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Beginner Tips Edit

  • First, you may build Bakery as suggested.
  • Focus on improving the quality of your stores when initially leveling them up. You are more likely to attract regular customers and you'll encourage more visitors. Increasing the stock of a store is best saved for when you have enough hearts to purchase the small stock increase bonus or if the store in question is constantly sold out before the days end.  
  • An easy initial combo would be placing a cake shop and clothing store on the 2nd floor, along with the florist. 
  • Check to see what other combos of stores can be strung together if you've been able to carry over stores from a prior game. The above-mentioned Cake Shop in the Girl Combo can also be used in the Grocery combo, while the Supermarket also being available for the Living combo. 
  • When your store is ready for level up (get bonus points), make sure you increase the Quality (Recommended: 100 Quality) for easier to sell a lot.
  • When stores level up, some of the bonuses you can purchase (with hearts) will become easier to get. For most stores, a "hard" upgrade on a level 2 becomes "tricky", or even better "normal", at level 3, and easier at higher levels. 
  • Building too many stores initially is not worth it as it may increase maintenance cost.
  • Each new store and combo raises the popularity bar a bit. Proper planning can allow for peak popularity at key times like the holiday season and minimize wasted popularity point gains.
  • News presses usually result in a lot of popularity. While some press releases are random, others are generated from your first combo, building a special store (ie: cinema, bus stop), gaining a star, and other controllable events. Try to time the execution of these events at key times like the holiday sale.

  • Make sure you enable the first level of advertising to boost your popularity. (Menu > Actions > Advertise)
  • Invest in your Residential, Park, and Office before you start investing in your Mall. That way, you will get more customers. More customers = more profit. Some investment options are not opened until building a certain store. If you can't invest in a development, check if you have built all available shops built.  

Helpful Tips Edit

  • IMPORTANT: Make sure you Combo and build on the Preferred Floors for Maximum income.
    • For example; A level 4 Candy Store on the First Floor would sell things for $300 each, but once the combo is complete, it would jump to $1700 each.
  • Make sure to hire staff with the Service with smile=hearts tagline to increase heart production.
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