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Tenants are nonplayable characters (NPCs) that can move in to your apartments, marry other NPCs, and have children. Their names, clothes, personalities, and attributes are randomized.

Types of TenantsEdit

Tenants will age as the years pass. Tenants who can move into available apartments can only be Students and Adults.

Name Time span Sleeps in Notes on Growth
Baby 2 seasons Crib* Accumulates happiness if a crib is provided.
Toddler 1 year 2 seasons
Can acquire a hobby at this stage.
Child 1 year Bed* Starts using furniture, which raises stats. Can start seeking titles. More likely to acquire a hobby at this stage than at the Toddler stage.
HS Student 1 year Bed* Starts earning job money ($0.6K). Prepares to attend university. General stat growth and title acquisition.
Student 1 year Bed* Earns slightly more job money (same as Job Seeker). Prepares to leave the nest. Stat growth potential is affected by the school they attend.
Adult 8 years (10 if rejuvenated) Bed* Becomes Job Seeker and applies every Autumn. Becomes Part-Timer if they fail to get a job. Can fall in love and get married.
Retiree 3 years Bed* Becomes Retiree; former job does not affect base income.
  • Cribs and beds are not mandatory, but raise happiness. Not placing any will bring up reminders from the manager.

Tenants move out at the end of the student and retiree phases. If their happiness is high enough, they will give you tickets as they do so (a random roll also is involved).


Attributes are stats each tenate has and will affect their rent payments, relationships, careers, and more. Clothes can be used to raise or lower some of these.

Tenate Attributes
Name Description
Wealth How much money a tenate has saved up. Will be used on rent payments if rent is higher than income.
Intellect Raises chance of being accepted into school or career of choice.
Hobby What the tenate likes to do during downtime. Key to earning Titles. Hobby is correlated with their apartment's furnishings.
Fitness Affects movement speed.
Charisma Affects growth of relationships and success of proposals.
Personality Affects destinations.
Income Seasonal income.
Titles Recognized feats of hobbies, acquired through Advice. Earns points for the end game.
Speciality Primary hobby discovered through furnishings.

Marriage, Children, and PetsEdit

Tenants will ask for your advice before they propose. Your suggestions, along with the tenant's Charisma stat, affect their chance of success. An item called the Love Scroll can also be used to make relationships stronger. Where family is concerned, your tenants follow a straight path to the nuclear family model. Your adult age tenant falls in love with a member of the opposite sex and, after a period of courtship and asking for advice, they propose. If their proposal is successful, their love interest will immediately move into their apartment as a "homemaker." After marriage, tenants begin to have children (if a child permit is researched), housing one or two at a time. When it comes to choosing, make sure that you chose somebody with enough pay and money to pay rent, otherwise you might not get enough money.

A couple first needs to interact with each other and raise their happiness in order to have kids. After a short time of this behavior, a kid will be born.

Kids live in your apartment for several years, and if they are in a well-furnished apartment, wind up with better stats, more titles, and potentially more hobbies than normal tenant recruits. When they turn into adults, they will request tenancy in one of your vacant apartments. If denied, they will move out, but can be found and recruited again through the Local Agency recruitment estate.

For any of this to happen, you need to research a Couple Permit and a Child Permit for each apartment. You only need to do this once per apartment. If the Smith family asked for the Couple Permit for Apartment #1, then the Jones family that moves in afterwards doesn't need to. Permits will become available after Tenants meet certain requirements. If a tenant's relationship with another character grows strong enough, researching a Couple Permit will become available.

After you research a Child Permit, a Pet Permit becomes available for research. The Pet Permit allows an apartment to have a pet. When tenants interact with pets, their happiness goes up. Also, pets can contribute to raising the levels of certain furnishings. Finally, pets help you unlock certain Trophies that add to your Clear Points at end game.


Your tenants' kids will attend a university for the last year of their Student phase. Schools help boost their stats; which school they attend will affect which stats are boosted. You begin with access to 4 schools but unlock access to 3 more as time goes on. The school they pick depends on their Intellect. If they fail, they will move on to the previous school on the list. Students with a 99% chance (capped) may still fail with a special message from the manager. Better schools give a 20% chance boost to more jobs than the previous ones when applying, with Kairo giving the boost to every job and preventing automatic failure.

Name Description Stats
Hale College

A local school that emphasizes appeal over academics.

Initially Available
Chipper College

A decent city school that focuses on fitness and intellect.

Initially Available
Sunshine State

A mid-ranking state school that focuses on intellect.

Initially Available
Lugman Tech A technical school that hones practical job skills. ?
Initially Available
Literati University A top school that attracts elite students from around the country. ? High Tenant Intellect

(around 1000 total)

Lucent Academy A competitive school with many famously successful alumni. ? ?
Kairo University A world-renowned school flooded with applications every year. ? ?

Special TenatesEdit

Special Tenants can be aquired throughout the game using Tickets and will unlock exclusive clothes and careers. To have them move into your apartments, you need to achieve a certain amount of comfort.

Special Tenants
Name Tickets G. Comfort Hair. Acc. Acc. 2 Top Bott.
Comic Artist 8 FFemale ~60 no.11 no.01
no.12 no.11
Comedian 12 MMale ~75 no.33 no.50
no.14 no.04
News Anchor 15 FFemale ~85 no.30
no.04 no.20 no.10
Supermodel 15 FFemale ~100 no.21 no.04
no.25 no.13
Hit Singer 20 MMale ~120 no.30
no.19 no.14 no.01
Movie Star 20 MMale ~150 no.34
no.11 no.10 no.12
Astronaut 25 MMale ~200 no.22 no.16
no.18 no.12
Soccer Player 30 MMale ~250 no.15
no.24 no.07 no.07
Baseball Player 30 MMale ~285 no.32 no.27 no.14 no.17 no.11
Pro Golfer 35 FFemale ~320 no.04 no.01
no.16 no.12
Alchemist 40 MMale ~350 no.20 no.33 no.09 no.02 no.02
Politician 45 MMale ~400 no.22
no.08 no.18 no.10
Ninja 50 MMale ~450 no.22 no.39 no.15 no.09 no.07
Kairosofty 75 FFemale ~500 no.19
no.22 no.20 no.3
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