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How to Play 1 / 37
Kingdom Adventurers
Kingdom Adventurers is a simulation game about building a prosperous kingdom. Build towns and gather powerful allies to keep them safe. Compete with other kingdoms and strive to top the rankings!
How to Play 2 / 37
Game Flow
First you'll need to build a Town Hall as your base of operations. Next you'll need storehouses to keep your goods and housing for new residents. Strengthen your equipment to defend against monster attacks, upgrade your stores and develop your kingdom to spread peace across the island.
How to Play 3 / 37
Times of Day
Residents spend more time indoors in the morning, outdoors during the day, and they return home to sleep at night. Your residents are most active while their Vigor is high. Monsters become more active at night and attack the town during the full moon.
How to Play 4 / 37
Materials are used to develop your town. You can find them by deploying residents to diefferent areas, digging them up, or harvesting them from fields.
How to Play 5 / 37
Recruit and train powerful adventurers to help protect your kingdom. Don't forget to equip them with your best weapons and armor. Discovering new jobs will open up more possibilities. No one lives forever, so be sure to make the most of your residents while they're there.
How to Play 6 / 37
Stats 1
HP: hit points. Residents become unable to act if they lose all HP.

MP: needed to use skills. Vigor: when it's low, residents become sluggish. Attack: affects the amount of damage dealt to enemies. Defense: reduces damage taken from enemies. Speed: affect how often the character can attack.

Luck: affects the chance to land critical hits. You'll need equipment and skills to battle. Items can be used to improve your equipment.
How to Play 7 / 37
Stats 2
Intellect: needed for technical jobs.

Dexterity: needed for construction etc.
Gathering: makes it easier to find materials.
Movement: determines how much a resident can carry.
Heart: bravery needed to dispel fog.

Lifespan: decreases by one every time a resident is knocked out and not rescued. Residents disappear forever when their Lifespan reaches 0.
How to Play 8 / 37
Allies posses a variety of jobs that can aid your kingdom in different ways. Categories of job include:

-Battle-focused jobs -Shop-based jobs -Researchers who analyze treasure -Transport-related jobs -Healers

Having residents with jobs of different types is key to successfully developing your kingdom.
How to Play 9 / 37
As allies level up, they will eventually reach their limit. They will need to awaken to their true power in order to grow any further, To do that, you'll need to train the resident in jobs of the same type.
How to Play 10 / 37
Some skills help residents perform jobs such as farming and research better. There are also skills better suited to battle, and skills that allow residents to equip certain kinds of equipment. Magic can only be used by residents with specific jobs.
How to Play 11 / 37
Expanding Your Kingdom
Deploy allies across the island and dispel the fog plaguing the land. This will expand your territory and allow you to deploy parties to even more locations. Sometimes discovering a new area will also net your rare treasure. Don't panic when you see monsters coming out the fog - stay calm and defeat them one by one. The distance you travel and your alies' job rank will affect the cost of expeditions.
How to Play 12 / 37
Caves sometimes appear on the night of a full moon. You can attempt to conquer these dungeons so long as your have Energy to spare. These caverns are full of treasure, making them well-worth checking out. They're also chock-full of monsters, making them useful for leveling up your warriors.
How to Play 13 / 37
Your allies may discover treasure while adventuring across the island. Treasure can be used in construction, research, and to level up your facilities, so collect as much as you can. Once you get treasure back to town, analyze it to extract items and materials.
How to Play 14 / 37
Items can be used to give your allies EXP and level them up. Facilities can also be leveled up by using the right items, so collect as many different types as you can. It might also be a good idea to build some defensive walls to stop your town from losing items during monster attacks.
How to Play 15 / 37
Equipment can be found in rare treasure chest when you clear an area. Building shops will allow you to purchase equipment in town too. It's great way to spend any Bronze Coins you've collected. You can also get equipment as Battle Point rewards, and for ranking high in events held at special facilities.
How to Play 16 / 37
Rare shiny monsters may leave behind eggs after being defeated. Incubate eggs in dedicated facilities to hatch friendly monsters. Monsters allies can perform different actions depending on where you place them, such as defending the town from attack or helping during conquests.
How to Play 17 / 37
Using Items on Eggs
Using an item on an egg you're incubating may change what monster hatches from it. Eggs have four kinds of stats that can be raised with items. Experiment with them and see what kind of monsters you discover.
How to Play 18 / 37
Building More Towns
As your adventure continues, you'll be able to build new town halls and new towns to go with them. Building several towns will help expand your territory, and it also means more residents to contribute toward the kingdom's development. Resources can be moved back and forth between towns to make the best of everything you've collected.
How to Play 19 / 37
Clearing away the fog and restoring the land will attract visitors from across the sea. Be sure to put plenty of signs up so they don't get lost on the way from the port to your towns. And don't forget shops either - if there's nothing to do in town, your visitors might just turn around and go straight home again.
How to Play 20 / 37
Shops 1
Give land to your residents and they'll set up stores based on their profession. Try to get lots of different stores built to attract more visitors. Tourists love to shop, so place those signs and hook some customers! Some stores come with workshops. Leveling them up may lead to discovering brand new products.
How to Play 21 / 37
Shops 2
Besides tourists, your warriors will also visit stores in town, spending Copper Coins. Their equipped weapons and armor will get EXP based on which stores they use, and the stores' ranks.
How to Play 22 / 37
Plots of Land
What can be placed on a plot of land is limited by its size, and similarly, the type of housing limits how many objects can be placed inside. Make your major buildings as big as possible to fit all the beds, shelves, and monster room you need.
How to Play 23 / 37
Deploying residents to dig around town for long periods of time will only produce wasteland. Materials and treasure are hard to find here. Wasteland can be restored by placing certain facilities in the area. Work together with your residents to make this island a place of beauty.
How to Play 24 / 37
Defeating a boss monter allows you to take control of its territory. However, that involves a tough battle in which the monarch must participate. This is called a Conquest. Any adventurers, friends, or ally monsters will also join a Conquest automatically. Consider your party members carefully before setting out.
How to Play 25 / 37
Expanding Your Territory
Certain facilities will help expand the amount of land you have available. Place these as far from the twon hall as possible for the best results. Increasing your town's rank may also expand your territory, plus you'll get more land just like that every now and then too. Expand your sphere of influence and explore the entire island!
How to Play 26 / 37
Large stream or river blocking your way to a boss monster or treasure chest? No problem! Deploy some residents and they'll build a bridge. Bridges are also available as facilities, allowing you to shape the landscape to your liking.
How to Play 27 / 37
Royal Rank
Every time the town's rank increases, so too will its ruler's, going from D Grade to C, to B, and so on. Improving the town will also make the monarch stronger. Level up your monarch and kingdom to be ready for anything.
How to Play 28 / 37
Connect with other players worldwide!

-Friends can help you defeat boss monsters and conquer caves. -You can also work together to progress in special conquest events. -Friends will stay in Friend Beds in your town.

-Friends staying in your town will also help your residents with quest, farming, and more!
How to Play 29 / 37
Sometimes a stalwart warrior will find their way to your town along with the regular tourist. These adventurers can be valuable allies when fighting boss monsters. Increasing your port's level will attract adventurers with higher stats.
How to Play 30 / 37
Group Items
Group Items affect all residents at once, and have effects such as restoring HP, increasing EXP, and replenishing materials. Consider the best time to use them carefully.
How to Play 31 / 37
Research will allow you to make new items, equipment, facilities, and more. It can also lead to discovering new skills and jobs for your allies, or new ways to gather items and Copper Coins. Research consumes materials, but it's worth it!
How to Play 32 / 37
Enemy Attacks
When your residents are snug in their beds and the moon is full, that's when monster creep out of the darkness to attack the town. They'll attack facilities nearest to them first, so place important buildings such as storehouses and Energy facilities futher in the town. Use monster repelling facilities to distract them away from valuable buildings.
How to Play 33 / 37
Love and Marriage
A man and a woman living in the same room will develop affection for each other over time. When their affection is high enough, they can get married if your town has a church. Once you have at least three cities, the married couples will begin having children. A child may inherit either parent's job, or take on an entirely different profession. Matching parents with better compatibility will give their kids better stats.
How to Play 34 / 37
Display Your Collectibles
Once a new generation of residents is born, you'll be able to invite a new class of visitors to town, ones who'll spend Silver Coins at facilities like museums and zoos. Researching certain jobs will allow you to create an exhibition hall. Show off your discoveries from around the island and earn Silver Coins!
How to Play 35 / 37
Worldwide Rankings
You can view the scores of the top players all across the world. This includes high scores for each 5-rank bracket, and Battle Points from the Underground Arena. Compete with your friends and try to be the greatest ruler in the world!
How to Play 36 / 37
To restart the game form the beginning, uninstall it or delete all app data.
  • Uninstalling the game will erase all your save data.
If you have trouble adding funds or getting a stable connection, consult the FAQ or contact us for help.
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