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Tourist Spots or Spots are the locations where tourists that visit the park will spend their time and money. They are the main source of income for the park.

Generally these spots are fixed, which depend on the tile they are built on. An exception is Tour, which location can be changed every 3 month.

Tourist Centers[]

The first tourist spot that is initially available from the start. This tile provides various services to tourists and generally the first tile that tourists will enter during their visit.

Service Price Unlocked
Tourist Center 25 Initially Available
Trash Cans 20 Initially Available
Many Restrooms 15 Dandelion Specialty
Receive Deliveries 30 Sunflower Specialty
Free Teacakes 48 Special Tea Specialty
Sandwich Sales 32 Shiitake Specialty
Fresh Juice 42 Clementine Specialty
Pamphlet Sales 55 Ancient Tree Specialty
Keychain Sales 65 Bluebird Specialty
Ice Cream Sales 75 Fresh Milk Specialty
Wooden Bear Sales 95 Wooden Bear Specialty
Chimp Doll Sales 110 Chimp Doll Specialty
Goldfish Scooping 35 Caught 20 Goldfish?
Coin Games 45 Caught 20 Killifish?
Carp Banners 65 Caught 20 Koi Carps
Fishing Gear Rental 75 Caught 10 Black Bass
Snap Your Catch! 75 Caught 10 Silver Carp
Earthquake Study 65 Caught 15 Catfishes?


Inns provide accomodation for tourists who want to stay longer in the park. They sell dishes to tourists to generate income.

Dish Price Unlocked
Lunch Set 10 Initially Available
Citrus Dessert 12 Clementine Specialty
Curry n' Rice 15 Rice Ball Specialty
Veggie Meal 22 Dandelion Specialty
Boar Hot Pot 35 Connect Inn with Mountain
Rice Milk 65 Connect Inn with Rice Field
Tea Over Rice 21 Special Tea Specialty
Roast Fish Set 10 Caught 20 Rainbow Trouts
Salmon Set 25 Caught 20 Salmons
Saury Set 32 Caught 20 Pacific Saurys
Crab Hot Pot 150 Hairy Crab Specialty

Hot Spring Inns[]

Same with Inns, this tourist spot sells dishes to generate income.

Dish Price Unlocked
Hot Spring Set 30 Initially Available
Veg. Stir Fry 30 Cabbage Specialty
Grilled Salmon 25 Caught 10 Cherry Salmons
Grilled Trout 45 Caught 20 Sweetfishes
Eel Rice Bowl 55 Caught 30 Eels
Duck Stew 30 Shiitake Specialty
Boiled Egg 65 Boiled Egg Specialty
Egg Rice 40 Healthy Egg Specialty
Matsutake Set 80 Matsutake Specialty
Banana Milk 30 Connect Hot Spring Inn with Forest
Cherry Pie 25 Connect Hot Spring Inn with Cherry Trees


Same with Inns and Hot Spring Inns, this tourist spot sells dishes to generate income.

Dish Price Unlocked
SP Lunch Set 35 Initially Available
3-Sashimi Set 55 Caught 10 Horse Mackerels
Sea Bream Set 50 Caught 15 Sea Breams
Sashimi Plate 80 Caught 15 Swordfishes
Grape Juice 35 Giant Grape Specialty
Breakfast Set 60 Ripe Cherry Specialty
5-Course Meal 100 Ancient Tree Specialty
Caesar Salad 45 Connect Hotel with Grassland
Steak 120 Connect Hotel with Farm
French Buffet 80 Grade A Meat Specialty


Tours are unlocked after finishing the "Hold Tour" Research. After that, a tile can be designated as a tourist spot. The tourist spot will stay during the duration of the tour. When the tour duration is finished, a new spot can be selected as a new tourist spot. Some tours can only be held in a certain tile.

Tour Cost Materials Price Targeted
Popularity Tile Unlocked
Picnic Tour 30 6 Lumbers 10 Locals MMale Low Any Initially Available
Dandelion Tour 30 12 Lumbers 20 Locals FFemale Low Any Dandelion Specialty
Sunflower Tour 60 12 Feed 20 Locals MMale Low Any Dandelion Specialty
Bluebird Tour 90 12 Feed
12 Lumbers
30 Locals FFemale Normal Any Bluebird Specialty
Ancient Tree Tour 90 6 Feed
6 Lumbers
30 Locals MMale Normal Any Ancient Tree Specialty
Peach Eating Tour 90 12 Feed 30 Locals FFemale Normal Any Round Peach Specialty
Piranha Tour 120 18 Feed
18 Lumbers
40 Urbanites MMale Normal Any Caught 20 Piranhas
Carp Banner Tour 120 18 Feed
18 Lumbers
40 Urbanites FFemale Normal Any Caught 20 Koi Carps
Water Master Tour 150 18 Feed
18 Lumber
50 Urbanites MMale Normal Any Caught 20 Sheatfish
Black Bass Tour 150 18 Feed
18 Lumber
50 Urbanites FFemale Normal Any Caught 20 Blackbass
Matsutake Tour 210 30 Feed 70 Urbanites MMale High Any Matsutake Specialty
Flower Tour 210 24 Lumbers 70 Urbanites FFemale High Any Ripe Cherry Specialty
Crystal Tour 210 6 Feed
18 Lumbers
70 Metropolitans MMale High Any Crystal Specialty
Snow Sports Tour 240 30 Lumbers 80 Metropolitans FFemale High Any Create Snowy Mountain Tile
Ruins Tour 300 24 Feed 120 Metropolitans MMale High Any Ancient Pot Specialty
Duck Family Tour 360 15 Feed
30 Lumbers
150 Metropolitans FFemale High Any Duck Family Specialty Specialty
Swan Photo Tour 300 15 Feed
30 Lumbers
120 Metropolitans FFemale High Any Pretty Swan Specialty
Treasure Tour 300 15 Feed
45 Lumbers
150 Foreign Tourists MMale Very Pop Any Treasure Specialty
Oil Hunting Tour 300 45 Feed
30 Lumbers
120 Foreign Tourists FFemale Very Pop Any Oil Field Specialty
Rice Field Tour 30 12 Feed 10 Locals MMale Low Rice Field Rice Field Lv. 2
Spirit Tour 90 12 Feed
12 Lumbers
20 Locals FFemale Low Forest Create Forest Tile
Highland Tour 150 12 Feed 50 Urbanites MMale Low Mountain Create Mountain Tile
Tropical Tour 240 18 Feed
12 Lumbers
70 Urbanites FFemale Normal Palm Tree Create Palm Tree Tile
Waterfall Tour 240 6 Feed
30 Lumbers
80 Foreign Tourists MMale Normal Waterfall Create Waterfall Tile
Cave Tour 240 18 Feed
30 Lumbers
80 Foreign Tourists FFemale High Cave Create Cave Tile
Autumn Leaf Tour 240 42 Feed
15 Lumbers
80 Foreign Tourists MMale High Autumn Leaves Create Autumn Leaves Tile
Kappa Pond Tour 300 60 Feed
15 Lumbers
150 Metropolitans MMale High Pond Kappa Statue Specialty

Note :

  • Cost and Materials listed in the table are for a 3 months long tour.