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Training methods are one of the ways you can increase your employees' stats, the other being leveling them up. However, unlike leveling which uses Research Data-GameDevStory.png Research Data and raises their salary, training uses their power and cash. Training can raise an employee's Programming, Scenario Writing, and Graphics and Sound ability.

You start off with only a few training methods, but unlock more as the game progresses. After using enough training methods on an employee, the effect they have on that employee diminishes, possibly to zero. However, using a more powerful training method will allow the employee to once again learn something. On any training type, there is a chance for the training to be super effective.

Super effective training (shown as "Super Parameter Up") will award 3x the base increase for a training method, even after that training method would normally have no effect. This is a completely random occurrence, however.

Even after you can't raise an employee's stats with training anymore, you can still raise your stats by 6 somewhat frequently using the "pinball" training. Just like any training option, it will sometimes give the super parameters power up.


Power is required to be able to train an employee and is an attribute specific to that employee. Power is used during training and during development work. It is restored when staff go home or through the use of energy drinks bought from Pumpkin Products. While training, there is a random chance for you to greatly increase your parameters, usually triple the normal rate. This can even happen when a training has lost normal effect and is giving no normal stat increase.

Every employee has a separate max power level specific to them. Even if a training method takes more power than the employee has, as long as they have at least two points of power they can train.  You can exploit this fact when employees are out of the office by only allowng them to regenerate two points of energy and then training them.  Repeat the regenerate two points and retrain as many times as you want.

Methods list[]

The listed increases are the initial stat increases, these will lower the more training that is done.

Training Methods
Name Cost ($) Power
Stat Boost Unlock Condition
Program Scenario Graphics Sound
Stroll 30.0K 2 +3 +3 Initially Available
Reading 30.0K 2 +4 +3 Initially Available
Movie 50.0K 2 +4 +4 Initially Available
Anime 70.0K 3 +5 +4 +3 +2 Initially Available
Game 100.0K 3 +6 +5 Initially Available
Jogging 120.0K 4 +4 +5 Move to office 2
Pinball 80.0K 5 +0 or +6 Move to office 2
Meditate 90.0K 5 +1 +2 +1 +3 Move to office 2
Concert 160.0K 3 +3 +5 Move to office 2
Net Surf 280.0K 4 +7 +5 -5 Move to office 2
Museum 300.0K 4 +5 +6 +6 -3 Move to office 2
College 550.0K 6 -2 +5 Move to office 3
Lab Study 800.0K 7 +6 -3 +3 +4 Move to office 3
Short Trip 1,050.0K 9 +8 +7 +4 +5 Move to office 3
Long Trip 2,500.0K 11 +5 +8 +6 +6 Move to office 3