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Tips This page consists of tips / a walthrough that is subject to opinion. While content is still required to be factual, tips are simply a possible route one may decide to pursue.
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Helpful Tip Edit

  • When starting out and you want to use the stat boosting items, make sure you unequip your suit and apply the boost directly to the character. Otherwise the boost will stay with the suit. 
  • For the Stats bars for Attack, Morph, and Special, five (5) bars is max. e.g. if you have a ninja, and you give him a car (attack boost +1) he still only gets 4 attacks per turn; however, in unmorphed mode, he/she will have 3 attacks. 

Helpful Tip Edit


  • Manual Labor: Construction Speed Up
  • Farming: Product Growning Speed Up
  • Fishing: Fish Farming Speed Up
  • Mining: Ore Extraction Speed Up

Color Compatibility Edit

Color Compatibility

  • Yellow: Increased Damage to Blue and Black
  • Blue: 'Increased Damage to Red and Black
  • Red: 'Increased Damage to Green and Black
  • Green: 'Increased Damage to Yellow and Black
  • Black: 'Increased Damage to All Colors
  • White: No Increased Damage to Colors'

'​Colors to decreased damage to its own color'

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