.
How to Play 21/30
Advertising can increase your mall's Popularity. Advertising is vital if you want to trigger a Fever, although the state of the economy can change its effectiveness.
How to Play 22/30
Transport Facilities
As you progress, you will be able to research facilities such as bus stops. These make it easier for customers to access your mall, and can greatly affect your bottom line.
How to Play 23/30
Hands in the Air
When a customer finds a store they like, they will throw their hands up in the air. If that store's Quality reaches a certain level, they will become a regular of that store.
How to Play 24/30
Store Placement 1
Place stores with a high Rep on the higher floors of your mall. Grouping many stores with low Rep together won't result in much of an increase of sales.
How to Play 25/30
Store Placement 2
Placing a store with a high Rep next to a weaker store that you want to level up is an effective strategy. Placing facilities on the same floor as the store will also boost Rep.
How to Play 26/30
Store Placement 3
Placing multiple facilities of the same type on one floor is not very effective. Try to spread them out. Also avoid building too many facilities.
How to Play 27/30
Yearly Store Rank
Each year, the store in your mall that earned the most money will compete in the national rankings. Sales are an important factor, but Quality and Reputation also play a part.
How to Play 28/30
Game Ending
The game will "end" when you reach the end of March of year 16. Your funds and Clear Points will be saved as your high score. However, you can keep playing for as long as you like.
How to Play 29/30
After beating the game, you will be able to carry over some of your data when starting a new game, making it easier to get a better high score.
How to Play 30/30
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