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Sponsors are an important element in Grand Prix Story. Once obtained, they provide bi-yearly income to your team throughout the course of the game. They also bear several extra rewards for increasing your ad effect towards them during their contract, many of which are exclusive rewards such as part plans, car plans, and new training methods for your drivers.

You may only have two sponsors contracts at a time. The first sponsor, Bridgerock, is rewarded for finishing 1st in the initial Bloomtown race. You are later given contract with Mocha Cola for completing the Dusty Plains. After you finish a race with sponsor contracts, ad effect is added to a total requirement, based on performance. Ad effect gains can be improved by parts like the Emblem or car with high ad effect ratings such as the Duck Car or Super Car.

At the start of M1 and M7 annually, your sponsor contracts are resolved. Payment from the sponsors is added up and the accumulated ad effect from the past 6 month period is added to each sponsors total. If ad effect did exceptionally well, the sponsor will increase their base payment for the rest of the current game. Also, if the ad effect requirements for that sponsor were reached, they will reward you with a special reward and introduce you to new sponsors. The sponsor will be marked with a gold star in the sponsor menus showing you've fulfilled their requirement.

New sponsors a satisfied sponsor will introduce to you have a certain system of selection. One to four choices will be presented; two of those choices are the lowest ad effect requirements available, the other two are the lowest ad effect sponsors of the same group as the one completed. Available sponsors are any that have yet to be finished and are not currently anywhere in your selection. If a sponsor is both the lowest ad effect sponsor of the group and overall, it's grouped with the overall couple and and you may end up with three or more from same sponsor group. If the base payment of the lowest ad effect requirement group sponsor is less than what was completed or there isn't enough or any group sponsors to add, spaces will be left empty and you will see groups of only 2-3 appear. The only situation you will have one left to choose will be when all others have been completed/are active. 

Several sponsors on the lower end are able to be fulfilled in a single 6 month period, while most of the higher end sponsors will take several, especially if trying to complete them in the early game.

List of Sponsors[edit | edit source]

The payment listed is a base payment. The base payment of sponsors can vary slightly from the listed totals by 25.0K or so. Payment increases from the base by sponsors receiving ad effect.

Carryover rewards listed are the substitute reward if you brought the regular reward back from a previous play through.

Image Sponsor Real Life Counterpart Type Payment Ad Effect
Reward Carryover
Automotive Sponsor.png Bridgerock Bridgestone Automotive 72.0K 80 Knobby Tires part plans 300.0K Sells a full line of tires. Tires!
Service Sponsor.png Dry Springs Service 137.0K 105 400.0K Go for a "Hot Springs Story."
Foods Sponsor.png Mocha Cola Coca Cola Foods 205.0K 130 Hyper Oil part plans They say this helps concentration.
Finance Sponsor.png Carbucks Starbucks Finance 365.0K 155 700.0K Industrial-strength coffee.
Foods Sponsor.png Curry Coop Foods 305.0K 180 40 Research points Curry chain rivaling the burger boys.
Foods Sponsor.png Froggerade Gatorade Foods 300.0K 205 Drag Race training Chalky, fluorescent, and popular with kids.
Technology Sponsor.png Spongecorp 325.0K 230 32-Bit part plans Develops computers. And sponges.
Service Sponsor.png Race Trax Race Trac Service 400.0K 255 Emblem part plans A famous record label.
Technology Sponsor.png Cheapy P's 437.0K 280 Car Camera part plans A legit construction company. Seriously.
Foods Sponsor.png Dairy Duke Daisy Dukes 441.0K 305 Pwr Slide training A farm. It's got cows.
Technology Sponsor.png Dull Comp Dell Computers 468.0K 330 Rocket Sci. training Sells large, clunky computers.
Foods Sponsor.png Milky Milk Foods 495.0K 355 Gold Egg part plans 1,000.0K World's leading supplier of milk.
Foods Sponsor.png Bob's Drugs Foods 525.0K 380 Aerobics training Sells medicine that attracts bugs.
Service Sponsor.png AD&D AT&T Service 560.0K 405 Watch Vids training Its employees can't concentrate.
Technology Sponsor.png Chimp Labs 330.0K 430 Superchrgr part plans 800.0K Forefront leader of banano-technology.
Technology Sponsor.png Pear Inc. Apple Inc. 425.0K 455 4WD drive plans Sells phones. Oh, computers too.
Finance Sponsor.png River Bank 567.0K 480 Shop Class training Bigger than most countries.
Automotive Sponsor.png Honza Cars Honda Motor Co. Automotive 450.0K 505 Carbon Brakes part plans Famous Japanese car company.
Service Sponsor.png Nights Inn Days Inn Service 495.0K 530 Gear Shift training Huge hotel chain with low, low prices!
Automotive Sponsor.png Autoburg Automotive 577.0K 555 Duck Car plans 1,500.0K Makes luxury cars that break down.
Finance Sponsor.png Microsloth Microsoft 755.0K 580 Drift Training method Nobody knows what they do.
Finance Sponsor.png Ackbar Oil 925.0K 605 2,400.0K Large oil company about to get larger.
Finance Sponsor.png Kairo Group 1,175.0K 630 SL Car plans World's largest insurance firm.
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