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Tips.png This page consists of tips / a walthrough that is subject to opinion. While content is still required to be factual, tips are simply a possible route one may decide to pursue.
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Helpful Tips For New Players[]

  1. Escort helper can be reshuffled as many as the player desires without cost. Kairosoft even planted some helpers with level 99 weapons as Easter Eggs.
  2. Refrain from repairing planes early on. With Primary Plains stage 1 as a reliable cash source, Miles Points are much more valuable than cash. (A plane is not lost even if max durability is reduced past a minimal level. In that case, ammo capacity is reduced.)
  3. Save your Bluesky Points for later on. Planes and many parts are available for draws ONLY IF their respective basic variant has been unlocked. For example, no F-4 Foxer Dr.I has been observed without unlocking F-3 Peinkel first; no X10 Comet has been observed without unlocking V10 Engine first. Weapons seem to have the least restriction. Thus in early to mid game, although plane draws should be avoided, it is worth considering drawing for parts a few times and even rerolling for one or two good weapons. ("Parts" draw is where you get weapons. Look for Fleschette guns and Sparta missiles -- as high level as possible of course. They are very useful for early and mid game content.)
  4. Refrain from leveling planes, weapons and parts early on. If there is an overflow of items, spend them on leveling weapons and parts before planes. Early on, stamina is refilled (and overflown) quickly because ranking up refills stamina and in early game rank up is frequent. With lots of stamina, and with careful selection of escort helper, the player can progress to level 6 tech quickly (when teching up starts requiring silver banana and also start consuming more than 1 day.) Thus, early on, planes will change frequently; while weapons and parts stick around for longer but are still updated quickly. That is why materials spent on leveling early planes, weapons and parts are usually fully wasted. The main exceptions are: leveling a low level plane for a few levels in order to reroll faster; leveling tech lvl 5/6 planes (when tech wait time starts to be significant) for a few extra Speed and AP points -- both can be important quality of life improvements.
  5. Engines help with capacity a lot with early planes.
  6. Do not use Upgrade Eggs early on. Save them all. If items overflow, spend materials first. Materials that drop frequently do not provide significant experience in the long run. Thus, later on, Upgrade Eggs are the main source of weapons and parts leveling. The main exceptions being: rare weapons and parts obtained early on.
  7. For determining which items to save and which items to spend, use this chart.
  8. Avoid selling or spending for exp weapons and parts that are unavailable in regular shops. They can be used for bonus exp in chain leveling.
  9. Skill Development chances are contingent on overall stat level and are particularly influenced by IQ. Do not waste Mile Points on low chance skills since leader and apprentice stats are bound to improve as the player progresses. Early on, the main skills to look for are Picking and Scout. When learning other skills, it is worth waiting for Saturday bonus before learning skills en masse -- on Saturdays, all skills cost 1 Mile Point less (unless they start with costing 1 Mile Point.)
  10. *Here lies the single most irreversible newbie mistake next to job selection.* Training for stats is bottlenecked by unique types of trainings. NOT energy points. For example, should the player try getting their leader to train on Strolling 10 times, after 5 times, the rest are probably all failures. Strolling as a category can only provide a limited amount of stats per pilot. On the other hand, Training outcome is boosted by Aura. Aura comes in 5 stacks and 2 tiers. (And more as the player builds Aura Trees.) At stack 3-5, Training outcome is significantly improved. (Although if a Training type has been used many times already, not even Aura can overwrite the failure rate and reduced effect.) Thus, the proper way to train is to wait for stack 3 Aura before Training at all times. Certainly never train without Aura. Pilot energy should be let overflown. A corollary is: Energy Drinks are useless. Some leeway, however, may need to be given for Strolling early on in order to improve Skill Development chance for Picking. For example 1 stack of Aura per Stroll instead of 3. Still, if the player spends extra Stamina on opening chests early, it may delay game progression by a few hours; meanwhile, wasting on Training categories will permanently slow the player down. Another corollary is: IQ is more important than many other stats at leader and Apprentice creation.
  11. If the player chooses to spend pilot energy on Part-time Job (300 coin each time without boost), be careful to only do it without Aura. Part-time Job income can be boosted by Aura and will thus reset the current stack of Aura. Either way, Part-time Job does not provide meaningful income. In the overall design, Part-time Job is a leisure button: if player wants to kill time (in real life), sure why not.
  12. The particular job route: Ranger -> Merchant -> Clown -> Ninja covers all the essential support skills. Ranger and Merchant in particular provide Picking, Scout, Lucky, Greedy, etc. If leader covers these skills, for example, Picking can be stacked across the whole team, while the Apprentice is able to spare 1 customizable skill for use depending on the situation. Note that it is common to encounter Merc with Repair and Maintenance skills and with high stats at the same time. (In contrast to Mercs with Picking and Treasure Shot.)
  13. At leader and apprentice creation, the sum of core stats (outside att and def tech) is randomized as well as their distribution. 160 or above is rare but is still frequent enough to roll for within minutes.
  14. Merchant provides bonus in Luck, which is basically an out-of-combat stat. Thus, for players who choose Merchant, it is important to have Speed and IQ from elsewhere. As mentioned above, what Training can provide is limited per category and cannot be refilled by waiting in real time, yet additional Trainings are unlocked slowly with game pression. Thus, that "elsewhere" can only be initial randomization of stats upon leader creation. For example, if an leader starts with 166 stats total, which would be very rare, yet 50 has been assigned to luck, the player will have difficulty with early game -- either a more combat oriented job path is chosen, and thus significantly reducing various incomes; or early-game combat is made difficult due to low speed; or important early-game skills cannot be learned in time due to low intelligence. In summary, upon leader creation, look for: >160 stat sum, and good speed or intelligence.
  15. Villages cannot develop without having been visited once.
  16. For rerolling, game progress can be reset by clearing cache and data. (Sometimes, it may be worth transferring current progress to a different device as a backup. For that, you can only transfer from iOS to iOS and Android to Android.)

Helpful Tips For Intermediate Players[]

  1. Accepting a timed mission for item exchange can remove its timer limit. Later on, this can be useful for preserving missions that give Mile Points.
  2. Recalling apprentice resets their energy and aura stack to zero.
  3. Rescue missions and Arena can be used to absorb excess stamina when fame is about to fill up for the next rank. Arena victories give modest amounts of Mile Points and (very) occasionally parts. Planes downed in Arena are revived after the match at 0 durability without cost or reduction to max durability.
  4. Another way to use up excess stamina is to enter a low level map and chain red cards in order to stack aura; and/or to obtain Mile Points from refuel tiles.
  5. If a plane crashes (outside arena) while being customized, the customization progress will be lost.
  6. Each part can only have one special effect (elemental resistance, drop rate, etc). For rare and super rare parts, if multiple materials with special effects are installed, only the effect of the part installed first (not necessarily installed to first slot) will register.
  7. The total number of warehouse materials from regular playing is 7. Besides limited number of plans available, another bottleneck is construction time, since at most one warehouse can be constructed at any time. The 6th warehouse, for example, takes around 4 days to construct; the 7th one takes 7 days. Due to the lengthy construction period, if the player plays actively and regularly from start until end game, it is unlikely that the lack of warehouse materials hinders the player's ability to expand item space for any prolonged period of time, because when there is no extra warehouse materials, chances are the previous warehouse is under construction. It is thus best avoid purchasing warehouse materials with medal.
  8. It should be similarly unnecessary to purchase materials for rooms other than warehouse with medals unless an expansion ticket is purchased first. The max number of rooms the player can build in base for free is 24. (Including the one gifted along with Super Kairo -- assuming all hangars are occupied at the time.) Distributed across the different needs, it is unlikely the player can build more of any rooms in addition to the ones freely available.
  9. Removing a built room returns the room's materials but does not refund the cash cost.
  10. Elemental attacks can deal regular damage to ghost monsters. The free rare water gun can be used to great effect in ghost maps.
  11. The stats potential of planes and parts are concentrated among the lower levels. As level increases, it takes more level-ups for the same amount of stat increase. Roughly speaking, above lvl 30, stat increase is much slower; above lvl 50, it takes multiple level-ups for a minimal amount of increase.
  12. Against metal or high AP opponents, and without the suitable weapons (for example, no freely available weapons are effective against Metabot until Kairo Pot at end game), chain bonus can be used to good effect. For example, collect a few cards of 3; use one of them to move onto a metabot, now even ineffective weapons can deal enough damage to kill it with one of the number-3 cards.
  13. The best yield from Knowledge Tree per unit time is obtained with the larger fruits. ie. Wait for watermelon. However, unharvested watermelon can spoil. It takes about 10 hours from the previous harvest to spoiled watermelon.

Exchanging Gold and Fame with Stamina[]

As soon as you unlock Amy Duckworth (the duck which can level up your maps), upgrade The Journey Begins in Primary Plains (which is the first level with only 4 squares in Expeditions).

It's recommended to upgrade the level of The Journey Begins as soon as Amy Duckworth is available. And as many times as possible.

When you need gold and/or fame, just go to The Journey Begins with two of your pilots. Don't add mercenaries since the level is easy and using mercenaries will eventually undercut your profits. Two pilots are sufficient (preferably with an apprentice). A 3rd pilot won't be used in any case since attacking with a 3rd pilot means the turn counter has progressed to 2nd and that reduces income. The 3rd pilot can be removed by clicking on the plane icon and in the menu select [Deplane]. Helper escort can be skipped by clicking Skip on the lower left. Skipping helper means any aura gain is preserved for Training, which is useful when aura bar is near full but otherwise suboptimal since using helper rewards cash. Get lowest level helper in a bomber so that your lead pilot attacks first. If your lead has multi-target weapons, this can save time on attack animation.

When you get to the map, use cards with numbers 4 or 5, to go to Li’l Devil and Wind Tinkler at once and try defeating them within 1 turn. Instead of guns and/or cannons, use Missiles and/or Rockets because at higher levels, the dodge rate of these two monsters are high.

When Primary Plains was upgraded to level 20, you can get 15,000G for 2 stamina points. You can also earn quite a bit of fame points at high levels as well. And you can upgrade it with Amy Duckworth for better rewards.

But remember, if you finished it with 2 turns (which can happen if you don’t have a 4 or 5 card or took too long to defeat the monsters) and not 1, it will reduce your reward, so try to finish the level within one turn. Hope this will help.

Exchange stamina for Mile Points[]

A competing target for Amy Duckworth's bell is Primary Plains - Dark Marauders (1-4). 2 refuel points are available in the map for 3 stamina. Mile Points reward are randomly distributed across the dice rolls. Each refuel point can have between 1 and 3 dice rolls that reward Mile Points. The amount of Mile Points rewarded depends on the level of the map. That is why Amy Duckworth's bell is required.

Compared to The Journey Begins (1-1) for gold, Dark Marauders is less efficient in terms of play time or stamina. However, it provides an avenue to convert stamina to Mile Points whereas The Journey Begins does not.

Upgrade Parts and Customize Planes simultaneously[]

It is possible to make multiple part upgrades and plane customizations by having multiple workshops. However, if a part is upgraded and used for customizing a plane simultaneously, upgrade on the part may not be saved and the material for the part can be lost.

Inaccessible New World Ranks After Clearing a Rank[]

If you clear a New World rank, and then the next one is unlocked, the previous rank will be permanently inaccessible. For example, if you clear Rank 2, and then Rank 3 is unlocked, then Rank 1 will be permanently inaccessible after that. So, it is recommended that you try to completely explore and open every single chest on the previous (left) rank before clearing the current (middle) rank.


There are two main attributes of mercs as a whole: they can be costly to field; they can be very strong.

The cost to hire a merc (ie. to employ them for 16 map entrances) roughly correlates with their stats total.

There are 2 ways to hire mercs. One is through posting with the Cafe, which gives the player a list of candidates after a 30 minutes timer. Another is through random visitors to the cafe, which is refreshed by timer and by map clearance.

The max cost when recruiting via cafe is roughly 1/4 of the player's free cash up to a certain threshold which is in turn related to the player's rank. In other words, the more cash a player has, the better the candidate mercs will there be. For example, a player around rank 80 can recruit a merc costing ~500K with 2M free cash with over 4K combined stats (including att & def tech).

Once a merc is hired, their stats are fixed. (Even though the same merc may have different stats with a different player.)

The cost to hire is further tweaked by the level of the merc -- which is not directly determined by their stat spreads. For example, a merc can be cheaper to hire the second time after being fired. Their stats are already determined for the rest of the game. However, there is some flexibility with the level the game may assign to that merc in order to fit a particular cost target. The cost target is not only determined by the player's free cash but is also determined by the recruitment ads. Unspecified category costs less for the same stats.

Hiring through random visitor in the cafe permits roughly 1/2 of the free cash to be used for hiring up to a certain threshold.

Former hires are in the pool of mercs -- along with newly generated ones -- that visit the cafe. Therefore, it is better to avoid hiring many mercs early on for small improvements. That is especially true since early on, the lead and apprentice can often suffice in clearing the maps.

Above a certain threshold, there are no stronger mercs and thus no more costly mercs.

Increasing the Level Cap[]

Once one of your pilots’s level bar reaches full and they’re at level 99, a quest called "Training Program" from Sgt. Pechin will appear. It costs 800,000G to fund and takes an hour to complete. Once completed, your pilots' max level will be level 120, and thus, their stats can be raised a bit higher.

A second training program is available at level 120.

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