• Do you think it's worth having the "last updated" field for games? or would just the "release date" be enough? with maybe a section for Japanese releases?

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    • Well... that would be more info for people to know... and this is a wiki... so...

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    • I think it is necessary for those who¬†turn off autoupdate. Also, 'release date' should have version too. (Like Anime Studio Story begins with 1.0.5)

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    • @FlameyCool: True, but couldn't think of what it "added".

      @Bomee: We could probably do the "release date" version like how the update version is currently done.

      Alright, I guess I'll leave the update stuff in.

      TL;DR: Adding Japanese names, and an "external links" section to each page; thoughts on this / anything else that should be changed on each page (adding a new section, removing a section, etc)?

      After reworking the Untranslated games page and adding a whole ton of pages, I've been planning on updating the infobox for the normal games to include Japanese-only mobile release dates, and also include the Japanese names / romanji / literal translations (either in the infobox, or in the article like Wikipedia does (although probably more like how the Harvest Moon Wiki does it, with the "lit" included).

      So if anyone has any suggestions on things that should be changed in the infobox / main page, let me know, since it becomes more of a chore every single time since they have so many games, and I'd prefer to get it all done at one.

      I'm also thinking of adding links to the app store/android market; I was considering adding it to the template like the untranslated games one does, but I am now thinking I'll instead add an "external links" section below the trivia section, linking to the app stores, as well as the game's page on (and maybe the Japanese wiki). This adds the "risk" of vandals changing the links location to something devious, but many wikis seem to have an "external links" section, so it's probably fine. If you can think of any other links that should possibly go there for each game, feel free to mention it.

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