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Facility details-pocket academy


Structures come in three types: Environment, Facilities, and Special.

  • Environmental rooms are primarily used to raise the spirit of near-by facilities. An infinite amount of them can be placed.
  • Facilities are the main type of structures used in the game, are are key for building up your school as well as making combos. However, make sure not to build too many at once, as these facilities have an upkeep cost.
  • Special structures are structures that have a limited amount that can be placed at any time, have an upkeep cost, and provide a boost to nearby faculties. These structures also includes structures such as teacher/class rooms, gates, fields, and animal rooms.

Some structures can only be unlocked on specific maps, and are not attainable on others.

Structures can be level to increase their effects, up to a max level of 5.

Unlocking and Bulletin BoardsEdit

Unlocking structures in Pocket Academy is done by visiting bulletin boards. Only students can unlock structures, teachers can only unlock  clubs.

Unlike unlocking clubs, the requirements for unlocking structures is quite diverse. They can be anything from structures, spots, graduates with specific careers and visitor's stat. However, there's no required range checking. Structures and spots can be placed faraway from the bulletin board and they will still count.

For requirement that required a certain stat above certain level, only if the student that use the bulletion board that are checked for the stat requirement. If (s)he don't have the required stats, the structure will not unlock although there are other students that fulfills the requirement.


Icon Name Price Spirit Unlock Notes
Wood hall-PocketAcademy Wood Hall $20
Initially Available
Panel hall-PocketAcademy Panel Hall $40 Major School Increases nearby facilities spirit points.
Remove-PocketAcademy Remove $0
Dirt path-pocket academy Dirt Path $10
Initially Available
Sidewalk-PocketAcademy Sidewalk $50 Promising School
Grass-PocketAcademy Grass $30 Developing School Students will randomly relax when on grass.
Flowers-PocketAcademy Flowers $200 +1
Initially Available
$10 monthly upkeep
Lake-pocket academy Lake $2000 Legendary School Need for some movement items, combos, and fishing.
Woods-PocketAcademy Woods $160 +1
Initially Available
Can help people passing nearby to relax.
Big tree-PocketAcademy Big Tree $500 +1 Only available in some maps
Azalea-PocketAcademy Azalea $200 +1 Promising School
Garden Spot
Can help people passing nearby to relax.
Pine-pocket academy Pine $400 +1 Developing School
Bio Spot
Can help people passing nearby to relax.
Bamboo-pocket academy Bamboo $400 +1 Major School
18 students or more
Can help people passing nearby to relax.
Poplar-pocket academy Poplar $500 +1 Prestigious School
20 students or more
Can help people passing nearby to relax.
Palm tree-pocket academy Palm Tree $800 +1 Legendary School
25 students or more
Big rock-pocket academy Big Rock $1000 +1 Promising School
20 Azaleas or more
Can help people passing nearby to relax.

While these exist in the game files, these may not be accessible in any map:

  • Mythic tree-PocketAcademy Mythic Tree
  • Small tree-PocketAcademy Small Tree


Icon Name Price Upkeep Spirit Unlock Description Notes
Locker room-PocketAcademy Locker Rm $1200 $20 Y 1 M 6 Used for changing.
Well-PocketAcademy Well $1500 $80
Initially Available*
Provides fresh drinking water *Only available in Sunny Vale & Lakeside Maps.
There is no way to obtain it on other maps.
Bulletin board-PocketAcademy Bulletin Bd $1500 $80
Initially Available
Get suggestions from students.
Inst shelter-PocketAcademy Inst Shelt $2000 $80 2 Fields Needed to raise crops.
Trampoline-PocketAcademy Trampoline $3000 $80 2 Wtr Fntns Puts a bounce in your step.
Dojo-PocketAcademy Dojo $6000 $80 2 Gyms
Arcade-PocketAcademy Arcade $6000 $80 Developing School Nice for taking a break.
Bench-PocketAcademy Bench $1000 $80 Promising School Perfect for a sun bathing.
Planetarium-PocketAcademy Planetarium $20000 $80 Prestigious School
1 Astronaut graduates
Snack store-PocketAcademy Snack Store $5000 $160 10 Students Sells snacks and stationery. Initially Available on 1st map
Earns money for the school
Vending room-PocketAcademy Vending Rm $3000 $120 Developing School
Snack Store
Sells invigorating drinks. Earns money for the school
Water fountain-PocketAcademy Wtr Fntn $2500 $80 7 Students Hand washing is important.
Rest room-PocketAcademy Rest Rm $2000 $60 4 Students With heated seats!
Misc room-PocketAcademy Misc Room $3000 $100 16 students A big, multi-purpose room.
Lounge-PocketAcademy Lounge $2000 $120 5 Students For relaxing with friends. Tea room-pocket academy "Tea room" in Japanese version
PA room-PocketAcademy PA Rm $2000 $130 7 Students For making announcements.
Nurse&#039;s room-PocketAcademy Nurse's Rm $1500 $120 5 Students Come lie down if you're ill.
Library-PocketAcademy Library $3000 $180 +4 7 Students Full of useful books.
AV room-PocketAcademy AV Room $5000 $360 +4 Developing School Watch educational videos.
Tiny mart-PocketAcademy Tiny Mart $2000 $700 +4 Major School Sells convenient goods. Earns money for the school
Lab-PocketAcademy Lab $4000 $200 Developing School
Int >= 90
Music room-PocketAcademy Music Rm $3000 $160 Promising School
Int >= 90
Has posters of musicians.
Cafeteria-PocketAcademy Cafeteria $10000 $200 Developing School
Att >= 75
Sells cheap meals and snacks.
Art room-PocketAcademy Art Rm $5000 $300 Music Rm
Int >= 90
Home ec room-PocketAcademy Hm Ec Rm $3500 $200 Int >= 90 Has high-tech sewing machines.
Computer room-PocketAcademy Comp Rm $12500 $500 Developing School
Has the latest computers.
Track-PocketAcademy Track $5000 $100 Promising School
Ath >= 50
Do all kinds of exercise here.
Tennis court-PocketAcademy Tennis Ct $4000 $130 Promising School
Ath >- 40
Popular with the fashionable.
Basketball court-PocketAcademy B-Ball Ct $4000 $180 Tennis Ct
Ath >= 60
Greatly boosts athletic skill.
Baseball field-PocketAcademy Baseball Fld $8000 $300 2 Tennis Cts
Ath >- 80
A popular high school sport. Build a bulletin board adjacent to Tennis Ct
Soccer field-PocketAcademy Soccer Fld $10000 $400 1 Baseball Fld
Ath >= 105
Build a bulletin bd near a Baseball Fld.
Gym-PocketAcademy Gym $21000 $300 Developing School
Comp Rm
Int >= 95
There may be a different set of conditions that unlocks it.
Pool-PocketAcademy Pool $23000 $500 Prestigious School
Ath >= 110
Incinerator-PocketAcademy Incinerator $1200 $50 5 Students For burning garbage.

While these exist in the game files, these may not be accessible in any map:

  • Clock-pocket academy Clock


Special rooms offer special effects or offer high stats boosts.

  • Animal Rooms - As the students take care of the animal, it will begin to produce a product, which is then automatically sold and the income given to the school. More rooms will be awarded as the specific one is being used.
  • Fields - Similar to animal rooms, but can offer multiple crops to be grown, with most seeds for a specific plant needing to be unlocked. More rooms will be awarded as they are used.
  • Gates - Let students leave and enter for break. A path must be connected to the main gate for students to access it freely / willingly (Note: while they may go onto a path not connected to the main gate, they may possibly get "stuck" until a path is created for them).
  • Statues - Extra statues of each type will be awarded at Year 30 and 50 for a total of 3 each.
Icon Name Price Upkeep Spirit Unlock Description Notes
Club-PocketAcademy Club $1000 $80 Y 2 M 6
Totem pole-PocketAcademy Totem Pole $5000 $80 Randomly awarded on graduations Has a mysterious atmosphere Extras awarded by graduating students
Rocket-pocket academy Rocket $30000 $80 Legendary School
10 Astronauts graduates
This may be similar as in Epic Astro Story.
Classroom-PocketAcademy Classroom $300 Awarded as students increase Maximum 3 Classrooms per year group
Principal room-PocketAcademy Prncpl Rm $3000 $240 +4 Promising School Get sage advice.
Gate-PocketAcademy Gate $1500 $300
Initially Available
Used to enter and leave. Extra gates awarded as rank is increased
Chicken room-pocket academy Chicken Rm $1000 $100
Initially Available
Spirit boosts sales price.
Rabbit room-pocket academy Rabbit Rm $2000 $120 Promising School Spirit boosts sales price.
Pig room-pocket academy Pig Rm $3000 $140 Developing School Spirit boosts sales price.
Cow room-pocket academy Cow Rm $5000 $160 Developing School Spirit boosts sales price.
Duck room-pocket academy Duck Rm $8000 $180 Major School Spirit boosts sales price.
Panda room-pocket academy Panda Rm $8000 $180 Developing School
2 Adventurer graduates
Spirit boosts sales price.
Koala room-pocket academy Koala Rm $8000 $180 Major School
4 Adventurer graduates
Fiery Spot
Spirit boosts sales price.
Giraffe room-pocket academy Giraffe Rm $8000 $180 Prestigious School
7 Adventurer graduates
Fiery Spot
Spirit boosts sales price.
Gator room-pocket academy Gator Rm $8000 $180 Only available in some maps Spirit boosts sales price.
Elephant room-pocket academy Elephant Rm $8000 $180 Prestigious School
11 Adventurer graduates
1 Conductor graduate
Fiery Spot
Spirit boosts sales price.
Mole room-pocket academy Mole Rm $8000 $180 Prestigious School
Cooking Spot
Spirit boosts sales price.
Kairobot room-pocket academy Kairobot Rm $8000 $180 Legendary School
Jealousy Spot
5 Gold Robots
Spirit boosts sales price.
Teacher room-PocketAcademy Teacher Rm $5000
Initially Available
Each Teachers' Room can have up to 4 teachers. Second Teacher Rm awarded as Developing School
Bronze statue-PocketAcademy Bronze St $10000 $250 +4 16 Students Extras awarded at Year 30 and 50.
Gold statue-PocketAcademy Gold St $20000 $450 +6 Year 5
Stone robot-PocketAcademy Stone Robot $38000 $500 +8 Year 8
Gold robot-PocketAcademy Gold Robot $50000 $800 +10 Year 15
Cherry tree-PocketAcademy Cherry Tree $1000
Initially Available
Can help people passing nearby to relax. Extras awarded by graduating students
Field-PocketAcademy Field $1000 $100
Initially Available
Produce various crops.

While these exist in the game files, these may not be accessible in any map:

  • Horse room-pocket academy Horse Rm
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