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In The Sushi Spinnery, you own and run a sushi parlor. You may upgrade your sushi parlor, hire new talent, and cater to the needs of different customers.


Customers are the main source of your income, and each have their own preferences.





Items are a key part of raising the stats of structures and dishes, especially when competing in contests. The cost of each item increases for each item purchased.


Staff are responsible for making sushi that will be placed on the sushi belt, which is important for actually turning a profit from customers that visit your store. Training your staff is important as well to raise their stats, but during their training they will be limited in what they can do.


Contests are a additional source of bonus Sushi Coins, prize money. Also after winning some contests you will gain new structures, ingredients and other improvements. Contests are free to enter.

Pumpkin Consulting[]

Consulting is the main way to get ingredients, structures, improve staff qualification

Bugs & Cheats

Bug-game dev story Bugs and cheats listed below can be replicated on a device without the need of cheat tools.


  • If you have some waiting seats, bamboo fences, and small tables, there's a chance the game will break, thinking as if all of the table seats are taken. This bug happens at random.


  • You can cancel the product development by going to title screen (make sure you didn't save the game progress during the development)


  • The grade font for base dishes is the same as on Grand Prix Story.
  • The Sushi Coins limit is 999.
  • You may save the dishes up to 30 only.
  • The Hammer footprint is 4x4 squares.
  • When you going to title screen while creating a dish, you may receive a message "Product development was cancelled". (Make sure you didn't save the game during the process).

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