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Tips This page consists of tips / a walthrough that is subject to opinion. While content is still required to be factual, tips are simply a possible route one may decide to pursue.
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  • You may go back and redo the search for a helper an unlimited number of times without cost or penalty. This will assist you in finding the best potential helper. In some cases, very high level or very upgraded helpers will appear making missions much more easy.

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It is best to start as a Ranger, or have your main pilot be able to use Picking and / or Recon because this frees up your apprentice slots for other useful things, or to stack Picking on your team. It is possible to add upto 4 to a die role if all members have picking as a slotted skill

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1. Don't repair your starter planes, they're not that great and it's a waste (you don't lose them if the max durability reaches 0) 2.Save your bluesky points for later on, from my experience you can only obtain RARE planes ONLY IF you've UNLOCKED the BASIC model from BLUEPRINTS. You can obtain some good weapons early on tho, however it is a gamble 3.Save up your blue upgrade eggs, use them on higher tier planes/weapons/accessories (armor,sights and engines) 4.when developing your skills make sure your stats (improve stats through training) are at a decent level as skill succession is determined by stat level (higher stats=higher success rate to learn/upgrade new skill) different skills require different stats can get blueprints for planes and weapons from villages in expedition maps as well as some quests, in villages you can also buy an assortment of seeds that up your stats. Don't waste your gold on other items like bone, feather, fairy hat, those are only used for synthesis and offer rediculously low EXP (that's why you save your upgrade eggs for the good stuff). Side note: synthesis is combining items with parts/weapon/plane/accessories to improve their level. 6. And lastly (for now) yours and your apprentices AURA have levels, give them time to level up (don't train or use the blue cards in battle) and when AURA's reach level 3-5 expect a HUGE bonus from training :D .... 7.If you find you've stuffed up or haven't got the setup you want you can restart by going into app info and clearing cache and data. hope this information helps alot of new comers to the game :) enjoy.

PS. Devs need to make a better energy system... just sayin

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