• Hi everyone, you know that kairosoft has releasing silver screen story (English version) just a few days ago. Anyone who have tips to play this game can share it.

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    • Prioritize the rankup of your company as it brings alot of new features and easy upgrades of staff. Do not spend research point until you get into 2 star rank. Build important buildings and the maximum production of company is 4 (obtain in 5star rank). At first, its important to upgrade the staff first and actors. Make better combination of movie to gain alot of audience. And also make sure you increase the maximum seat of each theater.

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    • Theres 3 type aura (blue,yellow,rainbow)

      The best stat for Director Charisma , Popular

      The Best Stat for Staff Talent , Tech

      Tips form me . when make movie try as posible all staff/director/actor have rainbow aura 

      they will do more attempt when staff editing/working (+stat all movie)("i try my best" scene)

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