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Quote marks.png The following page is an exact transcription of the game's English localization file. The transcription below is of original content created / owned by Kairosoft Co., Ltd. It should not be modified to correct information, unless it is incorrectly transcribed verbatim.

This page contains the official localized English text for the game taken directly from the iOS V1.0.0 ipa. Each line corresponds to text found on the Japanese file. This file may contain text not actually used in-game.

Sunny High
John Doe
Jen Doe
School Name
High scores are available in the Full Version!
Sunny Vale
Hill Valley
Heavenly Hills
A well-balanced map.
An average suburb.
Beautiful map with a lake.
A mountainous map.
A wealthy urban area.
Wood Hall
Panel Hall
Dirt Path
Small Tree
Big Tree
Mythic Tree
Palm Tree
Big Rock
Locker Rm
Bulletin Bd
Inst Shelt
Totem Pole
Snack Store
Vending Rm
Wtr Fntn
Rest Rm
Misc Room
Nurse's Rm
AV Room
Tiny Mart
Music Rm
Art Rm
Hm Ec Rm
Comp Rm
Tennis Ct
B-Ball Ct
Baseball Fld
Soccer Fld
Y1 Classroom
Y2 Classroom
Y3 Classroom
Prncpl Rm
Chicken Rm
Rabbit Rm
Pig Rm
Cow Rm
Duck Rm
Panda Rm
Koala Rm
Giraffe Rm
Gator Rm
Elephant Rm
Horse Rm
Mole Rm
Kairobot Rm
Teacher Rm
Bronze St
Gold St
Stone Robot
Gold Robot
Cherry Tree

Used for changing.
Used for club activities.
Provides fresh drinking water.
Get suggestions from students.
Needed to raise crops.
Puts a bounce in your step.
Learn self-defense.
Has a mysterious atmosphere.
Will it fly someday?
Nice for taking a break.
Perfect for a sun bathing.
Great for stargazing.
Grows along with your school.
Sells snacks and stationery.
Sells invigorating drinks.
Hand washing is important.
With heated seats!
A big, multi-purpose room.
For relaxing with friends.
For making announcements.
Come lie down if you're ill.
Full of useful books.
Watch educational videos.
Sells convenient goods.
Full of lab equipment.
Has posters of musicians.
Sells cheap meals and snacks.
Full of colorful art supplies.
Has high-tech sewing machines.
Has the latest computers.
Do all kinds of exercise here.
Popular with the fashionable.
Greatly boosts athletic skill.
A popular high school sport.
Learn agility and endurance.
Used for PE and assemblies.
An unheated, standard pool.
For burning garbage.

Get sage advice.

Lays fresh eggs when mature.|Spirit boosts sales price.
Produces toys when mature.|Spirit boosts sales price.
Produces meat when mature.|Spirit boosts sales price.
Produces milk when mature.|Spirit boosts sales price.
Produces toys when mature.|Spirit boosts sales price.
Produces badges when mature.|Spirit boosts sales price.
Produces pouches when mature.|Spirit boosts sales price.
Produces rulers when mature.|Spirit boosts sales price.
Produces bags when mature.|Spirit boosts sales price.
Produces cookies when mature.|Spirit boosts sales price.
Produces wallets when mature.|Spirit boosts sales price.
Produces hammers when mature.|Spirit boosts sales price.
Produces toys when mature.|Spirit boosts sales price.

A statue of a famous person.
An impressive bronze statue.
A statue of a myterious robot.
A mysterious shiny gold robot.

Exercise Spot
Date Spot
Friend Spot
Spooky Spot
Study Spot
Art Spot
Homey Spot
Shopping Spot
Sports Spot
Famous Spot
Meat Spot
Garden Spot
Twilight Spot
Power Spot
Fashion Spot
Cosmos Spot
Fiery Spot
Waiting Spot
Club Spot
Relaxing Spot
Water Spot
Bio Spot
Racing Spot
Tall Spot
Action Spot
Africa Spot
Cooking Spot
Election Spot
Jealousy Spot
Kairo Spot
Bob Smith
Guy Pech
Ted Bilal
Hugh Maris
Neil Kramp
AJ Evans
Vin Vancil
Allan Soni
Erik Mumma
Cody Vesey
Ed Hislop
Jessie Gaw
Wyn Styles
Cody Beets
Ted Armand
Erik Piten
Dutch Pitt
Dave Valls
Darius Ida
Bob Balius
Hal Reese
Rod Litka
Al Kunka
Sean Wise
Elvin Bay
Sonny Leva
Elwood Moh
Jackson Hu
Dane Frack
Rob Gross
Abe Plue
Tammy Gun
Anne Low
Tanya Gill
Maddy Call
Alice Mun
Anna Ford
Tris Haber
Wendy Shal
Vicky Holl
Katy Ling
Jane Kato
Holly Bun
Mia Pinto
June Gold
Eva Racine
Ella Whit
Amy Suby
Bella Sola
Kira Cuff
Pearl Tup
Juana Bohn
Dani Wash
Jodi Bader
Marie Buck
Toni Elam
Elsie Peak
Faye Dwyer
Olga Olm
Janet Spel
Ida Mays
Kristi Tod
Nina Towne
Ina Correa
Chris Mize
Hilda Bag
Will Baum
Judy Holst
Alan Joyce
Iris Tolbe
Doug Low
Adam Bane
Lula Kent
Edna Angel
Pat Greene
Bryn Bower
Corey Caw
Mike Munn
Jose Melan
Pam Tyree
Agnes Huff
Mat Dwyer
Joe Watt
Terry Till
Sydney Sal
Jodi Bear
Val Verde
Lior Long
Jon Benson
Ryan Jonas
Dan Black
Andre Cant
Jan Jiver
Casper Dun
King Ackbar
Jun Tanaka
Jim Payne
Dee Ducks
Grizzly B
Chimpan Z
Sally Prin
Lab Work
Zoo Keeper
Quiz Contest
Piano Recital
Dog Show
Essay Contest
Choral Contest
Fashion Show
Art Show
Sports Contest
Spelling Bee
Rock Concert
Quilting Bee
Film Festival
Mock UN
Bonsai Contest
Birding Fest
B-Ball Tourney
Soccer Tourney
Poetry Jam
Science Fair
Review Drill
Sports Drill
Ethics Drill
Indoor Shoes
Club Card
Career Book
Smart Strap
Cupid Arrow
Devil Arrow
Name Book
Use on student|to boost Int.
Use on student|to boost Ath.
Use on student|to boost Att.
Boosts student|movement range.
Changes a|student's club.
Use on student|to boost Pop.
Changes student|Career Path.
Greatly boosts|student's Int.
Creates a|couple.
Breaks up a|couple.
Use to change|someone's name.
Jr College
Ivy League
Tech Inst
S Business
M Business
L Business
Big Corp
UN Work
K Teacher
Fire Chief
Sec Guard
P. Officer
Game Dev.
Bus Guide
Pro Gamer
Pop Star
B-Ball Pl.
Soccer Pl.
Oil Baron
Int Design
Farming 101
English Quiz
Math Quiz
Spanish Quiz
Science Quiz
Sociology Quiz
Manners Drill
Speech Drill
Novel Reading
Abacus Drill
Spanish Vocab
Spanish Convo
Ethics Class
War Stories
Science Drill
Video Games
Comedy DVD
Watch Movie
Prof's Lecture
Brain Training
Singing Lsns
Park Stroll
Haiku Contest
Baseball Cont
Corn Roast
Essay Contest
Field Study
Science Fair
Field Trip
Swim Meet
Bingo Contest
Art Festival
Karate Tourney
Computer Fair
Athletic Meet
Choral Comp
School Mixer
Fashion Show
School Trip
Ski Lesson
Stroll in a nearby park.|An inexpensive activity.
Write haiku poetry.|Popular with nerds.
Play a series of|baseball games.
What's better than a good|old-fashioned corn roast?
Host an essay contest.|Not popular with jocks.
Take a trip to|observe and study.
Host science projects.|Popular with preppies.
Very popular with jocks.|Not so much with others.
Get some fresh air|with friends.
Only well-equipped|schools can host one.
An inexpensive activity|that needs no equipment.
Perfect for fall.|Unpopular with jocks.
Train your body and mind.|Wax on, wax off...
Learn about computers.|Popular with preppies.
Everyone loves this,|especially jocks.
Have everyone sing|their hearts out.
An event where students|can make new friends.
Design unique outfits and|show off on the catwalk.
A staple of school life.|Everyone loves them.
Bring home memories and|maybe broken bones.
Essay Writing
Latin Roots
Basic Math
Adv. Algebra
Sci Method
US History
European Hist
Asian History
Ancient Rome
Ancient Greece
Freeze Tag
Running Laps
Reading Music
Writing Music
Perfect Pitch
Spring Break
Summer Break
Winter Break
1st Sem Start
2nd Sem Start
3rd Sem Start
Closing Ceremony
Disaster Drill
Enrollment Ceremony
Placement Test
S Abroad Dep
S Abroad Ret
MVP Award
Stray Dog
Love Event
Club Departure
Club Return
Support Dep
Trans Student
No Club
Baseball Club
Soccer Club
Tennis Club
B-Ball Club
Track Club
Dance Club
Art Club
Theater Club
Glee Club
Computer Club
Band Club
Quilting Club
Politics Club
V. Game Club
UFO Club
Robotics Club
No Class
Yr <0>
Applicant Info
Growth Since Last Year
Getting Data...
Starting App...
Ass't Principal
<0> Research
<0> Research
<0> #<1>
<0> #<1>
You cannot add more buildings.
Object limit reached.
Max number reached.
Building failed.
You made your first <0>!
You don't seem to have any classrooms! You'd better build some soon!
The school's overall average was <0> pts. 
Our national ranking was... #<0>!
The score was the same as last time, putting our national ranking at... #<0>!
We went up <1> pts since last time, for a national ranking of <0>!
The difference is <1> pts since last time, for a national ranking of <0>!
<0>'s career path changed to "<1>."
New career path: <0>
Request received: <0>
Request received: <0>
New facilities unlocked.
Max <0> increased.
You got some <0> seeds.
Aura has been used up.
Aura activated!
Thank you! I feel so fired up now!/I'll do my best to bring the students up to this level!
<1> of the <0> unit now exist(s). 
Depending on the surroundings, you can harvest some crops.
Depending on the surroundings, the product price will increase.
Teachers can discover 
no Research Points here now.
 Research Points here.
exhibit no change.
 increase(s), and 
/This <0> is part of a popular spot, increasing effectiveness.
Our school has its first couple!
Couple #<0> in school history!
Study sessions today: <0>.
<0>'s grades increased!
<0>'s max amount is <1>.
<0> joined the <1>.
Each classroom can have up to 4 students.
Each Teachers' Room can have up to 4 teachers.
Let's lay down some paths! Tap to set a starting point, then drag. Tap again to build.
Scroll to select a location. Keep your finger on the item while scrolling to make fine adjustments. Tap to build.
We don't have any students... This isn't good./Hurry up and build a classroom!
No available guides...
Following <0>...
On this screen, you can try academic challenges for each subject./If you succeed, you can increase monthly tuition./Education level is shared by the entire school.
You have no items you can use on <0>.
Moving to: <0>
There is no classroom for <0>! Hurry and build one!
Class <0> has nowhere to go! Build a classroom!
I can't believe I made it into <0>! I promise I'll work hard!
Coming to a new school is scary, but I'll do my best.
I was so excited, I didn't get a wink of sleep last night.
My family moved near <0>, so here I am. I'll do my best.
I thought I wouldn't be able to sleep last night, but I went out like a light!
/By the way, my parents want to donate to the school./Please take this <1> and use it for the school.
You got a donation of <0>.
<0> is studying abroad.
<0> is not at school.
This is our first <0>. I'll make sure it's a big success.
I understand. I'll make this <0> a big success.
/Watch and see how many students change clothes like me.
You don't have enough money...
<0> is going to ask someone out!
You don't have enough <1> Points to level up <0>.
Thanks to you, my abilities have reached their limits. Please focus on the other teachers.
<0> is now level <1>!/Their salary went up by <2>% and they got <3> Education Points!
I found some new teacher candidates, but there are too many system objects present./Remove some unused facilities or decorative items and try again.
I looked for new teacher candidates, but couldn't find any...
We had <0> applicants for the new teaching position!
Going to: <0>
The event caused a reduction in potential applicants...
The event caused an increase in potential applicants!
You found a new career path!/Career paths can be used by any student in the school./Students' attributes and grades increase according to their career paths. And some paths may trigger special events./See if your students realize their dream at the placement ceremony at the end of the 3rd year.
Okay, we'll skip the event for now, but let's do something good next time!
I guess my youth is over. I'll try to behave at my next school. Goodbye...
That's too bad, but I understand. I'll come and visit sometime./Say goodbye to the students for me...
Starting <0>.
On this screen, you can try academic challenges for each subject./If you succeed, you can increase monthly tuition./The education level is shared by the entire school.
Request for <0> is <1>% complete.
No new research requests have arrived.
We can't make items at the moment./Increase the size of the school to make items.
No items can be created at the moment.
<0> creation is <1>% complete.
Our school doesn't have any clubs.
They managed to catch the dog safely. Good thing there was no damage.
They managed to catch the dog safely. Let's try to avoid damage next time.
All challenges for <0> complete!
/It's an honor to be the one to complete the final challenge. 
/It's an honor to be the one to complete the final challenge. 
Monthly tuition has increased by <0>./Let me try challenges in other subjects!
It's like taking candy from a baby. 
That's what studying every day does for you. 
My rabbit's foot must really be working. 
The grades of all students at the school have increased. 
Monthly tuition increased by <0>./Let me try some other challenges!
I'm sorry. I studied, but I just couldn't pass. 
That's funny. I thought I was just barely going to pass, but… 
I failed... And got a good night's sleep last night, too… 
But I did manage to get <0> Research Points! 
I'd like to try again sometime!
Well done. You made it through the 1st semester./Everyone returns for the 2nd semester after summer break./Students are most productive in the 2nd semester.
Our school has increased in size!/You can now get more students and build more facilities./To get to the next level, you must make a Popular Spot./Make these by building certain things near each other./Check the "Spot Guide" for more info!
We are now a Promising School!/Now we can make items!/The next step is becoming a Major School!/But we'll need more students and higher grades./And don't forget to make more Popular Spots!
Congrats! We're now a Major School!/It's been a long road, but it's all been worth it./New facilities and careers are now available./I can't wait to see what the future brings!
We are now a Prestigious School!/There are only a few of these in the entire world!/Even I didn't think we could make it this far! Congratulations!/Keep up the good work!
We've grown even more, and now we're a Legendary School!/Even I don't even know what changes that will bring...
Yes! This is my chance to show what I can do!
I'll work hard to make the best of my time here.
Actually, let's decline this time to concentrate on our studies.
The Teachers' Room is full. You'll have to dismiss someone to hire a new teacher.
Quack quack quackity quaaaack!|(I'll do my best!)
Hello again. I hope I can help <0> become a world-famous school.
I'll make the Banana Club a big success./Huh? You don't have a Banana Club?/.../I see...
Thanks for finding me!/With me at your school, the students are sure to do well!/Keep playing Kairosoft games!
Well, well, you finally found me./I'm all over the place--on boats, at restaurants, even in space.../Keep a sharp eye in the future!
Thank you! I'll help make <0> a great school!
I hope you'll use my experience to help the students at <0>.
I'll do my best./I can't wait to see what the students at <0> are like.
Thanks. I'll work hard to make sure you don't regret this!
Hiring me should boost your grades by 20% at least!
Thank you. I'll try to be the kind of teacher the students will love.
Not enough <0> Points.
Not enough <1> Points.
Not enough funds.
Starting <0>.
Congrats! You passed the <0> test!
/<0> level is at the maximum!
/<0> level is now <1>!
Overall tuition went up by <0>!
<0> test failed...
<1> students have entered <0>!/
From now on, the students will study and use school facilities./For game help, select How to Play from the System menu./First try building some facilities to expand your school.
The 1st year students will now move on to a 2nd year classroom./It'll be nice to have new students at school.
We've finally got graduating students this year. I hope their career plans work out...
Give the 3rd years career guidance, but don't forget the other students!
It's inspiring to see so many young faces filled with hope./I'm sure they'll do just fine out in the world.
/And the graduating class has donated a Totem Pole to the school!
/And the graduating class has donated a Cherry Tree to the school!
/Well, we can't get too emotional.../We have to prepare for new students next month!
I'm back. I went to the <0> but.../I overslept at my hotel and only made it to half of the event./So I only got half of the money, but please use it for the school.
I'm back. I went to the <0> but.../I was late and missed half of the event./So I only got half of the money, but please use it for the school.
I'm back! The <0> went great! It was lots of fun./And they seemed to think I did well, since they gave me double the money!/Please use it for the school.
I'm back! The <0> went great! It was lots of fun./And I got the money they promised us, too./Please use it for the school.
/I can't wait to get back to my studies at <0>.
You got <1> for the <0>.
We just got back from the competition!/
It was our first time, so we were a little nervous.../
Since we've placed #<0> before, all eyes were on us.../
We were trying to beat our previous ranking of #<0>.../
And we won!/
And we came in #<0>! 
We're going to work hard to make our school famous for its <0>!
I'm glad we were able to beat our record. We'll keep working hard.
We didn't quite beat our record, but we'll keep at it.
We'll work hard to make our school's name famous across the country!
Well, at least we did about as well as we did last time. Next time we'll try to do better!
/The sponsor of the competition also gave us the following as a reward: <0> 
New high rank: #<0>
Your <0> came in #<1>.
Transfer fee for <1> (<0>): <2>
Transfer Student
That was a very memorable <0>./
During our stroll, a man from the neighborhood gave us a Fishing Kit!/I'd like to change and go fishing at a nearby lake.
And during the show, one of the artists gave us a Sketching Kit!/I'd like to use it to draw some pictures of the school.
I got interested in photography, so I saved up and bought a SLR Camera Kit!/I'd like to use it to take some nice photos of the school.
During the competition, a man in the neighborhood gave us a Boat!/We can use it to cross the lake.
One of the students who came to cheer us on gave us a Skateboard!/We can use it to move around outside.
One of the students from the north gave us some Skates!/We can use them to cross the lake in the winter.
One of the athletes there gave us some Skis!/We can use them to move around outside in the winter.
I'm looking forward to the rest of my time here at school.
The article decreased|the number of|potential students...
The article greatly increased|the number of|potential students...
The article increased|the number of|potential students...
Our placement rate was <0>%! Total income was <1>, and we get <2>% (<3>) in contributions!

/Everyone's dreams came true!/Let's try to keep our placement rate high next year too.
/Most students had their dreams come true!/Let's try to keep our placement rate high next year too.
/Those results aren't too bad./Let's try to get a higher placement rate next year.
/Hmm... Not great.../Let's try to get a higher placement rate next year.
/Ouch. That was painful.../We'll, let's try to do better next year.
/Any students who don't get placed will do part-time work after graduating./Let's hope their dreams come true eventually.
You've already successfully performed two challenges this month./You don't want to leave some students behind, so try next month.
<0> is already at the maximum!
You can't take a challenge without any teachers! Hire some right away!
We don't have any students... This isn't good./Hurry up and build a classroom!
On the next screen you will choose the student to perform the challenge./The results will change depending on their abilities./Also keep in mind that challenges cost money.
You don't have enough money...

<0>'s Sister School Level is already at the maximum.
<0> is studying at <1>./You can only have study abroad students at one school at a time.
We got into the top <0>|for the first time!
We finally reached #1|in the national rankings!
/We got a special bonus of <0>!
I wonder how well we can do next time!
We couldn't get a score without any students.../I hope we get some transfer students soon.
We're improving. I can't wait to see how we do next time.
Our rank went down from last time, but let's keep at it.
You got a test bonus of <0>.
This seat is empty, but we might get a transfer student if our school is attractive enough.
We don't have any teachers! We have to hire some immediately!
There's no school today.
Everyone has gone home.
There are no students in this class.
There are no available students.
You don't have enough money...
It's time to prepare for the <0>.
/You will now choose a student planner for the <0>./They'll try to drum up interest in the next month, so its success depends on them.
/Who do you want to plan the <0>?
Congratulations! You got a new high score!
Unfortunately, you didn't get a new high score.
/You can keep playing the game, but your high score won't change./When you start a new game, your facility levels will carry over, even on other maps!/Good luck!
You can now research a <0>!
Understood. My new career path is <0>./Wish me luck.
You gave career guidance to <0>!
It didn't have any effect...
<0>'s <1> went from <2> to <3>!
<0>'s <1> went from <2> to <3>...
<0>'s <1> improved!
<0>'s <1> got worse...
<0>'s movement range went from <1> to <2>!
There are no clubs at the school...
Which club should <0> join?
<0>'s career path is already set to <1>.
Choose career guidance for <0>!
<0> is already going out with <1>.
There's no one they can ask out...
<0> isn't part of a couple.
They broke up...
<0> and <1> broke up...
Renaming <0>!
You can't make any more of these now.
You don't have enough <1> Points to make a <0>.
Starting to create a <0>...
The <0> is out of school at a competition. Let's wait until they return.
There are no <0> members...
You don't have a <0> room, so you can't participate./Make a new club room (or remove one and make a new one if you are at the max).
There are no competitions at the end of the year. Wait until spring.
You don't have enough money for the trip...
Understood. Let's show everyone how hard we've been working!
This day has come at last! Let's win that competition!
/We even have a member with an aura, so we should do well.
Starting <0> construction.
Starting construction of a(n) <0> room!/Club activities can start when it's done.
This student already belongs to the <0>.
<0> has joined the <1>!
<0> joined the <1>.
<0>, huh? Understood./I'm sure I'll pass. Maybe I'll even discover a new career path!
<0>? I like the sound of that. 
I want to be the first in our school. 
Time to work hard! <0>, here we go!
You don't have enough money…
We changed our school uniforms! The new ones should be ready by next semester.
We got new uniforms.
Displaying student info. Scroll up or down to show detailed info./Press the "Follow" button to the left to follow the student.
We don't have any clubs yet.
You don't have enough money...
Destroying paths./If you're not careful you could make it impossible for people to come to school./Make sure your Gate is connected to other facilities without any gaps.
Path destroyed.
Lake destroyed.
<0> destroyed.
Destroying the <0>./Until you build another Teachers' Room, no teachers can come to school./You should build another one soon to avoid adverse effects on the students.
You don't have enough money...
You can't destroy the Main Gate.
You can't destroy the <0>.
Raising terrain.
Lowering terrain.
You don't have enough money...
Incompatible terrain.
There is an obstacle below.
Cannot build here.
Max for this facility reached.
Can only be built at the bottom left of the map.
Can only be built at the bottom right of the map.
There are no clubs at the school...
When you build a club room, you select which club will use it./You can have one club activity per room. Which will you choose?
What club will use the room?
New students are arriving.
Graduating students are leaving.
<0> left for the <1>.
<0> returned from the <1>.
Placement Test Results
<1> <0> member(s) left for a competition.
<1> <0> member(s) returned from a competition.
<1> <0> member(s) and others returned from a competition.
With friends cheering us on, we're sure to do well!
A transfer student has arrived.
The <0> is finished.
The enrollment ceremony went well. We received <0> in entrance fees.
Graduation went well. 
The placement test is now over.
<0> is going to school.
<0> is leaving school.
<0> made a new friend.
<0> now has <1> friends.
Meeting up with <0> and others.
Meeting up with <0>.
<0> is leaving school.
Arrived at <0>.
Yawn.../I feel like I'm waking up from a dream...
Renaming successful.
Students arriving.
Tests starting.
Classes starting.
Insufficient classrooms.
Some students cannot join <0>.
Insufficient Teachers' Rooms.
Some teachers can't go to the <0>.
Time to go home.
Ppl left at sch: <0>
Placement tests are next month.
<0> joined <1>.
<0> returned.
Facility upkeep: -<0>
Teacher salaries: -<0>
Tuition for <0> students: +<1>
Max Y1 classrooms increased.
Max Y2 classrooms increased.
Max Y3 classrooms increased.
<0> test day.
1st Sem starting.
2nd Sem starting.
3rd Sem starting.
The results of the national achievement test are now in.
The results for the final national achievement test of the year are now in.
/Students not at school will be evaluated using day-to-day performance.
There was an achievement test the other day, but we didn't have anyone take it.
The 1st semester is over. It's time for summer break!
The 2nd semester is over. It's time for winter break!
The 3rd semester is over. It's time for spring break!
New club unlocked: <0>!
<0> complete!
We got a transfer student! Our reputation must be good!/I can't wait to see how many students we can get!
<0> has an aura!/When a student has an aura, they will do better at challenges and tests./Auras can happen naturally or as a result of specal classes./They will naturally fade after they have been used.
Tests are now over./Soon we'll get the results and find out how we did against other schools!/Now the teachers will start grading and the students can relax./We'll get a bonus depending on our score. Exciting, huh?
Special Spring Issue
If you didn't already know it was spring, the cherry blossoms would certainly give you a hint./And flowers aren't the only thing blossoming. There's a new school in the area: <0>. We look forward to seeing what kind of niche it will carve out for itself.
Classroom Shortage
According to a letter we received, some students are unable to attend school due to a shortage of classrooms. If this continues, it can drastically affect the student's grades...
Transfer Students
Schools are starting to receive transfer students, and the newly opened <0> is no exception. In an exclusive interview, the student, <1>, said, "I read a lot of pamphlets and talked it over with my parents. In the end, I liked the idea of going to a brand-new school."
Upcoming Tests
The 1st semester is almost over. The end-of-semester tests, which show how well students are doing in their studies, are in two weeks. Tests are given in 5 subjects, and students' scores will be compared with those from schools around the country. Schools that perform well will attract more students and may get cash bonuses.
More Fields
<0> has been putting a lot of effort into agricultural education, and as a result they can now construct more fields!|A student named <1> commented: "I love watching the plants develop day after day. I feel like I have to try to grow, too."
Principal's Office
Our sources have revealed that <0> has just built a brand new principal's office! And what school would be complete without a place where students can be intimidated and lectured? Of course, some students seem oddly invigorated by being called to the principal's office. The experience can even trigger an aura in some people.
Making Friends
According to our research, the students at <0> are a shy bunch. Until recently, none of them had even talked to the opposite sex in the hallways! But <1> took the initiative and broke the ice. Talking with the opposite sex can increase tension, sometimes even triggering an aura. Ah, to be young...
School Expansion
<0> is continuing its steady growth with the addition of a new school gate. Since people naturally use the closest gate, having another one can help them get home more quickly and make your school run more smoothly. You can build a gate at the very edge of the map, but just remember that there has to be a path to it from the Main Gate for it to function.
New Plants
Word has it that <0> has obtained some very rare <1> seeds. Planting them in a field will allow them to be harvested. The items that can be harvested will depend on who plants them, and on the environment surrounding the field. Sometimes it can be difficult to actually get a precious seed like this to grow.
Teacher Shortage?
During a routine academic study, we discovered something very interesting. Having too few teachers dramatically affects students' grades.|Indeed, some parents of students at <0> have begun to request that new teachers be hired. You can hire new teachers by constructing a new Teachers' Room, but keep in mind that you will need to pay their salaries.
A Promising Start
Although it was established only <1> year(s) ago, <0> already has a student who scored 200 points on the national achievement test. This test was created by academic professionals and is conducted by all major schools nationwide. This is a promising start indeed for <0>.
A Gifted Scholar?
When we heard that a student had scored 300 points on the national achievement test, we immediately ran to their school. We were pleasantly surprised by what we found. Expertly arranged classrooms and talented teachers are the secret behind this student's performance.|The student, <0>, made the following comment: |"I didn't like studying much before, but just being in this school changed that. Before I knew it, my grades had really improved."
Brain Power
The fact that <1> at <0> got a score of 400 on the national achievement test has become the talk of the teaching world. The test is known around the world for its difficulty, so <0> is sure to see a spike in applicants after this news.
A Shocking Score
For the first time, a student has scored 450 points on the national achievement test. We headed to <0> to find it already swarming with reporters. However, the student, <1>, kindly agreed to speak to us, and said, "I had no idea I would get such a high grade. I'd like to thank my teachers."|A student with grades like this should have their pick of careers. We are eager to see what the future holds for them.
500 Points!!!
The impossible has occurred. Someone has scored a perfect 500 points on the national achievement test! The teachers grading the tests thought at first that there had been some mistake, but it soon became obvious that it was the genuine article. A perfect score!|The student in question, <1>, has been featured on international news programs. "I was as surprised as anyone when I heard. But I can't let it go to my head. I'll work hard and get 600 points next time. Huh? 500 is the top? Well what do you know...?"
5th Anniversary
It has been 5 years since <0> was established. Congratulatory messages have been arriving from all over the country.|The alumni association has donated a Bronze Statue in honor of the achievement. We can't wait to see what the future will bring.
8th Anniversary
<0> has reached its 8th anniversary. Congratulatory messages have been arriving from all over the country.|The alumni association has donated a Kairobot Statue in honor of the achievement. We can't wait to see what the future will bring.
15th Anniversary
<0> has reached its 15th anniversary! Congratulatory messages have been arriving from all over the country.|The alumni association and a certain game company have donated a Gold Kairobot in honor of the achievement. We can't wait to see what the future will bring.
30th Anniversary
<0> has reached its 30th anniversary. Quite frankly, we're surprised at how well the school has done.|Some of the school's many graduates pooled their money to donate a series of Bronze Statues in honor of the achievement. We have a feeling this school is just getting started.
50th Anniversary
Incredibly, <0> has now reached its 50th anniversary. This game's developers are impressed by your persistence!|"Thanks for playing our game," they were heard to say. "There probably won't be any more events after this one, but feel free to email us your impressions of the game!"
We've just received word that the combination of <1>, <2> and <3> units at <0> has resulted in the creation of a <4>. This affects nearby facilities, boosts the number of Research Points you get, and can positively affect students! Popular Spots like this can also attract new students to your school.
10 Students
With the addition of a recent transfer student, <0> has now reached 10 students. The school is rapidly becoming part of the community, and the number of potential students is on the rise. <1>, the 10th student, talked to us briefly. "I only just transferred here, but the other kids are nice and the school is lots of fun. Everybody reading this article should come here!"
20 Students
With the addition of a recent transfer student, <0> has now reached 20 students, bringing the school to an impressive size. We talked briefly to <1>, the 20th student who cheerfully announced: "This school is much more beautiful than it looked like in the pamphlet--I'm lucky to be able to go here!" 
First Event
<0> hosted its first school event--a <1>. The student body seemed quite excited by the new experience, and it will no doubt attract new students of all types.
Tuition Increase
<0> recently successfully completed an academic challenge. Completing challenges will raise the school's educational level and boost students' grades. It will also increase tuition, making it a bit easier on the administrative side. Upon hearing of the increase, one parent commented that they would be happy to pay more if it meant getting a better education for their child.
Schools can perform challenges for each of the subjects available. When a student successfully completes a challenge, it boosts the academic level of the school and increases monthly tuition. According to a survey of major schools, successfully completing challenges helps students learn, and make student life more enjoyable.
Untapped Potential
The beneficial effects of academic challenges on student performance are well known (not to mention the boost to school tuition). But it seems that some schools have not tried any challenges recently.|This has become a subject of discussion at the <0> PTA, with some parents wondering if the administrators aren't afraid to fail. While it's true that challenges cost money, they are undeniably effective. Why not give them a try?
Letting It Slide
Special classes have a direct effect in improving student performance, but some schools have not been using them.|It has been quite some time since <0> held such a class. Students there have been heard to comment that they like to do something different from time to time.|Special classes do consume Research Points, but when used well they can have a big effect on student performance and placement rate.
Placement Tests
It's that time of year again--3rd year placement tests are next month. These tests finalize students' post-graduation plans and can have a big effect on their lives. Of course not every student can realize their dream. For some, changing to a more realistic plan is advisable. In these cases, school administrators should consider giving them career guidance. The "Career Book" item can be particularly handy for this. 
Today, we'd like to introduce the "Follow" command. If you open a student's info screen and touch the "Follow" button, you can follow them around the school. Observing a student's actions can help you plan where to put certain facilities.
Big Success
Graduation is over, and a new batch of students is making its way into the workplace. But it's the one making <3> a year that everyone's talking about.|<1>, a graduate of <0>, will be working in the lucrative <2> field. "I'm excited to get such a high paying job," they said. "Now I can buy a house for my parents who worked hard for me all these years."
Huge Success
Graduation is over, and a new batch of students is making its way into the workplace. But it's the one making <3> a year that everyone's talking about.|<1>, a graduate of <0>, will be working in the lucrative <2> field. "I owe everything to my teachers at <0>," they said. "Now it's time to try to give something back to society."
Continued Expansion
<0> recently became a "<1>." In honor of this achievement, the maximum number of Teachers' Rooms has been increased.|Now that the school can hire more teachers, they're well on their way to further growth. But they'll need higher grades and more Popular Spots before they can reach the next level.
Secret of Growth
Good news for schools struggling to expand: a recent study shows that Popular Spots are essential for school growth. Popular Spots are formed when compatible facilities are built near each other. Check the "Spot Guide" menu for more information.
Educational Grant
Legislation passed this fall gives each school in the country a grant intended for school events or other activities. Schools across the country are already making plans for this unexpected windfall.
Limited Facilities
A recent investigation by our editorial department has uncovered a shocking truth: <0> has a limited number of facility types for a school its size. One student commented that they were tired of the same kind of activities every day, and expressed a desire for something fresh and new. Increasing the types of facilitites present in a school can give you access to unusual career paths as well.
Students can sometimes trigger an aura while using different facilities. According to our research, the higher the facility's School Spirit, the more likely a student is to trigger an aura there. One easy way to increase Spirit is to plant Woods or Flowers near a facility. Placing compatible facilities near each other can also greatly increase Spirit.
Too Few Teachers
According to our sources, students are reluctant to transfer to <0> due to a shortage of teachers. A teacher at another school said, "When I visited the school, the staff were very overworked. I could tell they needed more teachers." Hiring more teachers might increase the number of transfer students.
A New Club
<0> now has a <1>. Although it doesn't yet have any members, it's only a matter of time. Clubs can add a little excitement and camaraderie to school life.
Locker Room
<0> has recently added a Locker Room--a welcome addition for those engaged in any kind of physical activity. In the Locker Room, students can change into jerseys, increasing their movement range. Some may even perform special actions, like scrubbing the floors as they move.
A New Couple
We've just received word that the first couple has appeared at <0>. The names have been redacted for privacy purposes, but one half of the happy couple said, "I'm sure this is fate. I'm so glad I decided to come to <0>!" Couples have a variety of effects on school life, such as increasing the time spent talking in hallways. We wish them the best of luck.
Secrets of Couples
Recently announced research indicates that facilities with high School Spirit are indispensible for creating new couples. Of course a student's success when asking someone out will also depend on their Popularity. Holding school events can increase interaction between students, possibly making more likely for new couples to be created.
Instrument Shelters
Instrument Shelters contain thermometers and other instruments vital for raising crops, but this came as a surprise to student <0>. "I always thought little elves lived in there, I figured they helped take care of our crops. I guess there's still a lot I have to learn, huh?"
Max Bronze Statues ↑
Max Bronze Statues ↑↑
Grant Received: <0>
New Movement Item: <0>
It's graduation day, but we don't have any graduating students.
It's finally graduation day.../<1> students will be saying goodbye to <0>.
Hello./I'm the assistant principal of <0>./We may have just opened this year, but I'm sure we'll be a Major School in no time!/It's time for the entrance ceremony. I wonder how many students we'll have...
/In the Lite version of the game, you can play until March of the 2nd year.
The entrance ceremony is today. We've done this <1> times at <0> already./Unfortunately, we have no new students this year...
The entrance ceremony is today. We've done this <1> times at <0> already./We've got <2> bright-eyed students coming in this year.
Today was the 3rd years' placement test!/I feel like I'm the one taking the test, I'm so nervous!/The results will be posted in the Teachers' Room soon.../.../Oh, here they come! I wonder what they're like...
The number of Y<0> students has increased./And we've gotten approval to build a new classroom!/Remember: we can't get new transfer students without enough classrooms, so let's get building!
The end of the school year is almost here./We've gotten approval to build a classroom for the students who are moving up./Let's hurry up and build one.
A Y<0> transfer student applied recently.../However, there are too many system objects, so we had to refuse them./Try removing facilities or scenery that you don't use much.
A Y<0> transfer student applied recently.../However, we don't have enough classrooms, so we had to refuse them./Try building a Y<0> classroom as soon as possible!
We finally have a Popular Spot at our school!/Popular Spots are formed by building compatible facilities near each other./Spots will give bonuses to Research Points and student performance./They can also attract new students to the school./Spots that you have discovered will be listed in the Spot Guide./But there may be more hidden spots for you to find!
I just got back from an educational conference./And while I was there, I was able to get a <0> kit!/I hope we can use it to improve our students' performance!
New Subject: <0>
The school is growing quite nicely./But to reach the next level, we need a Popular Spot./I just found this guidebook. Maybe it'll come in handy./But I think there are some Spots that aren't listed...
Spot Guide added.
<0> years have passed already./You're only one year from the end./You might want to try making one last push for the high score.
<0> has collected the first product from a <1>./Proceeds from selling it will go directly to our school funds./Producing products like this can be a big help to our bottom line.
Excuse me, but.../
We can't go to this school without a classroom!/Please build a Y<0> classroom.
I was looking into the career paths available at <0>...
/And I've decided to choose the "<0>" path!
/I never knew the "<0>" career path existed!
/I think maybe the "<0>" path is right for me!
/I'm going to set my sights on the "<0>" path.
Good morning./When I got to school, I noticed that the <0> classroom wasn't connected to the Main Gate!/Please rebuild the path so I can go to school!
Good morning./When I got to school, I noticed that we don't have enough Teachers' Rooms.../I need an office so I can prepare for class, so please build one immediately!
Good morning./When I got to school, I noticed that the <0> wasn't connected to the Main Gate!/Please rebuild the path so I can go to school!
Hello. I'm from <0>./I waited until the end of school, but the teacher didn't come.../Maybe the path from the Teachers' Room is cut off./Or you might need to hire more teachers./Please do something so we can have class.
Boo! I mean, hello!/I came when I heard your school had a <0>./If you'd like to hire me, I'm sure you wouldn't regret it.
Greetings!/I am a Middle Eastern petroleum magnate./But some recent setbacks have forced me to look for work./I thought perhaps I could help out at a school with a <0>./If you're interested, please hire me as a teacher.
Konnichiwa. I am a samurai warrior./The samurai business is slow these days, so I am looking for work./My talents might come in handy at a school with a <0>./If you're interested, please hire me as a teacher.
Hello./I read that your school had a <0>./I used to study education theory, and now I'd like to put it into practice./If you have any openings, I'd be happy to teach here.
Hello there./I read in a magazine that your school had a <0>./I'm sure I could contribute to the students' education if you'd hire me.
Hello!/The fields near the <0> are perfect for honey production./I've been secretly collecting honey here for some time, but.../After seeing your kids, I thought maybe I could help them./If you could hire me as a teacher, I'd love to try.
Hi there./I became independently wealthy after my banana farm was bought out./But now I feel like I should give something back./If you'd hire me as a teacher, I know I could help the kids here.
Hello./Until recently I worked as a mascot for a game company.../But they fired me when I was on vacation in the country!/I thought maybe you could give me a job...?
Hello./I'm a traveling researcher specializing in knitting./But I've lost my way and I wondered if I could rest here./Don't mind me if my head slips outta place.
Teacher candidates increased.
Excuse me. I was talking with some teacher friends recently.../And it seems that most teachers receive more training than I do./If you could give me some training, I'd appreciate it.
Your school has grown! It's now a <0> School!
Your school is now: <0>!
Year <0> is now over. This ends the first part of the game. Your Clear Points will now be calculated.
You're running out of money./But as luck would have it, I recently applied for a special grant of <0>!/Be careful with it, and remember to put the students first.
Grant Received: <0>
Your funds are getting a little low./Luckily we were just given a special grant of <0> for our past performance!/Use it well!
You're in the red.../That means you can't build new facilities. The future doesn't look too bright./But don't give up. Reevaluate your teachers' salaries and school upkeep./Cut out unnecessary expenses to bring you back into the black!
It's time for the summer event.|
It's time for the autumn event.|
/But we're just getting started, so there's no need to push ourselves./We'll try doing something in the fall.
What should we do this time?
/But we don't have any students, so we'll have to cancel it this time...
It's time for the <0>.
But since we don't have any students who can participate, we'll have to cancel.
/And the entire student body is changed and ready to participate!
/<1> out of <0> students have changed and are ready to participate.
<0> has received an invitation from the organizers of a(n) <1>!
"<0>" created. <1> in stock.
Hello again./I was out with some friends from college, when we got to talking about their <0>./Have you thought about adding one to the school?/I think it would really improve school life here.
....../I've been thinking about this for a while, but.../
....../I even dreamed about this, so I know it's meant to be.../
I think I've fallen for <0>! 
I've really got a crush on <0>! 
I think I have to get this off my chest and ask them out!/
After a lot of thought, I've decided to let my feelings known./
I can't concentrate on my studies. I have to say something./
We're in the same club and everything. I think it'll go well...
I hope it works out for the best!
I'm a little scared, but I'll do my best!
/I've even got an aura. I'm sure it'll go well.
The popularity of the <0> members has gone up!
Hello./Thanks for all of your hard work in building facilities for the school./But we still don't have any clubs.../I think having a club is a big part of school life, so please think about making one.
The <0> has won its first competition!/This is sure to raise the status of the school and attract new students.
Well done. This is the end of the Lite Version of the game./In the Full Version, you can play for as long as you like, and choose from 5 different maps./You can access the official site now to check it out./Thanks for playing!
Event Prep
<0> is away.
Creating <0>
Start placing <0> where?
End where?
Cost: <0>
Destroy what?
Destroy until where?
Loc (<0>,<1>)
Total: <0>
You can't build there.
How to Play
High Scores
Quit to Title
How to Play
About the Game
Pocket Academy Lite
Pocket Academy
(C) Kairosoft Co., Ltd.
This is a high school
management simulation
game. Place classrooms,
hire teachers, and build
special facilities to help
the students learn.

▼ Game Flow
As your school expands,
you will attract new
students. Hold special
classes and have
students take on
academic challenges!
▼Student Attributes 1
▼ Intelligence (Int)
Quick to learn and to
discover new facilities.
▼ Athletics (Ath)
Lets students go to
faraway facilities.
▼Student Attributes 2
■ Popularity (Pop)
Helps make friends and
(maybe) discover love.
■ Attitude (Att)
Helps a student learn
in special classes.
▼ Character Movement
Characters move between
facilities using paths. A
student's Athletics score
determines how far they
can go, but a teacher can
go anywhere.
▼ Gate Placement
Teachers and students
use gates to enter and
leave school. When you
add more gates, watch
traffic routes to check
for the best locations.
▼ Tests
Tests are held each
semester for students.
Your school average will
be ranked against other
schools in the country.

▼ Facility Attributes
When a student enters a
facility, their attributes
can increase. Teachers
can discover Research
Points. Compatible
facilities give bonuses.
▼ School Spirit
School Spirit goes up
depending on a facility's
surroundings. Build
scenery or compatible
facilities for an easy
boost to Spirit.
▼ Clubs
The number of available
clubs depends on the
facilities at your school.
Compatible facilities or
scenery nearby can boost
Spirit and performance.
▼ Love
The closer friends get,
the more likely one will
ask the other out. High
popularity helps this
succeed. Love can boost
Research Points & more.
▼ Items
You can create items by
using Research Points.
They allow you to change
a student's career path
or club, or temporarily
boost their attributes.
▼ Educational Kits
Successfully finishing
an event can get you an
educational kit, used by
students after changing
in a locker room.

▼ Auras
Students with auras will
perform better than
usual. Sometimes just
talking with the opposite
sex can trigger an aura.

▼ Student Movement
After class, students go
to facilities they are
interested in. Facilities
near their classroom are
are more likely to be
▼ The Role of Teachers
At the start of the
semester, teachers teach
classes and find
Research Points. Build a
Teachers' Room to hire
and level-up teachers.
▼ Academic Challenges
Passing challenges for
subjects in your school
will boost tuition. A
student's chances of
success depend on
attributes and grades.
▼ Special Classes
Select a classroom to
hold a special class.
These use Research
Points, but can improve
grades. Aura boosts
▼ Research Points
When teachers enter a
facility or students get
together, they can get
Research Points that can
be used for special
classes or facilities.
▼ Prospective Students
Having an article written
about the school makes
it more attractive to
prospective students,
as does holding special
school events.
▼ Getting More Students
You can have up to 3
classrooms a grade (1st,
2nd, and 3rd years). High
job placement rates can
attract lucrative transfer
▼ School Size
Schools with many
students and Popular
Spots will grow in size.
This gives you access to
new special classes and
career paths.
▼ Career Paths
When students enter
facilities or pass
challenges, they can
discover new paths. The
more lucrative paths are
more difficult.
▼ Bulletin Board
Students will sometimes
post their opinions on
the bulletin board. These
change depending on the
bulletin board's
▼ Placement Tests
3rd year students take a
placement test before
graduation. Try encour-
aging students with poor
chances of passing to
try another career path.
▼ Facility Placement
Where you place your
facilities can be very
important, as it changes
the effects they have on
students and on nearby
▼ Popular Spots
Placing compatible
facilities near each
other can create a
Popular Spot, which
boosts the effectiveness
of nearby facilities.
▼ Invitations
As you play the game,
your students will get
invited to a variety of
events. The student will
be away for a time, but
you will get a reward.
▼ Game Hints
Start slow and learn
how to use your funds
and Research Points.
Then you can hire more
teachers and start to
build new facilities.
▼ Ending
The game "ends" when
you reach April of year
11. Your funds and Clear
Points will be saved as
your High Score, but you
can continue playing.
▼ Other
Some of your attributes
at the game's end can be
carried over to a new
game. You may also find
secret characters you
can hire as teachers...
How to Play Blank
Student List
Teacher List
Facility List
Career Paths
Spot Guide
Change game speed.

Change game speed.
Complete game to unlock.
Speed up game processing
by not displaying walls.
Display walls, which can
slow down processing.
Shows people hidden by
walls but can be slower.
Adjust the volume.
Choose to automatically
rotate the screen or not.
Student Info
Transfer Info
Study Abroad
<0> Planner
Ask who out?
Success Rt
Use Item
Type: <0>
Y<0> No Class
No Career Path
Career path is <0>
You now have <0> students.
Take Challenge for <0>
Ask for date.
<0>'s Crush
Y<0> No Class
<0> pts
Go to classroom.
Has no friends.
Has <0> friend(s).
Teacher Info
Stats are at max.
Lvl Up: Use

Tap OK to dismiss.
Level Up
Facility Info
Not connected to Main Gate.
Can help people passing
nearby to relax.
Monthly Upkeep
<0> Main Gate
<0> Back Gate
Used to enter and leave.
Hire Teacher
Hire a new teacher.
Spirit Points
Produces various crops.
Crops and Prices

Highest Amount
<0> Lvl. <1>
At max Lvl.

To Next
Spot Name
Power Up
Part of <0> Spot(s).
Not part of a Spot.
Student List
Facility List
<0> List
Teacher List
Spirit Points Top 10
Success Rt

<0> types
Total Upkeep
Tap OK to go to facility.
Tap OK to view details.
School Info
<0> Year(s) Old
Tuition <0> x 
Max Spirit
Pop Spots
Tap OK for budget info.
Tap OK for top 10.
Career Paths
Current Items
Mvmnt Items
Ed. Kits
Tap OK to change uniforms.
Test Results
-- pts
Show past results
Message Window
This data is already
Perform ranking
registration first.
Allow communications
and check your signal.
There is no data
that can be loaded.
A new issue of the
school newspaper is out.
Saving game…
Game saved.
Insufficient funds
Cannot register 0 pts.
Cannot register $0.
There are <1> <0>s.
Others are under construction.
Quit the game and
go to title screen?
Quit the game and
go to Kairo Park?
Current save data
will be overwritten.
Cancel event?
You have Points left.
Quit Point allocation?
Quit the game and
go to app intro page?
Expel <0>.
Are you sure?
Pay <0> retirement money
to dismiss <0>?
Send <0> to
study abroad?
Sp. Class
School Info
Save Slot
Load Autosave Data
Load Save Data
No Autosave Data
Empty Slot
New Game
Career Paths
No grads yet

Total Grads
Test Results
← → to view details.
Test Results
Student Avg
Total Grade (Out of 500)
<0> (Out of 100)
Budget (Year)
Budget (Month)
Budget (Week)
Crops, etc.
Go to <0>

<0> weeks
Prosp. Students
Hire a New Teacher
Hire Teacher
Sp. Class for <0>
Type of Class

Research Facility
Research Complete
Research cost is <0>.
This can now be built.
Build a New School
Tap OK to rename.
← → to change face.
← → to change gender.
← → to change type.
Tap OK to start.
Create your first student.
Start Game
Clear Points
In the Lite version,
Only <0> is available.
<0>. <1>
Not Cleared
<0> pts
Choose a name and uniforms.
Boys Unif.
Girls Unif.
↑↓ to move, OK to change
← → to change uniform.
Tap OK to proceed.
Next >>
Taking Challenge
After Graduation: <0>
<0>|After Graduation: <1>
<0> is being held.
<0> is finished.
<0> is asking
<0> out.
<0> is now
part of a couple!
<0> was
turned down...
No change to grade average
Class Grade Avg
Taking <0> Test
Challenge Complete
Now for the results...
Congrats! They passed!
They failed...
Placement Test Results
Success Rate: <0>%
<0> Results
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