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How to Play 1/32
In this simulation game, you take control of a racing team. Hire talented drivers, develop new vehicles, and enter Grand Prix races as you try to become the best in the world.
How to Play 2/32
Game Flow
Give instructions to your drivers and mechanics to have them train or develop new vehicles. Use your vehicles to enter races and win prize money.
How to Play 3/32
Developing Vehicles
First select a vehicle and drive type. Depending on the group's Tech and the rank of that vehicle type, you may get more performance than the plans show.
How to Play 4/32
Installing Parts
Installing parts in a vehicle will change its performance. The skill of the group doing the installation and the rank of the part also affect performance.
How to Play 5/32
Research Data
Research Data can be used to upgrade vehicles or parts, or unlock new ones. You can get Research Data during races or by scrapping vehicles.
How to Play 6/32
Scrapping Vehicles
Used vehicles have Research Data inside them. If you scrap a vehicle, it will disappear, but you will get a large amount of Research Data.
How to Play 7/32
Vehicle Attributes 1
⬛ Durability - A vehicle's Durability goes down as it races, especially if it hits something or goes very fast. When it reaches 0, the vehicle will break.
How to Play 8/32
Vehicle Attributes 2
⬛ Speed - Top speed.
⬛ Acceleration - Acceleration ability.
⬛ Handling - Lets you turn at high speeds.
How to Play 9/32
Vehicle Attributes 3
⬛ Expansion - Number of part slots.
⬛ Appeal - Affects the effectiveness of a sponsor's advertising when used on that vehicle.
How to Play 10/32
Vehicle Attributes 4
⬛ Repair - Affects repair time.
⬛ On-Road - Affects performance when on paved roads.
How to Play 11/32
Vehicle Attributes 5
⬛ Off-Road - Affects performance when on grass or dirt roads.
⬛ Icy Road - Affects performance when on icy roads.
How to Play 12/32
A group consists of a driver and multiple mechanics. The group's Appeal, Tech, and Analysis attributes are calculated based on its members' attributes.
How to Play 13/32
Drivers help to bring out a vehicle's true performance. Their abilities can be improved with training. If a driver does well in races, their contract renewal fee will rise.
How to Play 14/32
Driver Attributes 1
⬛Pedal - Increases vehicle top speed.
⬛Shift - Increases vehicle acceleration.
⬛Steer - Increases ease of turns.
How to Play 15/32
Driver Attributes 2
⬛Appeal - Increases sponsor ad effect.
⬛Tech - Affects vehicle development and speeds up repairs.
How to Play 16/32
Driver Attributes 3
⬛Analysis - The higher this attribute, the more Research Data a vehicle will accumulate.
How to Play 17/32
Mechanics 1
Mechanics have 3 attributes: Tech, Appeal, and Analysis. They raise the attributes of their group. Unlike drivers, mechanics are paid monthly.
How to Play 18/32
Mechanics 2
You can use Research Data to increase the level of your mechanics, up to a maximum of Level 5.
How to Play 19/32
Research and Upgrading 1
As you play, you will be able to research and develop new vehicles and parts. You can also use Research Data to upgrade vehicles and parts.
How to Play 20/32
Research and Upgrading 2
A group with high Tech will get better results when upgrading. Mechanics may also find Research Data or gain attributes during the upgrading process.
How to Play 21/32
Sponsors 1
When you sign a contract with a sponsor, you will get a sponsorship payment twice a year. If you do well in races, you may get a bonus.
How to Play 22/32
Sponsors 2
The sponsor's rating will also increase. If their gauge fills up, you'll get a special reward, and their ☆ will turn into a ★.
How to Play 23/32
Entering Races
There are two kinds of races: Single and Grand Prix races. Single races are one-offs, while GPs have multiple races. You can enter both at once.
How to Play 24/32
Grand Prix 1
When you enter a GP, races will be periodically held. After each race, you are given points based on your rank. The final winner is the team with the most points.
How to Play 25/32
Grand Prix 2
Once you win a GP, you'll be able to enter the next category of race.
How to Play 26/32
Race: Qualifying
Before the real race, you compete in a qualifying race to decide your starting order. A driver's attributes can give bonuses to vehicle performance.
How to Play 27/32
Race: Racing
All cars race for the finish line. You may find Research Data during a race. If your vehicle's Durability reaches 0, you will have to withdraw.
How to Play 28/32
Race: Results
If you have a sponsorship contract, your advertising effectiveness will be calculated. Your vehicle and parts will get experience, according to your rank.
How to Play 29/32
Tips for Winning
Training your mechanics to increase their Tech will improve the performance of vehicles and parts. The timing for using aura is also very important.
How to Play 30/32
The game ends at the end of March in the 14th year. Your funds and Clear Points will be used to calculate your score. But you can keep playing for as long as you want.
How to Play 31/32
Some of your attributes at the end of the game can be carried over to the next game, making it easier to get a high score. You may also discover some secret characters...
How to Play 32/32
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