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Structure Swapping[edit | edit source]

Once you've progressed sufficiently in the game to get the swap technology, you can use it not just to relocate buildings, but Mountain Ranges, Waterfalls, Legendary Trees... Even the Helipad can be relocated to a more convenient location! (Personal preference -  by the bus stop from Carre Island. It's relatively close to the second port and Train Station from Metro Island, with enough open space for lots of structures.)

Ally Training[edit | edit source]

Secure your island first and go to the the cave in your island. There, train your allies to your desired level. Other islands have caves and repeatable regions so you can keep training your allies. However, keep in mind the fact that this takes a load of food out of your food stores. However, this pays off since you'll be quite well prepared and if you trained quite to much, overly prepared.

Items[edit | edit source]

When you use Transfer Data, put all the items you have in your inventory. When you start a new game, it only carries over the items in your inventory. It may be a little tiring but it will worth it because Transfer Data does not carry over equipped items.

What Starting Beast is Best ?[edit | edit source]

In Beastie Bay, you can start off with 1 of 3 beasts. Scout, Kerfluffle, or Dabbler .
Let's Start off with which is which and who to choose.

Scout is a dog, it's Earth element. It's got good stats, and is brilliant for taking on electric types. Since you won't find many Wind elementals early on, he seems like a good choice. However Scout is not the best of the three, but it can be good if used well. Overall, use Scout if you cannot find a better earth type, as there is a lack of earth types in the game.

Kerfluffle is a cat, and it is Wind element. It's got the worst stats, but it's great at taking on earth types. Early on you will find too many earth types, however there are many strong fire types later game. It also learns decent skills, and it's weak to fire which is later on in the game. Great beast for early on, but really struggles against fire. Not very easily replaced by other wind types though, but lack of wild earth types hurts its viability.

Dabbler is a duck, and it is Water element. It has the best stats of the 3 with it's maxed out MP and it's brilliant at taking on fire types. Now yes, early on there's quite a few water elementals such as Puddleking, Hermit Crabby, etc. However, Dabbler outclasses the early game water types. Puddleking is a very good support beast, but it lacks in attack. Dabbler makes up for this due to it's access to attacking skills. Great beast in general, really helps against Fire elementals. This may make it seem good, but there are better water types later on such as Freezon Devil, but Dabbler is your best choice for early and mid game water type (but can be used even late game)

Note: All 3 of these beasts can be found in Hidden Cave E

Overall though, it's best to build a well balanced team with different types of beasts. Having multiple of the same elemental on the field can be good for what they're good against, and creates a bond, but can make things super difficult if you come across something good against you.

The three starting beasts in Hidden Cave E.

Tame Puddleking[edit | edit source]

Puddleking is a beast which is a miniboss found on the 1st area of Tiny Isle. It's recommended you bring 3 beasts to fight Puddleking. You can save right before encountering, and reload several times to get it at a 2 star or extremely rarely, 3 star ranking. Puddle King is a really good support character early on, as it learns several healing skills and has lots of HP and MP.

2 Star Puddleking

How to tame Puddleking easily ?

It's recommended that you bring around 5 bait, cold bait would be a better choice. Having 3 beasts makes this much easier as the battle will always have 3 beasts, Puddler, Puddleking and Dropplet.

Kill the Puddler and Dropplet first, as more often than not they will heal each other, and can be really annoying to deal with. If you have your aura, use it, as your starting beast can usually kill Puddler and Dropplet in 1 hit if they're low level and 1 star rankingOnce you have killed the two other beasts, try to lower Puddleking's HP without killing it. Critical hit + Aura will most likely kill it in one hit.

Tamed Puddleking.

Tame UFO[edit | edit source]

UFO is one of the most difficult beasts to tame, however, if you do tame one, you're rewarded with an absolutely amazing beast.

The UFO is an Electric Elemental, and is found in 3 locations. Tingling Cave, Sea Cave, and Frozen Mountains. The UFO is very powerful, and can most likely wipe out your entire team if its high level and star ranking. It's recommended you bring another Electric Elemental with you so you can take the UFO's hits. The best place to find them is the Sea Cave in 4 Star Boulders. However beware, as they will be at default around level 25, and can have up to 5 star ranking! (In sea cave).

UFO in Sea Cave which has knocked out most of my team!

Let's go over the easiest way to get the UFO. Early on, on metro isle, in the tingling cave are 2 star boulders. In these boulders you have a small chance of finding a UFO upon smashing them open! You cannot obtain the UFO without upgrading your hammer to level 2! In tingling cave, lots of enemies will drop tingly bait which is what the UFO itself loves. It increases your chance of taming the UFO so it's recommended you have lots in stock. The UFO has insanely high stats, and so you will definitely need 3 beasts or more to try and tame it. 

What makes the UFO so great?

Tamed UFO

It's got maximum in almost every stat besides attack and defense which are 4/5 (Still really good!). It's obtainable early on, and can obliterate water types thanks to it's electric element. Thanks to it's speed, it's great for speedrunning through stages to unlock the hidden caves. It's weak to only earth which is not a common typing. If you get the UFO early on, it will make the game much easier, as it is useful, even in the endgame. Sparkler is an alternate to UFO, and is found as early as Tingling Cave, but is much weaker later in the game. It’s good for early game however.

Medal Usage[edit | edit source]

It's highly advised that you save up your medals, an easy way of doing so is leaving your game idle when it's not in any menus. That way you can claim your 10 medals maximum for play time bonus.

Medals should never be used on food, lumber or the agency. Here's why. Food and Lumber are resources which are super easy to obtain so you won't really run out of it. Using currency which is difficult to get for easily renewable materials is a bad idea.

The Agency is super unreliable, as it can grant you items, or allies. However, more often than not, you'll get either a bad item or bad ally. Since the "High End Course" costs 12 medals, and it autosaves after you do it, it's really not recommended that you ever do this. It's high risk low reward.

Medals should be used on upgrading survival gear such as your hammer, your axe, your wagon or your bestiary. These three specifically are very important as they're widely used and often are what hide hidden caves. Higher levels of the Bestiary allows you to get higher level beasts and is almost mandatory. Wagon let's you bring more allies, which is very useful for long battles.

Helpful Tip[edit | edit source]

Build as many lumber mills and farms as you can to get more food and lumber Use type counters to your advantage Try to get the Bestiary and wagon to AT LEAST level 2 by Enigma Isle, and at least level 3 by Colosseum Isle

Bonding[edit | edit source]

If you put 3 of the same elemental together on a team, they form a bond. While it's advised you have a balanced team,  if you do have 3 of the same element, you can easily take on what the element is good against thanks to the stat boosts.

Bonded Team

Bonded Tip

Other mobs you should get are:

Puddleking (early game)

Moeyama (early game)

Shroomer (early game)

Sparkler (early game)

Blinko (mid game)

Mochiporon (mid game, boss pass needed)

Freezom Devil (mid game)

Hotalot Devil (mid game)

Tripplo (late game)

Firaj (late game, boss pass needed)

UFO (late game)

Kairobot (late game)

Sally Prin (late game)

Catching Moeyama[edit | edit source]

Moeyama is a Fire type, mesing it is strong against wind types but weak against water types, and resists other fire types. It has great stats all around except HP, but it should be fine if you can KO everyone before they KO you. The best bait to catch Moeyama is spicy bait for Fire types, but you can use (regular) meager bait too. You can find Moeyama in Hot Spring Hills at night, or Deep cave. Personally Deep Cave is better as you are not limited by time. Ideally, you should have a wagon and search for a 2 or 3 star Moeyama. The wagon is required because the Moeyama is level 10 and may sweep your team. It may take several tries to catch it, but if you do, you have one of the BEST beasts for early game. Remember to bring lots of baits and herbs, because this monster is very tough to beat. This monster really helps you get through early game with ease, so it is a MUST HAVE!

Catching Tripplo[edit | edit source]

Tripplo is a fire elemental three head dragon with a high resistance against fire, easily against the sunny island final boss Firaj. It has insane stats with plenty of HP, MP and high damage. Recommended catching it when you have around 30 levels, also at least 3 spicy baits. You can catch it in EAST area in the volcano isle during DAWN. You may find it in a few tries, and it should bring you benefits in middle and late game.

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