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Tips This page consists of tips / a walthrough that is subject to opinion. While content is still required to be factual, tips are simply a possible route one may decide to pursue.
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Beginner Tips Edit

  • Remove the facilities that you think are unnecessary.
  • Once you hear/see the student getting an aura, press Menu button for do a special class then try upgrade subject with higher grade.
  • You should research for new buildings.
  • Then you should build any facilities and buildings available.
  • Make sure you build popular spots - refer to the Spot Guide.
  • When you have all the available facilities (may include Bulletin Board), then a new facility may be available for research.
  • Don't use your research points on small reward special classes save them up for a big one and their grades go up by at least 10

Helpful Tips Edit

  • To achieve Rank #1 in all club competition:
    • Create a club
    • Make sure it has at least 30 spirit (surround it with 1 cherry tree, 1 bronze statue, 1 gold statue, 1 stone kairo statue, and 1 gold kairo statue)
    • Compete during Spring time.
    • At least 1 student with at least 100 Int-pocket academy Int, Ath-pocket academy Ath, & Pop-pocket academy Pop, as well as an Angelic Att-pocket academy Att.
  • To Rank #1 in the national test, the school subject rate must be at least 95. Hiring Teachers that have 100 points in a subject will boosts the students points in that subjects greater and faster.
  • All structures have a maintenance cost! Only place structure you need, and make sure it's close enough to classrooms for student to get to it easily. Remove any useless buildings that will add up cost in the school.
  • Try to keep everything centered around your classrooms. Just because a student has high Ath and can travel everywhere, doesn't mean they should be! Try to limit travel time for students as much as possible so they do less walking and more doing. Combine spots to create the max spirit possible.

Helpful Resources Edit

A Google Sheet of "blank" map layouts for each map is available here:

Map 1 and 5 have suggested layouts, and there's a "beta" suggested layout for Map 2. View the tabs at the bottom of the page.

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