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There are different suppliers throughout the game. One of them can be active and gets experience whenever you create a plate according to the points the plate got. The XP gained do get a bonus of 50% on Saturdays.

Quality of suppliers determines the final stats (Volume, Taste & Aroma) of all recipes. It represents the percentage bonus to the stats. This bonus will change when suppliers are changed.


  • Local Grocer lv 1's quality is 10.Final recipe stats is then multiplied by (100+10)%
  • Local Grocer lv 10's quality is 28. Final recipe stats is then multiplied by (100+28)%.
Supplier Fee
Level 2 Level 5 Level 10
Local Grocer - bonbon cakery.png
Local Grocer
100 10
Sweeter Veggies
Boosts ingredient sweetness
Greengrocer's Care
Ingredient calories -10kcal
High-End Goods
Ingredient Price+40G
Local Market - bonbon cakery.png
Local Market
500 25
On Sale Now
Ingredient price +20G
Nice & Toasty
Makes ingredients warmer
Super Springy
Makes texture softer
Sunny Farm - bonbon cakery.png
Sunny Farm
2000 40
Hard Times
Makes texture harder
Sunny Sweet
Makes ingredients sweeter
Natural Crunch
Makes texture crunchier
Future Farm - bonbon cakery.png
Future Farm
13,000 65
Bitter's Better
Makes sweets more bitter
Price Booster
Ingredient price +40G
Calorie Reformat
Ingredient calories -30kcal
Woody Farm - bonbon cakery.png
Woody Farm
26,000 80
Forest Blessing
Ingredient calories -10kcal
Makes ingredients sweeter
Texture Up
Makes ingredients crunchier
Mall Mart - bonbon cakery.png
Mall Mart
50,000 110
Makes ingredients softer
Ingredient price +80G
Microwave It!
Makes ingredients hotter
Castle Mart - bonbon cakery.png
Castle Mart
100,000 120
100-Year History
Boosts ingredient texture
200-Year History
Creates a deep, bitter taste
400-Year History
Ingredient price +200G
Bloom Farm - bonbon cakery.png
Bloom Farm
200,000 150
Makes ingredients sweeter
Northern Festival
Ingredient calories -60kcal
Ultimate Sweetness
Makes ingredients super sweet
French Fields - bonbon cakery.png
French Fields
300,000 180
Le Soft Un
Texture becomes soft
Le Soft Deux
Texture becomes very soft
Bourgeois Style
Ingredient price +250G
Chimpan Island - bonbon cakery.png
Chimpan Island
500,000 220
Green Bananas
Reduces ingredient sweetness
Chimpan Cooler
Cools down ingredients
Tropical Secret
Ingredient calories -100kcal
Kairo Farm - bonbon cakery.png
Kairo Farm
1,000,000 300
Healthy Special
Ingredient calories -50kcal
Operation: Fluffy
Texture becomes fluffy
Kairo Price Increase
Ingredient price +500G
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