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Tutorial 1/34
Dream House Days
In this apartment management sim, you develop a place for people to call home. You'll get to know them as more than just tenants, so do what you can to help them lead happy, comfortable lives.
Tutorial 2/34
Game Flow 1
Furnish each apartment to make it more comfortable. Then advertise for tenants and try to fill your building with residents.
Tutorial 3/34
Game Flow 2
Using furnishings will help your tenants grow and develop. As they do so, their happiness will rise and they'll be more likely to marry. Do what you can to increase their happiness.
Tutorial 4/34
Game Flow 3
Arranging furnishings in certain ways can create special rooms, which greatly boost an apartment's rent and comfort. They can also improve tenants' abilities and even help them find jobs.
Tutorial 5/34
Tenants 1
Wealth: Key to rent payments.
Intellect: Key to employment or school admissions.
Hobby: Key to earning titles.
Fitness: Affects movement speed.
Charisma: Affects success in love.
Personality: Affects destinations.
Tutorial 6/34
Tenants 2
Income: Deposited each season.
Love Interests: Increased through outings.
Titles: Recognizes impressive feats.
Specialty: Discovered through furnishings.
Path: School of choice.
Tutorial 7/34
Although each apartment costs a certain rent, you may not be able to collect the full amount due to tenants' financial situations. Try guiding them to jobs that match their standard of living.
Tutorial 8/34
Research Points
These points are good for a variety of uses. Tenants can acquire them in flashes of inspiration while using furnishings. They may occasionally bring points back from outings as well.
Tutorial 9/34
Recruiting Tenants
Potential tenants will tour your apartments to evaluate comfort, rent, and capabilities. The amount they're willing to pay up front will vary with their satisfaction level.
Tutorial 10/34
Each apartment has a maximum occupancy and may or may not allow pets. You can increase occupancy through research, so remember to keep it up.
Tutorial 11/34
Using furnishings may reveal hidden potential in tenants that improves attributes like intellect or charisma. Longer gauges on a furnishings info screen indicate greater enhancement of those attributes.
Tutorial 12/34
Furnishing an apartment with several of the same item can lead to unfavorable evaluations of the decor, adversely affecting rent and comfort. Try to include a variety of furnishings.
Tutorial 13/34
Special Furnishings
Special amenities set up in hallways will earn money with each use, but no one will use them if they're too far away. Upkeep of these costs nothing, so install several.
Tutorial 14/34
You can buy items or acquire or acquire them through bonuses or when tenants find them on outings. Use them on furnishings or tenants to boost their attributes. Some items can change a tenant's job or hobbies.
Tutorial 15/34
Job Levels
Tenants gain experience at their jobs each time they go to work, making their job levels more likely to rise. Their monthly incomes increase along with their job levels.
Tutorial 16/34
Mastering these helps tenants find new jobs, earn titles, and make new discoveries. It also affects how easy it is for them to change jobs. Their proficiencies increase through use of furnishings.
Tutorial 17/34
Age Groups
Baby: Lasts 1 year.
Child: Lasts 1 year.
Student: Lasts 3 years.
Adult: Lasts 8 years.
Senior: Moves out after 3 years.
Only adults can fall in love or have children.
Tutorial 18/34
Once children reach school age, they start school and eventually take entrance exams for institutions of higher education. Different schools hone different attributes.
Tutorial 19/34
As your tenants and furnishings increase, you may get the chance to expand your apartment building. This is expensive and cannot be undone. so think it over first.
Tutorial 20/34
Every few years, tenants who have mastered an age group, hobby, or job will tackle a new challenge. Offer support and advice. Earning titles also raise their incomes.
Tutorial 21/34
Love & Marriage
When tenants grow close to their love interests, they may decide to get married. Those with high charisma tend to be most successful. If tenants proposed and are refused, they can try again later.
Tutorial 22/34
Resident Romance
If there are benches in the hallway, residents in nearby apartments may stop there to chat. This can lead to romance and even marriage.
Tutorial 23/34
Marriage & Childbirth
The spouse of a newly married tenant may move in, increasing your tenants. If a couple's happiness gauge fills up, they may have children as well.
Tutorial 24/34
Tenant's happiness rises as they use certain furnishings and interact with family members. Those with comfortable apartments and higher attributes are more likely to grow happier.
Tutorial 25/34
Leaving the Nest
Children will move out once they become adults. However, they may reappear if you recruit tenants through neighborhood real estate agencies, so advertise actively.
Tutorial 26/34
Scratch Cards
You can win prizes like clothing and furnishings by playing scratch cards. You may occasionally win money or points as well. Playing often increases your odds of winning the best prizes.
Tutorial 27/34
The clothes that you win with scratch cards can be freely assigned to any of you tenants. These clothes may boost their attributes. You can also level them up by using tickets.
Tutorial 28/34
Outings & Pets
When tenants using furnishings, they will start going out on weekdays. Their destinations will vary by personality and age group. They may occasionally return with pets.
Tutorial 29/34
Special Rooms
Combining certain furnishings and floors can produce special rooms that boost rent and comfort tremendously. Residents also enjoy greater bonuses when using the furnishings there.
Tutorial 30/34
Play Time Bonus
Whenever you exit and restart the game, you receive a bonus of one ticket for every seven minutes played. This does not include time spent with menus open or with characters otherwise stopped.
Tutorial 31/34
Friends (Beta)
You can register up to five friends if you know their IDs. You'll get bonuses whenever your friends' total play time reaches certain goals, so the more friends you have the better!
Tutorial 32/34
Deleting This App
Please note that if you delete the app, data such as friend info and tickets purchased will be permanently lost.
Tutorial 33/34
Repeated Playthroughs
The game "ends" in the 21st year, but you can continue playing for as long as you like. You can also carry some of your data over into a new game, making it easier to get a high score the next time.
Tutorial 34/34
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