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How to Play 1/56
High Sea Saga
In this game, you put together a pirate crew and have adventures in unexplored lands. Create your own ship, crew and base and set off into the uncharted seas!
How to Play 2/56
Game Flow 1
First, hire crew at the tavern before going out on a quest. There are crewmates with many different jobs available, so choose the ones you like best.
How to Play 3/56
Game Flow 2
Complete quests to make new ones appear, and acquire a larger ship. Then you can place a variety of facilities on the ship in any way you please.
How to Play 4/56
Game Flow 3
Once you have a ship, you can set off in search of adventure. Explore other islands and even discover new continents.
How to Play 5/56
When you assign crewmates to combat teams, they will automatically battle any enemies you encounter. Try out different combinations of characters to make better teams.
How to Play 6/56
Crew Stats 1
HP: A crewmate is disabled at 0 HP.
SP: A crewmate can't use skills at 0 SP.
Attack: Ability to do damage.
Defense: Ability to resist damage.
Speed: Affects attack frequency.
Intelligence: Affects facility use, etc.
How to Play 7/56
Crew Stats 2
★: Max team size
     Max equipped skills

In addition, things like skills, jobs and equipment can increase or change your crew's abilities.
How to Play 8/56
Equipment effectiveness depends on the compatibility of the crewmate's job with the equipment type. Also, equipment weight can greatly affect speed. Equipment can be upgraded at a blacksmith.
How to Play 9/56
Crewmates get knowledge points when they use ship facilities or do battle. When they earn a lot, they can use these points to switch to new jobs.
How to Play 10/56
Powering Up
Give your crewmates tasty food and they will get experience points. Food is an important source of XP, so when you get some, be sure to use it.
How to Play 11/56
Special Abilities
Each of your crewmates has a special ability. Even if they change their job, they can continue to use their original ability. There are many different abilities, including some that only affect online battles.
How to Play 12/56
Job Characteristics
Crewmates' cabins will be redecorated according to their jobs. This can change their abilities and improve their quality. Also, using facilities that are compatible with their jobs can give a large bonus to the knowledge points obtained.
How to Play 13/56
Skills can be used to get an advantage in battle by consuming SP, or to help with duties on the ship. If a crewmate masters a job, they will be able to use its special skill at any time.
How to Play 14/56
Mastering Jobs
When a crewmate reaches a job's max level, he or she has mastered it. The max level differs depending on the job. Some special jobs are only available after changing jobs a certain number of times.
How to Play 15/56
Dismissing Crewmates
There is a limit to the number of crewmates your ship can house. When you dismiss crewmates, they will leave behind their equipment, and some of their knowledge will be converted to items.
How to Play 16/56
Quests can be found all over the islands you visit. Completing quests gets you access to treasures like new crewmates, resources and onboard facilities, so try to beat them all.
How to Play 17/56
Failing Quests
If all of the crewmates on a quest are defeated, you will lose any treasure chests you have found on the quest up until that point. You can use medals to try again. The higher the quest's rank, the more medals that are required.
How to Play 18/56
Wounded Crewmates 1
Crewmates whose HP reaches 0 in battle are "wounded," and are moved to their cabins. The more comfortable the cabin, the faster they can recover and return to duty.
How to Play 19/56
Wounded Crewmates 2
If other combat team members are still in battle, wounded members will wait in their cabins without recovering. Try using items or equipment to make the survey or battle end more quickly.
How to Play 20/56
When you reach a new island, you must survey it. Try sailing for unexplored areas and surveying what you find there. In some cases, you may run into obstacles that can make the survey fail.
How to Play 21/56
Anchoring Your Ship
If you leave your ship anchored at an island or part of the sea for too long, the islanders will stop visiting your ship, and enemies will stop appearing. Try coming back later or visiting a new area.
How to Play 22/56
For each crewmate, you can select duties that will be given priority. Select them according to their cabin and job. You can also give the same orders to all crewmates using the "All Crew" command.
How to Play 23/56
You need stamina to command your fleet. Stamina you use will recover at a rate of 1 point every 5 minutes. Stamina recovers even when you're not playing the game.
How to Play 24/56
On islands, you will find quests and facilities like shops where you can by weapons and armor for use on quests. As these facilities increase, so will your population.
How to Play 25/56
Island Facilities
When your crewmates use island facilities to refill resources, the facilities will get XR Crewmates with high intelligence will give more XR Onboard facilities also get XP when merchants come to shop on your ship.
How to Play 26/56
Island Shops
The items sold in shops change depending on the island's total level. Investing in a shop will increase its max level and help it sell more expensive items.
How to Play 27/56
Ship Facilities 1
Comfort: Recovers HP/workB
Discipline: Affects knowledge obtained
Research: Makes getting items easier
Use: Cost per use
Effect: The effect on the surroundings
How to Play 28/56
Ship Facilities 2
Facilities have an effect on other facilities in a 3-square radius. Building more of the same facility increases the effect. When a facility is used a lot, it will go up in level and become more effective.
How to Play 29/56
Some relics that you obtain can be upgraded. This is very costly, but can really help your journey go more smoothly.
How to Play 30/56
Fleet Rank
Defeating many enemies or strong enemies will cause your fleet rank to increase. When your fleet rank goes up, your stamina will refill completely and its max level may even go up.
How to Play 31/56
Capturing Enemies
In some cases, it is possible to capture human enemies that you face in combat. You can store them in your ship's brig and then turn them in for the bounty when you anchor at a port. You can also recruit them as members of your crew.
How to Play 32/56
Researching Treasure
When you defeat enemies, they will sometimes drop mysterious treasures. These can be exchanged for power-up items, weapons, etc., at the ship's lab. If you don't have enough room in the hold, collected treasure will be thrown away.
How to Play 33/56
Items can be used to recover HP in battle or temporarily increase stats, or can be sold to shops. You will often get items through research.
How to Play 34/56
Population represents your country's strength, and a high population allows you to attack other countries. You can increase population by spending time at island ports and using their facilities.
How to Play 35/56
Monster Eggs
On your adventures, you will sometimes acquire monster eggs. Take them to a monster farm to hatch and discover new species. And you may make more new discoveries if they level up while adventuring with you.
How to Play 36/56
Monster Combat Conditions
The size of the monsters you can have participate in battle is limited by your rank.
S or M: No limit, L or S2: Rank 20+, M2: Rank 30+, L2: Rank 50+ 3, any size: Rank 70+
How to Play 37/56
Monster Upgrade Requirements
If the levels of your monsters and monster farm are high, it is possible to upgrade monsters to realize their true abilities. The monsters that can be upgraded depend on your rank.
S2: Rank 20+, M2: Rank 40+, L2: Rank 85+
How to Play 38/56
Monster Alignments
Water > Fire
Fire > Life
Life > Thunder
Thunder & Fire > Shadow
Shadow > Water & Life
Human & Neutral alignments = no effect
How to Play 39/56
Cannons 1
Cannons are used in online battles and ship battles. Tap an arrow on the deck to equip a cannon. If you have purchased battle cheers, they also have an effect in quest battles.
How to Play 40/56
Cannons 2
Speed: Increases shooting speed
Power: Increases damage
Ammo: Used in battle cheers
Different types of cannons have different strengths. You can switch cannons after purchase. Strengthening them helps them develop.
How to Play 41/56
Kairo Points
You can get Kairo Points by playing the Dice Game or fighting online battles. Eventually, a shop will appear where you can use Kairo Points to purchase ship facilities.
How to Play 42/56
Online Battles
Select a combat team and fight automated online battles with other players. If you have snipers, up to 3 of them can be in charge of cannons. If you win, you can recruit/turn in one of their crewmates.
How to Play 43/56
Battle Cheers
As you go up in rank, you can purchase battle cheers. These allow you to participate in quest battles and help affect their outcome. If you have cannons on your ship, you can also perform a special attack.
How to Play 44/56
Replaying the Game
When replaying the game, you can hire past crewmates from the tavern. Just remember that if you create replay data while already playing a replay, previous crewmate data will be overwritten.
How to Play 45/56
Replay Modes
In addition to Normal Mode, there is Hard Mode and Nightmare Mode (this last mode only appears after 200 hours of game play). Try a higher difficulty to get a high score.
How to Play 46/56
You can register up to 10 friends, and as long as both sides have a fleet rank of 20 or more, you can fight each other. Fighting friends does not increase your online rank.
How to Play 47/56
Monster Hunting Campaigns
If you defeat the specified number of a particular monster, you get a bonus. The number your friends have defeated is added to yours. Work with your friends to defeat those monsters!
How to Play 48/56
Medals 1
Purchased medals are valid for 180 days. Any amount over the limit of 999 will be temporarily stored in the Medal Bank in the menu, so retrieve them after you have used some medals.
How to Play 49/56
Medals 2
Medals awarded in the game have no expiration date, and can be used at any time. When you use medals in the game, any purchased medals will be used first.
How to Play 50/56
Monthly Services
Ad removal and the Gold Pass are services with a monthly fee. Please check the Google Play Store for payment timing and the method of cancellation.
How to Play 51/56
Syncing Date and Time
The consecutive sign-in bonus is given each day at around 4:00 am. If your device is not connected to a network, this bonus will not be awarded.
How to Play 52/56
Characteristics of the Game 1
Some parts of the game will continue to advance even when you are not playing. Also note that the game must connect to the Internet when starting up, so please play in a location with a good connection.
How to Play 53/56
Characteristics of the Game 2
The game will be auto-saved periodically. Game data is stored on your device and at present there is no way to transfer data from one device to another.
How to Play 54/56
Characteristics of the Game 3
This game does not have a set ending and can be played for as long as you like. Also, if you create replay data, you can carry over some of your game data when starting a new game.
How to Play 55/56
Characteristics of the Game 4
In the throne room, you can register your play points and compete with other players for the high score. See who can build up the best pirate fleet!
How to Play 56/56
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