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Tutorial 1/27
In this space colony simulation, you produce robots called Kairobots to maintain interplanetary peace. Accomplish as much as you can in 15 years of game time.
Tutorial 2/27
Game Flow 1
Patrol planets to keep the peace while continually improving the Kairobots' housing. You'll be able to visit new planets as your amity and galactic reputation rise.
Tutorial 3/27
Game Flow 2
Ultimately, your goal is to find and defeat the evil mastermind King Wairobot. You can continue playing the game even after that, however.
Tutorial 4/27
Patrolling planets and defeating monsters there will raise your amity with those planets as well as your galactic reputation. Some locations yield items as well.
Tutorial 5/27
Kairobot Parameters 1
Head represents the Kairobots' intelligence and affects how well they can fight as a group. The higher it is, the more each Kairobot can realize its potential.
Tutorial 6/27
Kairobot Parameters 2
Arms affect offensive power and determine the amount of damage inflicted on monsters. They also affect the power of special skills.
Tutorial 7/27
Kairobot Parameters 3
Body reflects the Kairobots' stamina and strength. As it improves, they grow more resistant to damage. Their stamina in combat can also improve as they grow more intelligent.
Tutorial 8/27
Kairobot Parameters 4
Legs represent the Kairobots' speed, which affects how swiftly they attack. It also affects their ability to evade attacks and to inflict more attacks than the enemy.
Tutorial 9/27
Special Kairobots
A myriad of Kairobots with special abilities can be discovered through research or on patrols. Each turn they take in battle consumes fuel. Abilities and fuel capacity improve with level.
Tutorial 10/27
Facilities & Kairobots
Kairobots are mass-produced if Kairo Houses and factories are present. Upgrading houses increases the number of Kairobots they can hold. Upgrading factories accelerates production.
Tutorial 11/27
Facilities & Tourists
You earn info points and capital when tourists visit your colony. They learn more from facilities with high cultural value. A high fun factor promotes population growth.
Tutorial 12/27
Plant and harvest crops here, then sell them to tourists. This earns income and helps increase visitor satisfaction. Using items may reveal new seeds.
Tutorial 13/27
Gift Shops
Here you can sell appliances you've developed through research. Gift shops earn income and info points from visitors. Researching items may reveal new products
Tutorial 14/27
Exhibit animals you've captured on patrols. This earns income and info points and helps increase visitors' satisfaction. You may discover capture items through research.
Tutorial 15/27
Research Labs
Use items here to develop special Kairobots or new products for the gift shop. You can use info points to upgrade your Kairobots or teach them special skills.
Tutorial 16/27
Special Skills
Special skills consume info points, stamina, or money to unleash special attacks in battle. You can discover new skills by patrolling a variety of locations.
Tutorial 17/27
Tourists & Civilization
Each planet has a civilization level. Acquiring info advances its civilization and the planet evolves. Its residents then give more info points and can move a bit faster.
Tutorial 18/27
Tourists & Population
A planet's population and your amity with it greatly influence tourist traffic. Strengthen amity by patrolling the planet. Population tends to grow with tourist satisfaction.
Tutorial 19/27
Tourists & Interest
Tourists will lose interest if you stay on one planet too long. Interest will revive if you visit other planets for a while. Try visiting a number of different planets.
Tutorial 20/27
Amity with Planets
Patrolling planets strengthens amity with them, which is important. As amity with a planet grows, its residents may introduce new planets or offer new content for research.
Tutorial 21/27
Galactic Reputation
Patrolling planets improves your reputation. As it grows, you'll be asked to undertake important missions and patrol new planets. Patrolling the same place repeatedly won't improve reputation much.
Tutorial 22/27
Patrolling the same planet repeatedly motivates monsters to emerge in gradually increasing numbers. Avoid staying in the same place too long.
Tutorial 23/27
As Kairobots take and inflict damage in combat, their excitement charges up an aura that can be unleashed on their enemies. Use it to your advantage in battle.
Tutorial 24/27
Resourceful use of items on facilities and labs can have a positive effect on your patrols. New items may appear even in places you've patrolled before.
Tutorial 25/27
The game "ends" in the first week of April in the 16th game year. Try to conquer the final planet by this time to net a high score. You can keep playing as long as you like afterward.
Tutorial 26/27
Clear Bonus
You can carry some of your data over into a new game after the game's "ending." Finishing the game also unlocks a "Fast" game mode.
Tutorial 27/27
About the Game
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