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Sponsors provide supports to the club by providing access to the items and equipments they produced for the club use. In exchange, the club (or its players) will promote the sponsors. This can be done by using the sponsors' products in matches or by contributing to the sponsors' sales.

Bonds between the club and its sponsors are reflected in the sponsor's level. Sponsors may provide better items or equipments on higher level.

Bond with sponsors can be increased in 3 ways :

  • Equipping the items/equipments they produce when doing matches. The more items and equipments equipped, the more the bond will increase.
    Up to 9 of items/equipments from a sponsor can be equipped in order the reach the maximum increase in bond during matches. Equipping more than 9 items/equipments will not yield more bond.
    Higher ranked matches will also reward more bond points.
  • Buying the items/equipments from the shop will increase the bond with the sponsor that provide the items/equipments.
  • If a sponsor has a facility associated with it, building the facility in the club will allow players and customers to visit it. Bond with the sponsor will increase for each visitors.


Fame is a measure of how famous the tennis club is. Famous club will attract high-class sponsors that provide superb quality items and equipments thus allowing the club to become even more famous.

There are many ways to gain fame.

  • Winning matches. High Ranked matches will reward more fame.
  • Doing Club Activities. The more expensive Club Activity is, the more fame it will bring to the club.
  • Having multiple unique Facilities. It's a good idea to build one of each facilities instead of building multiple copies of a single facility. Each unique facility built in the club will award additional fame.
  • Players' personal achievements. Achievements that players got will also reward fame to the club. Achievements can be something like becoming the #1 National Player or #1 World Player.

Sponsors List[]

Comex (Tennis Club Story).png Comex (100 Fame)[]

Earliest available sponsor. It provides several rackets and items for beginner players. Its name is a pun of "Yonex", a rackets manufacturer.

Description: Wooden shoes didn't sell, but their cloth prototype was a big hit.

Cost: 10 Management Points

Difficulty: Easy

Comex's sponsorships list
Name Type Sponsor Lv
Power Blade Racket 1
Power Blade 2 Racket 1
High Blade Racket 1
Super Blade Racket 4
Ultra Blade Racket
Max Blade Racket 10
Blue Cap Hat 2
Polyester Strings Equippable 5
P Shoes Equippable 3
P Shoes Pro Equippable 8
Rule Book Equippable

Arrowfield Store (Tennis Club Story).png Arrowfield Store (150 Fame)[]

Maker of some consumables and equippable items. Its masterpiece is a racket designed for top junior's players. it also unlocks 2 facilities and 1 club activity.

Description: A community supermarket on a T-junction.

Cost: 12 Management Points

Difficulty: Easy

Arrowfield Store's sponsorships list
Name Type Sponsor Lv
Mint Gum Consumable 2
Poca Cola Consumable 1
Coffee Consumable 4
Comic Book Equipable 3
Photo Album Equipable 6
Autograph Book Equipable 5
Conv. Store Facility 1
Fishing Hole Facility 5
BBQ Tournament Club Activity 2
Lollipop Racket 10

Wilton (Tennis Club Story).png Wilton (200 Fame)[]

This sponsor provides low to high quality rackets that's exclusively made for kids. It also unlock one club activity. Its name is a pun of "Wilson", a sports apparel manufacturer.

Description: Originally a butcher, but somehow ended up selling sporting goods.

Cost: 15 Management Points

Difficulty: Easy

Wilton's sponsorships list
Name Type Sponsor Lv
Little Spin Racket 1
Little Power Racket 1
Little Techno Racket 2
Little Aero Racket 4
Little Hyper Racket 7
Little Maximum Racket 10
Sun Hat Hat 3
Baby Watch Equippable 6
Megaphone Equippable 8
Candy Consumable 1
Athletic Meet Club Activity 4

Multiqlo (Tennis Club Story).png Multiqlo (250 Fame)[]

Manufacturer of multiple equipments for beginner to pro class players, its product range from low to high quality. It also produces some sports bags and items.Its name is a pun of "Uniqlo", a Japanese fashion company.

Description: Popular for low prices, high quality, and a variety of sizes.

Cost: 15 Management Points

Difficulty: Easy

Multiqlo's sponsorships list
Name Type Sponsor Lv
Blue Polo Tops 1
Blue Vest Tops 1
Pink Polo Tops 1
Blue Mesh Shirt Tops 4
Green Lined Shirt Tops 7
Orange Super Polo Tops 10
Aqua Shirt Tops 1
Black Blouse Tops 1
Red Collared Tops 1
Black Camisole Tops 5
Pink Camisole Tops 8
Red Sauna Suit Tops 11
Blue Shorts Bottoms 1
Yam Sweats Bottoms 1
Blue Long Sweats Bottoms 1
Navy Shorts Bottoms 4
Green Shorts Bottoms 7
Turquoise Shorts Bottoms 10
2-Line Skirt Bottoms 1
Shiny Skirt Bottoms 1
Gray Pleats Bottoms 1
Olive Skirt Bottoms 5
Aqua Skirt Bottoms 8
Yelllow High Pleats Bottoms 11
Wide Sun Visor Hat 2
Rascal Hat Hat 5
Fairy Cap Hat 8
Navy Hat Hat 10
Red Gym Bag Bag 2
Blue Gym Bag Bag 4
Blue Backpack Bag 6
Simple Sneakers Equippable 3
Sunglasses Equippable 4
Sunscreen Equippable 5
Handkerchief Equippable 6
Tissues Equippable 7
Sailor Uniform Tops 30
Uniform Skirt Bottoms 30

Smile Foods (Tennis Club Story).png Smile Foods (300 Fame)[]

Producers of consumables, although it also unlocks 2 facilities and 1 club activity.

Description: Sells food made a by an old lady who works two hours a day.

Cost: 20 Management Points

Difficulty: Easy

Smile Foods' sponsorships list
Name Type Sponsor Lv
Carrot Consumable 2
Apple Consumable 2
Cabbage Consumable 2
Udon Noodles Consumable 6
Strawberry Consumable 3
Daikon Consumable 2
Omelet Consumable 7
Beef Bowl Consumable 8
Watermelon Consumable 5
Rice Pasta Consumable 10
Restaurant Facility 1
Fortuneteller Facility 5
Cake Party Club Activity 4
Daikon Racket 15

Abibas (Tennis Club Story).png Abibas (350 Fame)[]

This sponsor provides medium to high quality rackets along with some items. Its name is a pun of "Adidas".

Description: Drawing on inspiration from seaweed, offers the latest in synthetic equipment.

Cost: 11 Management Points

Difficulty: Easy

Abibas's sponsorships list
Name Type Sponsor Lv
Drive Zero Racket 1
Drive One Racket 1
Drive Ten Racket 1
Drive 50 Racket 4
Drive Million Racket 7
Drive Billion Racket 10
Red Sun Visor Hat 2
Wrist Band Equippable 2
Nylon Strings Equippable 3
Under Grip Equippable 8
Vibe Dampener Equippable 5

Hizuno (Tennis Club Story).png Hizuno (400 Fame)[]

Its product range varies from low up to high quality equipments. It also produces some sports bags and items.

Description: A famous golf maker with famed craftsmen.

Cost: 16 Management Points

Difficulty: Easy

Hizuno's sponsorships list
Name Type Sponsor Lv
Red Dry Wear Tops 1
Yellow Dry Line Tops 1
Dry Green Tops 5
Hyper Dry Tops 8
Ultra Dry Tops
Baseball Wear Tops 15
Pink Vest Tops 1
Green Camisole Tops 1
Green Tank Top Tops 4
Speed Tank Top Tops 7
Fast Camisole Tops 10
Red Shoes Bottoms 1
Purple Shorts Bottoms 1
Swift Sweats Bottoms 5
Light Shorts Bottoms 8
Speed Pants Bottoms
Baseball Pants Bottoms 15
Sweat Skirt Bottoms 1
Skirt & Tights Bottoms 1
White Pleats Bottoms 4
White Sweats Bottoms 7
Vivid Skirt Bottoms 10
White Cap Hat 2
Black Cap Hat 5
10-Gallon Hat Hat 8
Backpack Bag 2
Red Standard Bag 4
Yellow Standard Bag 5
Blue Standard Bag 8
Leather Grip Equippable 3
D Watch Equippable 5
Water Bottle Equippable 7

Duck Springs (Tennis Club Story).png Duck Springs (500 Fame)[]

Two Facilities and 1 club activity can be unlocked by this sponsor. Aside from that it also sells some equippable items, a consumable and some equipments.

Description: A hot spring famous for a catchy jingle.

Cost: 22 Management Points

Difficulty: Easy

Duck Springs' sponsorships list
Name Type Sponsor Lv
Cooling Spray Equipable 3
Hot Spring Egg Consumable 2
Hot Spring Facility 1
Hotel Facility 5
Hot Spring Tour Club Activity 10
Muscle Shirt Tops 12
Loincloth Bottoms 12
Kimono Top Tops 15
Kimono Bottom Bottoms 15
Bird Wear Tops 18
Bird Tights Bottoms 18

Shaperz (Tennis Club Story).png Shaperz (600 Fame)[]

Its main products are consumable items, although it also makes some equippable items. It also unlock 2 facilities and 1 club activity.

Description: A sports gym said to be able to shape you up in a day.

Cost: 16 Management Points

Difficulty: Easy

Shaperz's sponsorships list
Name Type Sponsor Lv
Dumbbell Equipable 2
Sandbag Equipable 3
Balance Ball Equipable 6
Energy Drink Consumable 3
Protein Consumable 8
Green Juice Consumable 5
Supplement Consumable 9
Pool Facility 1
Training Gym Facility 5
Tennis Workshop Club Activity 2

Rolph Rollin (Tennis Club Story).png Rolph Rollin (700 Fame)[]

The leading manufacturer for kids' sports apparel. Its product can be used by beginner up to world class players. It also provides a consumable item and unlock a club activity.

Description: Famed of its embroidered mascot of a clown on a pony.

Cost: 25 Management Points

Difficulty: Easy

Rolph Rollin's sponsorships list
Name Type Sponsor Lv
Kids Wear Tops 1
Gym Wear Tops 1
Leisure Wear Tops 2
Work Wear Tops 4
Tech Wear Tops 8
Pro Training Wear Tops 8
Aqua Wear Tops 10
Speed Wear Tops 15
Kids Pants Bottoms 1
Gym Pants Bottoms 1
Leisure Pants Bottoms 2
Work Pants Bottoms 4
Tech Pants Bottoms
Pro Training Pants Bottoms
Cotton Pants Bottoms 10
Navy Pants Bottoms 15
Cloth Cap Hat 2
Rabbit Hairband Hat 5
Satin Ribbon Hat 8
Chocolate Consumable 1
Family Tourney Club Activity 6

Tennis Association (Tennis Club Story).png Tennis Association (800 Fame)[]

Mainly unlocks training courses, it also supplies some equippable items.

Description: In charge of everything from local matches to global tournaments.

Cost: 100 Management Points

Difficulty: Easy

Tennis Association's sponsorships list
Name Type Sponsor Lv
Replica Trophy Equipable 1
Handsome Course Course 2
Memento Pen Equipable 3
Parent-Child Course Course 4
Signed Ball Equipable 5
Super Hard Course Course 6
Memento Button Equipable 7
Challenge Course Course 8
High Tech Course Course 10

Local Cable TV (Tennis Club Story).png Local Cable TV (1,000 Fame)[]

Not much products from this sponsor, instead it provides access to 2 player recruitment methods and 2 facilities. Its products are 2 equippable items and 1 consumable.

Local Cable TV's sponsorships list
Name Type Sponsor Lv
Camera Equipable 8
Smartphone Equipable
Green Tea Consumable 2
TV Station Facility 1
Heliport Facility 5
Recruit: "Online Ad" Club Activity 2
Recruit: "TV Ad" Club Activity 10

Smash Park (Tennis Club Story).png Smash Park (1,200 Fame)[]

Unlocks 2 Facilities and 1 Club Activity.

Smash Park's sponsorships list
Name Type Sponsor Lv
Amusement Park Facility 1
Cinema Facility 5
Fireworks Party Club Activity 6
Hand Fan Racket 3
Prince Wear Tops 12
Prince Pants Bottoms 12
Hero Wear Tops 15
Hero Tights Bottoms 15

Priss (Tennis Club Story).png Priss (1,500 Fame)[]

This sponsor is high quality rackets supplier. It also supplies one hat equipment.

Priss' sponsorships list
Name Type Sponsor Lv
Pure Gold Racket 1
Pure Ruby Racket 10
Pure Platinum Racket 20
Pure Ruby Kids Racket
Rush Hat Hat 15
Pure Diamond Racket 30

Bearington Const (Tennis Club Story).png Bearington Const (2,000 Fame)[]

Unlocks 2 Facilities and 1 Club Activity.

Bearington Const's sponsorships list
Name Type Sponsor Lv
Tennis Court Brush Equipable 5
Honey Consumable 2
Daycare Facility 1
Clinic Facility 5
Rice Cake Party Club Activity 8
Ceremonial Candle Hat 12
Cat Hat 15

Nermes (Tennis Club Story).png Nermes (2,500 Fame)[]

Top sports apparel's manufacturer. Its product are expensive but top class. Definitely a must have for those aiming for world class level. Aside from equipments, it also produce a sports bag and some items. It also unlocks a club activity.
Its name is a pun of "Hermes", a fashion brand.

Nermes' sponsorships list
Name Type Sponsor Lv
Summer Knit Tops 1
Lovely Jersey Tops 10
Relax Purple Tops
Relax B&W Tops 20
Striped Pink Tops 1
White Camisole Tops 10
Laid Back Polo Tops
Super Cami Tops 20
Dress Top Tops
Red Cotton Pants Bottoms 1
Blue Long Pants Bottoms 10
Colorful Shoes Bottoms
Army Pants Bottoms 20
Skirt Leggings Bottoms 1
Brown Skirt Bottoms 10
Blue Skirt Bottoms
Beloved Skirt Bottoms 20
Dress Bottom Bottoms
Cotton Ribbon Hat 5
Silk Hat Hat 10
Hard Hat Hat
Bl. Racket Case Bag 6
Gr. Racket Case Bag
Pink Mini Bag Bag 16
Earrings Equipable
Molex Equipable 25
Pendant Equipable 50
Tennis Social Club Activity 8

Banana Union (Tennis Club Story).png Banana Union (3,000 Fame)[]

Unlocks 2 Facilities and 2 consumables. It also produce a top class hat.

Banana Union's sponsorships list
Name Type Sponsor Lv
Banana Consumable 2
Tropical Nut Consumable 5
Golfing Green Facility 1
Pasture Facility 5
Dove Hat 15

Bunlop (Tennis Club Story).png Bunlop (3,500 Fame)[]

As a top class rackets manufacturer, it provides unmatched rackets for adults and seniors. Definitely a must have for winning highest ranked matches. It also provides some hat equipments.

Bunlop's sponsorships list
Name Type Sponsor Lv
Grudge Core Racket 1
Polar Bear Core Racket 5
Demon Island Core Racket 10
Mt. Fuji Core Racket 20
Teflon Pan Racket 15
Bear Cub Core Racket 7
Straw Hat Hat 15
Gas Mask Hat 15

Kairo Corp (Tennis Club Story).png Kairo Corp (5,000 Fame)[]

2nd to last unlocked sponsors that unlocks at 5,000 fame. It unlocks 1 Facility, 1 Club Activity. Its products are a high quality racket and one of the biggest sports bag.

Kairo Corp's sponsorships list
Name Type Sponsor Lv
Library Facility 1
Pro Lessons Club Activity 10
Metal Bat Racket 3
Turtle Shell Bag 15

Marchon (Tennis Club Story).png Marchon (10,000 Fame)[]

Top class suppliers of bags and equipments. Unlocked at 10,000 fame. This is the last possible unlocked sponsor.

Marchon's sponsorships list
Name Type Sponsor Lv
Cool Outfit Tops 1
Cool 3-Color Tops 8
Very Cool 3-Color Tops 19
Neapolitan Tops
Switch Polo Tops 1
Busybody Cami Tops 8
Ultra Tank Top Tops 19
Gym Clothes Tops
Branded Shoes Bottoms 1
Coach Sweats Bottoms 8
Tech Sweats Bottoms 19
Neapolitan Pants Bottoms
Purple Skirt Bottoms 1
Yellow Sweat Skirt Bottoms 8
High Tech Skirt Bottoms 19
Neapolitan Pants Bottoms
Heavy Bear Hat Hat 7
Batting Helmet Hat
Police Cap Hat 21
Sky Mini Bag Bag 9
Green Line Bag Bag
Purple Line Bag Bag 23
Powerful Polo Tops 28
Turquoise Shirt Tops 28
Yam Tech Sweats Bottoms 28
Mesh Skirt Bottoms 28
Koala Bag 30