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The GameNav template can be used to make a standard navigation box for the top of article pages. This template SHOULD NOT be used directly within articles, as it creates a maintenance burden to do so whenever the contents of the box have to be updated. This template is a modified Navbox.

This template also adds a category to the page, identical to the title used.


|title = The name of the game. This automatically becomes a link.
|links = Links to pages related to the game, separated by {{*}}.

|iap = [optional] If "yes", adds a link for In-App Purchases/Products.
|prequel = [optional] The name of the prequel. This automatically becomes a link.
|sequel = [optional] The name of the sequel. This automatically becomes a link.


|title = Game Dev Story
|links = [[Consoles (Game Dev Story)|]]
{{*}} [[Employees (Game Dev Story)|]]
{{*}} [[Training (Game Dev Story)|]]
{{*}} [[Items (Game Dev Story)|]]

Quick Copy/Paste

|title = {{subst:PAGENAME}}
|links = 

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