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Tutorial 1/30
Fish Pond Park
In this simulation game, you manage a nature park. Try to get as many visitors as possible and acquire all of the titles within 20 game years!
Tutorial 2/30
Game Flow 1
Use cards to improve the natural environment in your park. The nicer the natural environment, the more visitors you will get and the more fame your park will gain.
Tutorial 3/30
Game Flow 2
Go fishing and collect money while performing research to unlock new things. Use improvement work on your existing nature squares to improve their appeal and attract more visitors.
Tutorial 4/30
Using Cards 1
Use cards to place nature squares. Place a spring card to create a pond, or place a mountain card to create a mountain. Cards can be obtained while fishing, or purchased from a card dealer.
Tutorial 5/30
Using Cards 2
Try to use cards on wasteland or plain squares. After you've played for a while, you can also try using cards in a variety of other places. Sometimes they may have unexpected results.
Tutorial 6/30
Research is the key to unlocking powerful new game features, like expanding your park's map, or creating new fishing gear or cards. The more money you devote to a research project, the sooner it will be completed.
Tutorial 7/30
Improvement Work
Performing improvement work can greatly increase the appeal of the natural environment. As you discover new nature squares and they go up in level, you will unlock new improvements.
Tutorial 8/30
Going Fishing
When you create ponds or rivers, you can raise fish in them and even go fishing. After performing improvement work on a waterfront area, you can sometimes even find cards while fishing.
Tutorial 9/30
Fishing 1
When your lure is in the water, tap the directional buttons to move it around and catch the attention of the fish. If you stop the lure in front of a fish, it will bite.
Tutorial 10/30
Fishing 2
Different types of fish prefer different types of bait. Large fish have a tendency to want large amounts of bait, while smaller fish won't bite at all if there's too much bait on the hook.
Tutorial 11/30
Fishing 3
Tap the up button the moment your lure touches a sunken treasure chest to bring it up. If you don't tap anything for a moment, you may lose the chest.
Tutorial 12/30
Boost Fish Numbers
The number of fish increase when you put feed in the water. Sometimes the types of fish you can catch will also increase, so try to spread as much feed as you can.
Tutorial 13/30
Feed and Lumber
Feed and lumber are harvested from the 8 squares surrounding a Tourist Center. Doing improvement work will sometimes increase the amount you harvest. The amount also depends on the type of square, such as whether it is a mountain or rice field.
Tutorial 14/30
Connecting Effects
Using a Connection Card to connect two squares can increase the effects of the improvement work you do. In some cases, it can even create a new kind of square. Connect two waterside areas and something cool may happen.
Tutorial 15/30
Tourist Centers 1
Here you can implement a variety of services for tourists. Select ones that will increase your income. Upkeep fees for the services you choose are deducted once each month. You can find new services by using local specialties.
Tutorial 16/30
Tourist Centers 2
The capabilities of a Tourist Center are determined by the popularity of the nature squares around it. Place powerful squares of many different types all around your Tourist Centers.
Tutorial 17/30
As you get more titles in the game, you will be able to hold tours. The number of people they attract will depend on the popularity of the nature squares you choose. If you decide not to hold a tour, you will get another chance in 3 months.
Tutorial 18/30
Popularity, Environment & Fame
The higher these stats are, the more visitors you will attract and the more satisfied they will be. Also, when a waterside area has higher stats, it seems to increase the size of the fish that can be caught there.
Tutorial 19/30
An inn is a facility that allows visitors to stay overnight and enjoy nature in your park longer. Serving food will increase an inn's popularity and number of visitors. New dishes can be discovered from local specialties, etc.
Tutorial 20/30
Fans 1
Tourists are divided into categories based on how far they come from (local residents, etc.). If they are satisfied with your park, people in that category will have their satisfaction gauges go up.
Tutorial 21/30
Fans 2
When the satisfaction gauge fills up, your number of fans will increase, boosting the number of visitors you get. If you satisfy them, they will spread the word about your park, and you may even be visited by someone famous!
Tutorial 22/30
Fans 3
Local residents won't come in very great numbers, and also don't have a lot of money to spend. The farther a group has to travel to reach your park, they more they will pay.
Tutorial 23/30
Roads and Routes
As you get more titles, you will be able to upgrade your roads, bringing in tour busses or trains and making it much easier for tourists to access your park.
Tutorial 24/30
Local Specialties
Local specialties will occasionally be discovered during a harvest. Using them will allow you to discover new dishes, services or tours, or may even increase your maximum feed or lumber.
Tutorial 25/30
Nature parks around the country compete with each other based on their size, popularity and environment. Rankings are updated 3 times a year. Use improvement work to boost your natural environment and aim for the top of the rankings.
Tutorial 26/30
High Scores
High scores consist of the time it took to get all of the titles, as well as the items discovered while playing. Try to be the fastest to acquire all of the titles.
Tutorial 27/30
If you clear certain requirements for annual visitors and funds, the Tourism Council will award you a title. Get all of the titles to reach the ending.
Tutorial 28/30
The game "ends" when you get all of the titles. Do this within 20 years to get lots of points. You can keep playing after the ending for as long as you want.
Tutorial 29/30
Clear Bonuses
After you reach the ending, some data can be carried over to a new play-through of the game, allowing you to be more powerful right from the start. In addition, Fast mode will also be unlocked.
Tutorial 30/30
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Fish Pond Park
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