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Overview Edit

There are 15 staff in-game. 3 of them will be available at the start of the game. Most of the other staff will be unlocked when reaching certain pyramid power value.

There are 3 staff who are unlocked by satisfying visiting mummies. There are 3 types of mummies, one mummy for each staff. Mummies will be satisfied if they visited their favorite amenity 3 times. If the mummy visited other amenity beside their favored one, it will not be counted toward their satisfaction. After that, they will turn into staff which then can be recruited. Each mummies' favorite amenity is different to each other. What amenity each mummy favors is listed in the table.

Staff List Edit

Name Forte Unlock
Herbert Dunes Quarrying
Initially Available
Pyra Middleton Construction
Initially Available
Antony Rivers Service
Initially Available
Rachel Moses Crafting Reach 50 Pyramid Power
Camel Spitz Service Satisfy Ragged Mummy (Murals)
Monty Houser Construction Reach 100 Pyramid Power
Eugene Lotus Quarrying Reach 180 Pyramid Power
Izzy Osborne Crafting Reach 290 Pyramid Power
Terra Pinn Service Satisfy Wrinkled Mummy (Curry Shops)
Cleo Nilsson Construction Reach 430 Pyramid Power
Sunny Hills Quarrying Reach 600 Pyramid Power
Rocky Waters Crafting Reach 800 Pyramid Power
Bearington Construction, Service Reach 1,100 Pyramid Power
Chimpan Quarrying, Crafting Reach 1,500 Pyramid Power
Kairobot Quarrying, Construction, Service, Crafting Satisfied Lurching Mummy (Public Baths)
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