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Structure Swapping Edit

Once you've progressed sufficiently in the game to get the swap technology, you can use it not just to relocate buildings, but Mountain Ranges, Waterfalls, Legendary Trees... Even the Helipad can be relocated to a more convenient location! (Personal preference -  by the bus stop from Carre Island. It's relatively close to the second port and Train Station from Metro Island, with enough open space for lots of structures.)

Ally Training Edit

Secure your island first and go to the the cave in your island. There, train your allies to your desired level. Other islands have caves and repeatable regions so you can keep training your allies. However, keep in mind the fact that this takes a load of food out of your food stores. However, this pays off since you'll be quite well prepared and if you trained quite to much, overly prepared.

Items Edit

When you use Transfer Data, put all the items you have in your inventory. When you start a new game, it only carries over the items in your inventory. It may be a little tiring but it will worth it because Transfer Data does not carry over equipped items.

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