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Apartment NewsEdit

A New Apartment BuildingEdit

(Y1 Summer Weekend, 3:00 PM)

The new apartment building [name of apartment], long under construction, is complete at last. "My current place is pretty cramped. I might consider moving if it's nice," said J. Johnson, a neighborhood resident. Those in the apartment industry are constantly experimenting with new innovations in customer satisfaction, so we look forward to seeing what this new addition will bring to the table.

The First StepEdit

(Y3 Summer Weekend, 3:00 PM)

Greetings, apartment owners. Today we bring you a special feature on bolstering your income. It's a must-read for those find their incomes lamentably stagnant even after upgrading their apartments and charging accordingly. First, it's vital to keep your tenants' income in mind. The swankiest apartment won't recoup your investment if its occupant can't afford the rent. Tenants grow and develop by using a variety of furnishings. This can help them succeed at their jobs or find new ones. Since changing jobs can bring in significantly higher income, taking an interest in your tenants' employment can help them help you.

Resident RomanceEdit

(Y5 Summer Weekend, 3:00 PM)

Greetings, apartment owners. Our topic today is romance for residents. We asked love specialist R. Jelly for a few tips. "People with a lot of charisma, like me, have no trouble attracting the ladies, but the rest of you can improve your prospects through fashion," he said, adjusting several layers of gold chains. "Read magazines and learn to dress with style." Whether your building's residents find that helpful remains to be seen, but if all goes well they may end up proposing to the girl or boy next door. Keep an eye on them and see. But, you know, don't get creepy about it.

Wedded BlissEdit

We've received the happy news that a tenant at Malapart has found wedded bliss. The ceremony was held at a nearby chapel and attended by many of the couple's friends and family. Attendees included the apartment manager, who said, "It was such a beautiful ceremony, and the happy couple's joy was infectious! The dinner was sooo amazing, too! Especially the roast beef..." She went on to tearfully all nine courses in great detail. We wish the happy couple a long and blissful life together!

Remarkable ResidentsEdit

A resident of [name of your apartment] has earned a title, a first for the building. "I've always lived a modest life, but I really feel at home at [name of your apartment]. I couldn't have done it without that environment," the tenant said happily. The new title has apparently led to better income as well. Countless titles still await, and [name of your apartment]'s manager seems confident that her resident will win more than a few in the future.


No sooner had we learned that a very famous company had appointed a new CEO when we discovered that they actually lived in [name of your apartment]! This news is sure to surprise the apartment management industry. While many have been spoken of the benefits of living in [name of your apartment], we had no idea it had the potential to produce a world-famous CEO. This will only serve to further burnish the building's reputation.

A New LifeEdit

There's been a new addition to [name of your apartment], and the entire building seems to be as thrilled as the proud parents themselves. "I thought maybe she had just been overeating, but apparently it was a baby!" said the apartment manager."I've got a bit of a belly myself, but in my case it's all food..." We look forward to seeing what the future has in store for the new resident!

Golden YearsEdit

A longtime resident of [name of your apartment] has just retired and is evidently looking forward to quiet days ahead. "I've always worked so hard, so it'll be nice to worry about my own happiness for a change," said the tenant. "I'm jealous," the building's manager commented later. "I wish I had time for tea and cards, but my boss is such a... Um, never mind." Retirees make less money than they did while working full-time, which can impact a building's finances significantly. In any case, we wish the new retiree a well-deserved rest.

Tenant ImprovementEdit

Greetings, apartment owners. Today's feature comes to you from the tropical locale of Maison Chimpan. This building has produced exceptional tenants by improving their abilities and income throught items. Using certain combinations of furnishings to create special rooms cal also help tenants develop. "Our apartments have everything that our tenants need to develop," said the maanager in a telephone interview. "Yes, the apartment management is going well for me, not to mention my video arcade." Why not try upgrading your own apartments with furnishings and items?

Nearing 20 YearsEdit

Greetings, apartment owners. Today we bring news of a significant date in our industry: The end of this year marks 20 years since [name of your apartment]'s establishment. A lavish ceremony will commemorate the occasion, including tallies of tenants' happiness and trophies conferred over the years. What will [name of your apartment] accomplish in this critical year? We can't wait to find out.


We've just learned that the famous [name of your apartment] has reached its 100th year! It's seen numerous improvements and repairs over the years and weathered the last century quite gracefully. "Of all the buildings I've worked on, [name of your apartment] is the best. It's practically perfect in every way," said a representative of Bearington Construction with pride, just before excusing himself to go salmon fishing. We hope that future generations continue to find happy homes there. And we have little doubt that this won't be the last time it makes the news!

Pumpkin ProductsEdit

First encounterEdit

(Y1 Winter Weekend, 9:00 PM - Offers a Job Change Pass)

Hello. I represent Pumpkin Products, purveyor of anything and everything you could possibly need. I heard about this fine apartment building and wanted to introduce our services. We carry an array of goods that should prove useful for your building. Allow me to offer a sample. This job change pass lets you change a tenant's job. Please select "Actions" > "Shop" from the menu to visit our shop if you're interested. Well, see you.

First shop visitEdit

We carry plenty of goods that should prove useful for managing an apartment building. I recommend the fashion magazine. It boosts charisma, you know! Welcome!

Winning a contestEdit

(Winter Weekend of the contest, 7:40 PM; updates shop list)

Hello! Congratulations on reaching #1 the other day. Your high ranking has expanded the product lineup available to you as well! I hope you'll stop by and see our latest offerings.

Transfer DataEdit


Thanks for your business! Allow me to introduce some new products we just got in. The first is a limited edition, solid gold figure of yours truly for a mere $3 million! Alas, it just sold out. But perhaps you'd be interested in this "transfer data" item instead? It saves your data at the time of purchase and transfers some of it over on your next playthrough. It takes effect once you select "New Game" from the title screen. Come and buy this item when you feel like starting a new game. I'll be waiting!


First encounterEdit

(Y3 Spring Weekend, 1:00 PM - Offers a Youth Scroll)

Heh. Hello. Since tickets are so rare, I've decided to sell part of my personal collection to fund my political career. Select "Actions" > "Shop" to buy tickets. Stop by anytime. I'll even throw this in as a token of our future business relations. Using this youth scroll on a tenant will help stave off old age. Well, please stop by our shop when you get a chance.

Bearington ConstructionEdit


Hello. I've heard a lot about your apartment building. But don't you find it getting a tad cramped recently? I can help you expand. Select "Research" > "Expand" from the menu to call me any time you like. I'll be waiting.

Trying to ExpandEdit

Hello. We at Bearington Construction prize the three S's: safety, service, and...uh...salmon. What kind of expansion do you have in mind? The more expensive option will get us psyched up, of course.


Whew. Well... The expansion is complete! Hopefully you'll get even more tenants now!

Additional ExpansionEdit

Hello. Have you considered expanding your building further? An expansion option has been added to your research menu. Use it to call me anytime. Hope to hear from you soon.


Literati UniversityEdit

Good evening. I've heard that you have some exceptionally bright youngsters here. Literati University would like to invite them to take our entrance exam for admission. I hope to see them there!
— Neighborhood Rep

Lucent AcademyEdit

Good evening. I've heard that you have some exceptionally bright youngsters here. We at Lucent Academy would be pleased to have them take our entrance exam for admission. We'll see them there, then? Splendid.
— Butler

Kairo UniversityEdit

Good evening. I understand you have bright young minds in abundance here. We think Kairo University would be a great fit. Please encourage them to take our entrance exam! I hope they'll apply!
— Mysterious Robot



Happily growing one day at a time.


This is a lovely apartment. I'm happy to be here.
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