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Tips.png This page consists of tips / a walthrough that is subject to opinion. While content is still required to be factual, tips are simply a possible route one may decide to pursue.
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Fast Mode[edit | edit source]

You don't need to beat the game to enable fast mode in options.[1]

Power Up[edit | edit source]

There are several infinite Combos that can be made by special combinations of upgrade Items,

  • Game Lore (LL) => Kid's Sketch (L) => Picture Book (L) => Game Cartridge (M) => Game Lore (LL)
  • Game Lore (LL) => Old Notebook (L) => Antiques Guide (L) => Game Cartridge (M) => Game Lore (LL)
  • Any (LL) => Antiques Guide (L) => Parchment (4L) => Any (LL)
  • Vegetables (LL) => Any (L) => Seasonings (M) => Asian Cooking (L) => Sports DVD (M) => Vegetables (LL)
  • Meat (LL) => Any (L) => Grain (M) => Meat (LL)

It is possible to rank up staff/manager from lvl 1 to 999 in just one Power Up session with this method.

A 3000+% Combo with around 500,000 base XP will do the trick.

If Combos build up faster than the base XP, then break the combo and add high XP upgrade items like Semi-Rare Books (Recipe Book, Asian Cooking, Street Cooking, Adv. Sewing etc.) or Journals. Although Journals should be kept to unlock Products and they are quite rare especialy the high-ranked Journals.

Replay[edit | edit source]

It is recommended to reset at least 3 managers to lvl 1 (by changing his/her type using Management Goods Type Book) when creating a replay data. A lvl 1 manager's wage is very cheap making it a lot easier to meet store quota.

It is also a good idea to prepare a lvl 999 manager with good stats when creating replay data. He/she can be stored in waiting room until Year 4 comes and the 1st Mayoral Election starts. Promote him/her as Mayor so that the town develop a lot more quickly.

A well developed town will affect Recruit Rank (hiring new staff), the cost of furnishings and staff, making your Biz develop a lot quicker.

Don't forget to convert all money into coins since only coins will be included in replay data.

Any equipment that is currently being used by regular employees at this point are considered part of the savegame and not automatically included in the replay data. To save the costs of buying all of the equipment again, before the summary pops up, go into your staff roster and remove all equipment on the employees. There is no need to remove equipment used by your managers, as they are included in the replay data.

QoL Tips[edit | edit source]

When you start a new savegame, regardless of whether or not previous replay data is used, you always start with a small amount of money, and your first store kind is specified by the choice (Game, Burger, or Clothing) in the initial manager creation dialog. Menu options are unavailable until you create your first store.

Switching Screens: Instead of pressing the Switch Button to change stores, click the taskbar on the top-right corner to quickly swap between the overworld map and your stores.

Budget: Always have a look out on the customer's budget. If the product's price is too high, the customer might not be able to buy it. This could affect the "Ad Minigame". However, you can get their money up while in stores by using an ATM.

Levels: Customers level up when they start coming to your store more, so satisfy them as quickly as possible.

Aura: Sometimes customers will trigger auras when they are shopping. These can be triggered by raising the arrow that appears when a customer "Star Giving" furniture (Furnitures that have a star mark on them when placing furnishings).

Groups: Customer can acutally form groups! All you need to do is place some rest areas around. This is really helpful if you want them to shop more, increasing their budget and trigger an aura!

Store-specific Tips[edit | edit source]

Burger and Noodle Stores: Two-seat tables are only useful if you have at least one Rest Area in your store. Otherwise, stick to one-seat tables. All staff should (ideally) have Cook Uniform for maximum effectiveness.

Game and Clothing Stores: Your primary profit generators are the products displayed from glass shelves. Each glass shelf requires 4 building units and consumes a lot of warehouse stocks on each restocking (Electronics for Game, Fancy Clothes for Clothing). For Game Store, you only need one material depot for Magazine (Game Guides). Aim for a minimum ratio of 2:1 for Electronics (Consoles) material depots to Game material depots.

Bakery: In the store menu, disable Sliced Bread - this is a generic product that is created with all kitchen equipment types, so if you do not disable it, you will have too many of this low-price product and not enough of everything else. Also, do plan on using lots of Restock Cards; you will need them to help beat the minimum sales quota.

Museum: If you're playing this store type for the first time ever, you must start with a Level 1 tile (roads, facilities e.g. Fire Stations, nature e.g. forests) - otherwise, you will not survive the sales quota. From there, research as many new products as you can, and place as many products as you have building units for, even if many of them are duplicates. Strategically place decoration equipment (Red Flowers, Lights, Potted Plants, etc.) near the museum products to further increase the maximum admission price - your primary source of revenue for this store type. Each museum should have 3-4 Registers (S) near the door. Aim for a bare minimum of 60% discovered products and Level 6 per product before attempting to beat the sales quota on higher level museum stores.

Helpful Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Build all stores in order that you unlock them. Earlier stores give you the extra items you need to properly run the higher level stores latter. This is especially important for the food based stores. If you open a bakery before you open a burger store, you will not have access to the back room items you need to operate.
  • Restart stores often. Not only does putting a store on auto give you extra income, it will provide (and return) you the extra hard-to-get store furnishings such as Staff Rooms.
  • You gain access to larger stores by choosing a location with an existing city item such as a house, factory or business with a high land value. These larger stores provide more space to build and more furnishing points to place items.
  • Do not be afraid of using hearts in searches. Always use staff members with the most/highest Dexterity as the front-most member for the best results.

See Bugs and cheats (Biz Builder Delux) for more info.

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