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Training will increase staff's attributes. Staff can also unlock new themes when doing training provided they have reached the minimum level required.

Each training can only unlock 1 theme at a time. Multiple trainings is required to unlock multiple themes.

The following table will list what theme will unlock at what level with the syntax ThemeName(MinJobLv).

Name Cost Attributes Animator Writer Sound Dir. Designer Director Art Dir. Producer Exec. Dir
Pen Spinning $25K Drawing Writing Quadruplets(1)


Cat Burglars(3)


Anime Figures $30K Writing Taste Boxing(3)




Sketching $40K Drawing Writing Spies(3) Twins(1)

Hot Guys(4)

Love(4) Pretty Girls(2)
Anime $120K Writing Sound Spirits(1)


Eyeglasses(1) Demons(1) Bimbos(2) Heroes(1)

Adult Life(5)

Music $80K Taste Sound Announcers(1)
Anime Culture $120K Writing Sound Otaku(1) Police(1)

Computers(1) Cat Ears(2) Cosplay(3) Cyborgs(3)



Strolling $100K Drawing Taste Sound Trains(3)


Horseracing(4) Fish Cakes(1)



Martial Arts(5)

Wild Horses(2) Racing(4)
Photo Books $100K Drawing Ugly Girls(3) Fantasy(1)


Comics $70K Writing Taste Tennis(1)






Chi Energy(2) Psychics(1) Baseball(5)
Pachinko $200K All Pockets(3)
Arcade $150K Writing Sound Game Dev(1) Gardening(1)
Art Museums $250K Drawing Taste Sound Royalty(2) Artists(2)
Research $180K Drawing Writing Taste Businessmen(3)


Time Travel(4) Lawyers(3) Cosmetics(1)


Zoo visit $200K Drawing Taste Drama(2)


Chimps(3) Animals(1) Phoenixes(1) Dragons(4)
Hiking $400K All Judo(3)
Local Trip $550K All Documentary(3) Mushrooms(3) Tanks(3)


World Trip $850K All Pirates(1) Theater(3) Archaeology(1)
Hollywood! $1110K All Underwear(5) Ponchos(2)

Table Organized by Theme Name

Name Job Level Training
Trains Animator 3 Strolling
Toilets Animator 5 Strolling
Tennis Animator 1 Comics
Dorayaki Animator 2 Comics
Spies Animator 3 Sketching
Quadruplets Animator 1 Pen Spinning
Apartments Animator 2 Pen Spinning
Pirates Animator 1 World Trip
Drama Animator 2 Zoo Visit
Soccer Animator 2 Zoo Visit
Documentary Animator 3 Local Trip
Spirits Writer 1 Anime
Sci-Fi Writer 5 Anime
Romance Writer 1 Comics
Custodians Writer 2 Comics
Game Dev Writer 1 Arcade
Chimps Writer 3 Zoo Visit
Businessmen Writer 3 Research
Alchemy Writer 4 Research
Boxing Writer 3 Anime Figures
Sentiment Writer 4 Anime Figures
Time Travel Sound Dir. 4 Research
Theater Sound Dir. 3 World Trip
Royalty Sound Dir. 2 Art Museums
Otaku Sound Dir. 1 Anime Culture
Mushrooms Sound Dir. 3 Local Trip
Horseracing Sound Dir. 4 Strolling
Hoodlums Sound Dir. 2 Comics
Magic Sound Dir. 4 Comics
Announcers Sound Dir. 1 Music
Animals Sound Dir. 1 Zoo Visit
Twins Designer 1 Sketching
Hot Guys Designer 4 Sketching
Police Designer 1 Anime Culture
Computers Designer 1 Anime Culture
Cat Ears Designer 2 Anime Culture
Cosplay Designer 3 Anime Culture
Cyborgs Designer 3 Anime Culture
Phoenixes Designer 1 Zoo Visit
Ninjas Designer 1 Anime Figures
Mutation Designer 2 Anime Figures
Lawyers Designer 3 Research
Gardening Designer 1 Arcade
Fish Cakes Designer 1 Strolling
Ghosts Designer 2 Strolling
Eyeglasses Designer 1 Anime
Underwear Director 5 Hollywood!
Pockets Director 3 Pachinko
Love Director 4 Sketching
Gambling Director 4 Strolling
Martial Arts Director 5 Strolling
Demons Director 1 Anime
Cuteness Director 1 Anime Culture
Smartphones Director 3 Anime Culture
Chi Energy Director 2 Comics
Psychics Art Dir. 1 Comics
Pretty Girls Art Dir. 2 Sketching
Ponchos Art Dir. 2 Hollywood!
Dragons Art Dir. 4 Zoo Visit
Cosmetics Art Dir. 1 Research
ESP Art Dir. 5 Research
Bimbos Art Dir. 2 Anime
Wild Horses Producer 2 Strolling
Ugly Girls Producer 3 Photo Books
Judo Producer 3 Hiking
Heroes Producer 1 Anime
Adult Life Producer 5 Anime
Beauty Producer 3 Anime Figures
Artists Producer 2 Art Museums
Archaeology Producer 1 World Trip
Tanks Exec. Dir. 3 Local Trip
Snipers Exec. Dir. 4 Local Trip
Racing Exec. Dir. 4 Strolling
Fantasy Exec. Dir. 1 Photo Books
Pyramids Exec. Dir. 5 Photo Books
Cat Burglars Exec. Dir. 3 Pen Spinning
Chess Exec. Dir. 4 Pen Spinning
Baseball Exec. Dir. 5 Comics