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Students are the school's main source of income through tuition (which is based as Challenges), as well a spending money through school facilities. on have names based mostly on puns of important/famous people. After graduation, students who eventually return will have 85% of the stats they had when graduating (ex. 100 in all grades at graduation will return with all stats at 85). The exception to this is the player's custom student who after graduating comes back to the school as a 1st year student every time with 85% stats also. You may have a total of 36 students in school at once (4 students per classroom x 3 class rooms per year level x 3 year levels). You will get at most 6 students at the beginning of the year, although as the game progresses, you will get a lot of transfer students right after the school year starts.

You may change your school's outfit at any time by going to Menu > School > School Info > hit arrow to go to "School Info 2/3".


  • Int-pocket academy Int (Intelligence) - Quick to learn and to discover new facilities / careers.
    • Boost: Review drill-pocket academy Review Drill / Smart strap-pocket academy Smart Strap (large boost).
  • Ath-pocket academy Ath (Athleticism) - How far students are willing to travel (in relation to their classroom).
    • Boost: Sports drill-pocket academy Sports Drill
  • Pop-pocket academy Pop (Popularity) - Affects how often they will converse with other students. This increases the number of research points you gain, as well as being important in creating strong bonds with other students (hearts). During Summer/Autumn events, a student with high pop should be chosen so that more students will be recruited.
    • Boost: Pheromones-pocket academy Pheromones
  • Att-pocket academy Att (Attitude) - Affects how many grade points are gained from special classes. The attitude names are (in descending order): Angelic, Good, Average, Defiant.
    • Boost: Ethics drill-pocket academy Ethics Drill
  • Type - This attribute affects what students will do best at (how easily they can raise a stat) and also to some degrees what facilities they are most likely to visit most often. This stat is randomized in every game. There is no way to change this stat.
    • Average - Normal.
    • Serious - Boosted.
    • Playful -
    • Active -
    • Flirty -
    • Chill -
    • Weird -
    • Leader -
  • Job - Affects the student's background and what type of house they live in.
    • $20k - Log cabin/cottage
    • $30k - Shop with green sign
    • $35k-$120k - A tan apartment/ three-storey house/cottage/house with green roof
    • $150k - White building with four pillars
    • $200k - Castle


This section is a stub. Please help expand itNote: How are auras gained, when are they used, when are they used all at once vs 1 "level"

When doing different activities, students may randomly receive an aura, or receive it by talking to the opposite sex. If they already have an aura, they will learn better than usual and have more of a chance to pass challenges, improve a club they’re in, and help improve the school. will go up a "level". The auras, from weakest to strongest are: Yellow, Blue, Red, Rainbow. The More Auras, The Better!


Name Gen
Initial Job Initial Grades Name Pun
Eng Math Span Sci Soc
PlayerEEitherGenderS Business3030303030
Sonny LevaMMaleDoctor205301560
Darius IdaMMaleNovelist870306615
Erik MummaMMaleNurse515652115
Abe PlueMMaleFire Chief8051304345
Allan SoniMMaleDoctor25706305
Rob GrossMMaleK Teacher5076423566
AJ EvansMMaleDoctor205301560
Dutch PittMMaleP. Officer3030303030
Sean WiseMMaleL Business86405020
Erik PitenMMaleSec Guard665522522
Jessie GawMMaleArtist65252170
Rod LitkaMMaleM Business6540353040
Dane FrackMMaleNurse3545654175
Elwood MohMMaleBig Corp3020403545
Cody VeseyMMaleK Teacher246221156
Cody BeetsMMaleDesigner205505010
Ted ArmandMMaleSec Guard520105050
Guy PechMMaleM Business6540153040
Al KunkaMMaleM Business4040302515
Ed HislopMMaleFire Chief5021103325
Dave VallsMMaleL Business4546543135
Elvin BayMMalePro Gamer503167030
Neil KrampMMalePro Gamer503163030
Vin VancilMMaleBig Corp3020403545
Jackson HuMMaleDoctor257063065
Hugh MarisMMaleL Business816403020
Bob BaliusMMaleM Business305663525
Ted BilalMMaleM Business404010515
Hal ReeseMMaleNovelist3020503545
Wyn StylesMMaleReporter505020158
Jane KatoFFemaleAnnouncer3535353535
Dani WashFFemaleM Business5060603262
Wendy ShalFFemaleL Business403020605
Elsie PeakFFemaleJournalist6122213344
Amy SubyFFemaleBus Guide1280304533
Kristi TodFFemaleL Business403020695
Anna FordFFemaleBus Guide206602140
Tris HaberFFemaleBig Corp721512542
Olga OlmFFemaleL Business5855381666
Ina CorreaFFemaleS Business10465224
Ella WhitFFemaleDoctor5020603525
Faye DwyerFFemaleTranslator2015224050
Jodi BaderFFemaleL Business6650363675
Mia PintoFFemaleGame Dev54954355
Maddy CallFFemaleTranslator205124050
Eva RacineFFemaleJournalist3060403040
Pearl TupFFemaleModel776402565
Holly BunFFemaleSinger5015501550
Marie BuckFFemaleS Business3050804050
Nina TowneFFemaleM Business4856676546
Bella SolaFFemaleCelebrity2636665538
Anne LowFFemaleS Business501552545
Janet SpelFFemaleBus Guide2056683140
Alice MunFFemaleL Business585181666
Vicky HollFFemaleM Business401675516
Katy LingFFemaleS Business5265224
Tammy GunFFemaleS Business3030303030
Tanya GillFFemaleM Business6122113344
Toni ElamFFemaleS Business515422545
Kira CuffFFemaleM Business303060455
Juana BohnFFemaleS Business8585858080
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