Titles[edit | edit source]

Titles boost a tenant's quarterly income. Tenants do not acquire titles automatically - they obtain them from advice requests you successfully grant them.

Things to keep in mind:

  • There is no limit to how many titles a tenant can get. They still have to pass the random roll for a request and it gets harder as they get more titles.
  • No matter how much extra income a tenant gets, wealth is capped at $99.9K and only the wealthiest tenant pays the rent, so once even Homemaker provides this much, unless you really want more titles, this is not recommended.
  • You obtain a Gold Scratch Card each time a tenant successfully acquires a job-related title (up to 66 free GSCs per tenant).
  • Only one tenant requires 10 titles to unlock the tenant-specific trophy. Start with high income boosts (use the below table).

Love advice

  • A tenant asking for love advice will have their full name displayed in yellow in the taskbar. This helps you tell the difference between love and life advice.
  • Love advice never expires and can be retried immediately if the tenant fails. Rerolling, as such, is optional.
  • Love advice costs 5 RP. Extra love advice can be given twice (gift and meetup location) for varying amounts of RP and tickets (never use tickets!) - always give the best advice you can with available RP.
  • Base chance depends on tenant charisma plus a large random amount. This effectively means tenants with very low charisma can still easily ace even a pick they have zero hearts with.
  • Hearts affect the bonus the tenant gets with their pick (up to +25% chance for a perfect relationship).

Life advice

  • Life advice is asked if conditions are met and tenants pass a weighed random roll. The advice requests disappear at the end of the year, if another tenant was asking for the same kind of advice this year or if there are too many pending tasks. Up to two life tasks can be taken in one day (same or different tenants).
  • Life advice costs 10 RP. Extra life advice can be given for 8 or 15 RP (random).
  • Base chance depends on tenant stats and/or related hobby proficiency. There will be 1, 2 or 3 treasure chests with RP inside (random) and 2 or 3 hurdles to cross. If a tenant fails a task, they can try again for 2 tickets. If the odds are high or only a single hurdle is left, this is recommended, especially for job tasks.
  • You can reroll for higher by tapping "Back" (the 10 RP will be spent each time you reroll). You always get a chance at a 15% option, but you will only get a chance at a 25% option if there is no 5% option included. The 25% option guarantees success with maxed base (80%).
  • A tenant does not have to be specialized in a hobby to take on a hobby life task. Contrary to what the game states, they also don't have to master it (around 50.0% is enough to trigger the random roll, though the odds of it happening seem to be be lower).
  • For job-related tasks, tenants only need to have the job as their current one at the time they roll the task. This potentially allows them to get a roll at another task by changing jobs (unless they already have the title or reached their yearly cap).
Name Task Related
Happily Married Get Married Adult 0.6K
Track Meet World Record Track Meet Child Sports 0.5K
Head of the Class School Exam Student 0.8K
Student Body President Student 1.8K
School Festival Record School Festival Student 1.2K
100 Friends Making Friends Adult Job Seeker 0.5K
Famous Impressions Impression Contest Adult Job Seeker,
Around the World Finding Myself Adult 0.9K
Bonsai Champion Bonsai Contest Senior Retiree Pets 2.0K
Oldest Athlete

Regional Sports Meet

Senior Retiree Sports 4.0K
Late Bloomer Debut Amateur Singing Contest Senior Retiree Music 5.5K
Quiz Whiz Quiz Show Adult Study 0.7K
Visionary Developer Supercomputer Adult Technology 0.7K
Champion Gamer Game Tournament Adult Games 0.7K
Film Columnist Movie Review Adult Movies 0.7K
Best New Novelist Writing Contest Adult Reading 0.7K
Sublime Singer Singing Contest Adult Music 0.7K
Champion Athlete Sports Event Adult Sports 0.7K
Success Story Dieting Adult Exercise 0.7K
Prize Pet Pet Care Adult Pets 0.7K
Pack Rat Prize Collection Contest Adult Collecting 0.7K
Killer Comedian Comedy Open Mic Adult Chatting 0.7K
Champion Chef Cooking Contest Adult Cooking 0.7K
Fashion Show Winner Local Fashion Show Adult Fashion 0.7K
Dynamite Driver Driving Contest Adult Cars 0.7K
President and CEO Big Promotion Adult Office Worker 1.5K
First-Class Tutor Student Exams Adult Tutor 2.0K
Leading Lawyer Big Court Case Adult Lawyer 2.5K
New Gourmet Mushroom Mushroom Cultivation Adult Botanist 3.0K
Brilliant Breakthrough New Invention Adult Inventor 3.5K
Commander-in-Chief Big Election Adult Politician 4.0K
Pro Referee The Finals Adult Referee 1.5K
Arcane Artifacts Solo Trip Adult Adventurer 2.0K
Immortal Athlete International Tournament Adult Sports Star 2.5K
World Cup Conqueror Soccer Tournament Adult Soccer Player 3.0K
Baseball MVP Baseball Tournament Adult Baseball Player 3.5K
Golf Tour Champion World Tour Adult Pro Golfer 4.0K
Celebrity Tour Guide Bus Tour Adult Tour Guide 2.0K
Hit Fashion Show Producer Big Fashion Show Adult Designer 2.0K
Hit Pottery Exhibition Art Exhibition Adult Potter 2.5K
Hit Photo Exhibition Photography Show Adult Photographer 3.0K
Master Magician Magic Show Adult Cosmetician 3.5K
Jackpot! Alchemy Research Adult Alchemist 4.0K
Stage Star On The Stage Adult Stage Actor 1.5K
Favorite Model Photo Shoot Adult Amateur Model 2.0K
Comedy Ventroliquist Stand-Up Contest Adult Comedian 2.5K
International Fashion Model Modeling Adult Supermodel 3.0K
Platinum Record CD Debut Adult Hit Singer 3.5K
Award-Winning Performance Screen Debut Adult Movie Star 4.0K
Big Scoop Overseas Reporting Adult Journalist 2.0K
Tricky Operation Difficult Surgery Adult Doctor 2.5K
Gold Star Teacher Student Graduation Adult Teacher 3.0K
World's First Android Robotics Research Adult Mechanic 2.0K
Ecology Research Ecology Research Adult Engineer 2.5K
Not-So-Secret Identity Secret Trip Adult Spy 3.0K
1337 Gamer Game Tournament Adult Pro Gamer 2.0K
Bestselling Software Software Development Adult Programmer 2.5K
Hit Producer Movie Production Adult Producer 3.0K
Award-Winning Director Movie Shoot Adult Film Director 2.0K
Historic Space Voyage Space Training Adult Astronaut 2.5K
Famous Spacefarer Space Travel Adult Spacefarer 3.0K
Hit Comic Book Comic Book Adult Comic Artist 2.0K
History Deciphered Ancient Text Adult Scholar 2.5K
Innovative Game Dev Game Development Adult Kairosofty 3.0K
Musical Maestro Conducting Adult Conductor 2.0K
A New Classic Composing Adult Composer 2.5K
Concertgoer Record Concert Adult Artist 3.0K
100-Meter Record World Championship Adult Athlete 2.0K
Ping-Pong Champ Ping-Pong Adult Ping-Pong Pro 2.5K
Sumo Champion Sumo Tournament Adult Sumo Wrestler 3.0K
World-Class Dancer Dance Contest Adult Dancer 2.0K
Prima Ballerina Ballet Recital Adult Ballet Dancer 2.5K
Ninja Star Ninja Contest Adult Ninja 3.0K
Royal Gardener Gardening Contest Adult Gardener 2.0K
Innovative Injection Injection Practice Adult Nurse 2.5K
Savvy Investor Big Investment Adult Investor 3.0K
Best Barista Barista Contest Adult Barista 2.0K
Amazing Appraiser Appraisal Contest Adult Appraiser 2.5K
Oil Strike Finding Oil Adult Oil Magnate 3.0K
Star Consultant Consulting Adult Consultant 2.0K
Never-ending Story Storytelling Contest Adult Storyteller 2.5K
Beloved News Anchor News Anchor Work Adult News Anchor 3.0K
Posh Food Server Restaurant Work Adult Food Server 2.0K
Pastry Master Pastry Making Adult Pastry Chef 2.5K
World-Renowned Chef Top Cooking Contest Adult 3-Star Chef 3.0K
Fashion Trendsetter Apparel Purchasing Adult Apparel Clerk 2.0K
Popular Esthetician Cosmetology Classes Adult Esthetician 2.5K
A-List Beautician Celebrity Cuts Adult Beautician 3.0K
Driver in Demand Celebrity Tours Adult Taxi Driver 2.0K
Winning Jockey International Stakes Adult Jockey 2.5K
World Champion Driver International Race Adult Race Car Driver 3.0K
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