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In Station Manager you manage several train stations in multiple maps/towns. Develop the town and fill the station with shops and services to attract new passengers and open new train routes.

Only 1 train station can be managed at one time. However, about 40% income from the other stations will be added periodically to the current station. Every 1st month of the year, an option will be given to change the station that will be managed directly for the current year..

This game is similar to Kairosoft's previous game, Pocket Academy, where the game is played in several maps with different characteristics. Unlike Pocket Academy, all progress in all maps are saved, allowing player to change maps every game year without having to start a new game.

Bugs & Cheats

Bug-game dev story.png Bugs and cheats listed below can be replicated on a device without the need of cheat tools.
  • [v1.22] Bug - The customer pass through the train even the train is on the crossing track.

Mentioned Game[]

You may find these games mentioned in the game's newsletter "Off-The-Rails".


  • If you go to the "Official Page" in the external links below, the huge animated banner at the top of the page contains a minigame. As trains go by, the ones on the track close to you contain Kairobots. The goal of the minigame is to press the screen at just the right moment to have Kairobot successfully jump onto the platform.
  • Kairosoft switched to using Unity as the default game engine starting with this game. As a result, landscape mode is not available.
  • Most of the facilities and store models appear to be replicas or improved versions of their counterparts in Mega Mall Story.
  • The game may crash, force close, or not run smooth on older devices (such as the Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus, the Samsung Galaxy S II, the iPhone 4S, the Lenovo A830 etc.) due to changes in the game engine. To prevent the problem, use a newer device (such as the Samsung Galaxy S8, the LG V20, the Google Pixel XL etc.).
  • A ban on clicking customers to show customer info was placed by Kairosoft to prevent this common feature from flowing into the game.
  • Kairobot, Chimpan Z, Grizzly Bearington & Kappton show up on the loading screen.
  • Internet connection is required only during first opening for license verification.

External Links[]

Language packs[]

Language Pack icon.png Language packs are community made translations of a specific game into a language not otherwise supported by Kairosoft. If you wish to create one, you can download the english CSV file here.
See the language packs page for details.
Language CSV Author(s) Source Notes
Tiếng Việt link csv
link Google
Adino18 tác giả Làm xong 100%, phiên bản 1.32

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