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When You Win Edit

  • "That was easy! None of us were even wounded!." - You get this message if none of your residents retreated in battle
  • A different message will be given if any of your residents retreated, or if you lost the battle.

Chimpan Z Suit After Endgame Edit

Unlocking the Chimpan Z Suit (100% home planet exploration) after endgame still carries over to future playthroughs, as long as the next playthrough is started after the suit is unlocked and saved.

Making MoneyEdit

  • Exporter works on buildings directly beside it. By producing higher priced products, you can export these items for more money.
  • When tourists visit your planet, they may also purchase products from you directly, such as from factories or fields. Tourist spots should also be placed near the resort hotel.

Save MoneyEdit

  • Avoid build so much building or you may run out of money.

Buildings that may cost much money for upkeep such as $2.5K:

  • Exporter
  • Factory
  • Processing Plant ($5.0K)
  • Flower Bed ($1.0K)
  • Space Port
  • Resort Hotel

Recruit Uninvited Resident - Low CostEdit

Best way to save money is to cut costs for exploration. As your exploration progresses, you will require higher level residents for your battles. However, the cost of sending them for exploration can be VERY high. Instead, use a level 1 resident with high exploration stat (optional on the stat). A level 1 resident will only cost 10k per exploration. At later exploration, an event can easily give you over 100k, allowing you to earn from just exploration alone.

In unexplored areas, the battle occurs only at 100% point, whereas in dungeon, the battle occurs at 80% point (other than endless chasm). So you can use your level 1 resident to explore to 99% and 79% and retreat from battle, and then bring in your combat team to wipe out the enemies. This cut your cost and manpower to a minimum. This also works for planet exploration, which has pirates at the first event point, with mostly residents subsequently.

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