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Tutorial 1/38
Beastie Bay
In this survival adventure sim, you explore a mysterious island while befriending beasts you encounter along the way. As you break new ground, you can develop the island freely.
Tutorial 2/38
Game Flow 1
Washed ashore a mysterious island, you set out to explore it end to end. With the help of feral friends you make along the way, defeat or tame the beasts that attack as you push onward.
Tutorial 3/38
Game Flow 2
Start by finding strong and reliable allies. You'll eventually be able to purchase gear and develop new tools to aid you in a grand adventure spanning islands around the world.
Tutorial 4/38
Game Flow 3
If you contribute to the safety of other islands , their residents may visit your island and spend gold there. Aim to develop your island into a world-class resort!
Tutorial 5/38
Blaze new trails through unexplored territory with the help of your allies. These expeditions can reveal new terrain, weapons, and friendly locals, so take every opportunity!
Tutorial 6/38
Allies' Attributes 1
HP: Ally incapacitated if HP runs out.
MP: Required for special skills.
Attack: Affects damage inflicted.
Defense: Affects damage taken.
Speed: Affects order of attack.
Work: Affects harvesting speed.
Tutorial 7/38
Allies' Attributes 2
Rank: Relative ability within species.
Trait: Elemental affinity.
Character: Determines ability bonus.
Intelligence: Affects skill potency.
* Higher ranked allies tend to have more equipment slots.
Tutorial 8/38
Human Residents
Other people residing on your island can contribute to construction and harvesting. The higher the civilization level of someone's house, the better the effect on the harvest.
Tutorial 9/38
Elemental Affinities
Water: strong vs. Fire, weak vs. Lightning
Lightning: strong vs. Water, weak vs. Earth
Earth: strong vs. Lightning, weak vs. Wind
Wind: strong vs. Earth, weak vs. Fire
Fire: strong vs. Wind, weak vs.Water
No affinity: no elemental + or -
Tutorial 10/38
The effect of special skills can change depending on the user's intelligence. Higher intelligence can also be conducive to growth. The higher an instructor and pupil's intelligence, the more experience
Tutorial 11/38
Character Bonuses
Brisk: Higher speed
Diligent: Stronger work ethic
Clever: Higher intelligence
Stubborn: Higher defense
Cranky: Stronger attack
Studious: EXP boost
Tutorial 12/38
Equipment Slots & Rank
Allies are ranked according to their abilities relative to others of their species. A higher star rating means greater growth potential, more skills, and more equipment slots.
Tutorial 13/38
Use allies strategically, commanding them to attack or use special skills. Item usage and formation changes each use up a turn. Using auras can give you an edge in battle.
Tutorial 14/38
Taking damage charges allies' combat gauges until they can activate an aura. This happens more quickly with come character types than others. Certain skills can also accelerate this.
Tutorial 15/38
Restarting Expeditions and Battles
If you suspend an exploratory expedition or flee a battle, you can resume them anytime without losing your treasure chests. If you're defeated in battle, you will lose your treasure chests but can restart and
Tutorial 16/38
Healing Allies
Severely wounded allies will recover automatically if they have housing on your island. You can also heal them immediately by using recovery items.
Tutorial 17/38
Taming New Allies
You can tame enemies weakened in combat by tossing them bait. Certain types of bait work best with certain types of enemies (e.g., water bait for water-aligned enemies).
Tutorial 18/38
Allies' Growth Spurts
Some species undergo a growth spurt once they reach a certain level. During this phase, their abilities develop rapidly each time they gain a level.
Tutorial 19/38
Exploration Rate
An island's "Explored" progress meter will rise as you venture into unexplored areas and make them safe. It will reach 100% once you've completed all areas.
Tutorial 20/38
Completion Rate
Defeating hordes of enemies and finding lots of boulders, trees, and treasure chests will increase an island's "Completed" progress meter. You can accomplish this by exploring areas repeatedly.
Tutorial 21/38
You'll get hungry as you explore, and each member of your party will consume one unit of food. After level 16, the number consumed will increase by one for every eight levels gained.
Tutorial 22/38
Placing certain buildings or other additions near homes or natural terrain may qualify the latter for remodeling. Renovations can accelerate recovery or harvest speed, so remodel whenever
Tutorial 23/38
Place power generators near buildings to increase their energy supply. More energy can trigger a number of different renovations.
Tutorial 24/38
Each ally has a limited number of equipment slots, which varies according to the individual's skill. Some types of gear take up more slots than others. Only one weapon can be equipped at a time.
Tutorial 25/38
Pumpkin Products
As you travel the world, you'll get the opportunity to improve trade with other islands. Doing so will broaden the selection of merchandise available at Pumpkin Products.
Tutorial 26/38
Build a research lab and you'll be able to research a variety of useful gear. Invest at least one piece of lumber and the research will begin automatically. Just remember that a mere 1% investment can lead to
Tutorial 27/38
As you explore other islands, their residents will begin visiting yours and make the rounds of your tourist attractions. The more extensive your roads, the further they will wander.
Tutorial 28/38
Tourist Attractions
Up to five specialties harvested within the eight squares surrounding a shop can be stocked there and sold to tourists. Prices vary by specialty type.
Tutorial 29/38
Survival Gear
Survival gear created through research has a level that reflects how easily it breaks when used, how effective it is, etc. You can even discover new methods of transport, so conduct research often.
Tutorial 30/38
Once you collect 15 allies, you can register one as an instructor. If you build a school and assign an instructor to it, any allies within the eight surrounding squares will automatically acquire EXP.
Tutorial 31/38
Instructor-Pupil Compatibility
If an instructor and pupil have different personalities but share the same elemental affinity, the pupil gains more experience points. Pupils who have surpassed the Instructor's level will find it difficult
Tutorial 32/38
In the latter half of the game, you'll be able to use an auto-combat feature that allows allies to fight non-boss battles automatically. You can still issue commands manually along the way by selecting Menu >
Tutorial 33/38
Sharing through Magic Words
You can acquire new instructors by learning the magic words required (i.e., passwords) from other players. A trial incantation is posted somewhere on the PC version of the Kairo Park website.
Tutorial 34/38
Play Time Bonus
Whenever you exit and restart the game, you can receive a bonus of one medal for every seven minutes played. This does not include time spent with menus open or with your character standing still.
Tutorial 35/38
Repeated Playthroughs
The game "ends" in the 6th year, but you can continue playing for as long as you like. You can also carry some of your data over into a new game, making it easier to get a high score the next time.
Tutorial 36/38
After completing the game, you can check the title screen for weekly rankings of players around the world. Select the Hall of Fame rankings to see the top 10 scores of all time.
Tutorial 37/38
Hard Mode
Once you've completed the game, you can select "Hard Mode" when starting a new game from the title screen. This mode features stronger enemies and more potent skill effects.
Tutorial 38/38
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