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Combos (Dream Town Story) 1,942
Genres and types (Game Dev Story) 1,433
Dishes (The Sushi Spinnery) 748
Story Arcs (The Manga Works) 661
Combos (The Manga Works) 618
Tips (Grand Prix Story 2) 488
Tips (High Sea Saga) 488
Combos (Bonbon Cakery) 411
Combos (Anime Studio Story) 410
Hall of Fame (Bonbon Cakery) 385
Monster Hunt Campaigns (High Sea Saga) 378
Tips (The Sushi Spinnery) 378
Map (Kingdom Adventurers) 330
Remodeling (Beastie Bay) 328
Compatibilities (Pocket League Story 2) 314
Genres and Themes (Silver Screen Story) 313
Eggs (Kingdom Adventurers) 287
Combos (Mega Mall Story) 285
Tips (Bonbon Cakery) 271
Tips (Game Dev Story) 265
Tips (Dream House Days) 264
Tips (Ninja Village) 244
Friend IDs (Kingdom Adventurers) 216
Structures (Dream Town Story) 200
Language packs 185
Tips (Basketball Club Story) 184
Tips (Pocket Stables) 181
Compatibilities (World Cruise Story) 177
Tips (Pocket Academy) 172
Treasure (Cafeteria Nipponica) 163
Combos (Magazine Mogul) 158
Tips (The Manga Works) 154
Settings and themes (Anime Studio Story) 153
Combos (Pocket Harvest) 147
Skills (Kingdom Adventurers) 146
Staff (Cafeteria Nipponica) 143
Combos (March to a Million) 141
Creation Parameters (The Manga Works) 132
Tips (Pocket League Story 2) 128
Parts (Grand Prix Story 2) 123
Bugs and cheats (Kingdom Adventurers) 117
Floor compatibility (Mega Mall Story) 112
Friend IDs (Kingdom Adventurers)/list 111
Villagers (Ninja Village) 102
Tips (Dungeon Village) 100
Hobbies (Dream House Days) 95
Contests (Dream House Days) 95
Bugs and cheats (Bonbon Cakery) 94
Transcript:Manual (Kingdom Adventurers) 94
Challenges (Pocket Academy) 92
Consulting (The Sushi Spinnery) 89
Endgame (Basketball Club Story) 88
Combos (Wild Park Manager) 88
Tips (Cafeteria Nipponica) 87
Clientele (Cafeteria Nipponica) 83
Endgame (Kingdom Adventurers) 82
Treasure (Kingdom Adventurers) 78
Tips (The Ramen Sensei 2) 78
Cheat tools 77
Jobs (Dream Town Story) 76
Manga Artist Rank (The Manga Works) 75
Publishers (The Manga Works) 74
Bugs and cheats (Dream House Days) 74
Items (The Manga Works) 73
Tips (Biz Builder Delux) 72
Items (Kairobotica) 72
Friend IDs (High Sea Saga) 72
Bugs and cheats (Basketball Club Story) 71
Specialties (March to a Million) 69
Assistants (The Manga Works) 68
Pets (Dream House Days) 67
Jobs (Anime Studio Story) 66
Combos (Shiny Ski Resort) 65
Tips (Social Dev Story) 64
Tips (Home Run High) 63
Residents (Venture Towns) 61
Bugs and cheats (Game Dev Story) 60
Titles (Dream House Days) 59
Transcript:Manual (Basketball Club Story) 58
Contests (The Sushi Spinnery) 58
Friend IDs (Social Dev Story) 56
Auras (Grand Prix Story) 56
Endgame (Beastie Bay) 55
Tips (Pool Slide Story) 54
Customers (The Sushi Spinnery) 53
Technologies (Skyforce Unite!) 52
Clothes (Dream House Days) 52
Friend IDs (Pocket League Story 2) 51
Personality (Home Run High) 50
Transcript:Manual (Dream Town Story) 50
Coaches (Pocket League Story 2) 49
Tips (Venture Towns) 49
Bugs and cheats (Cafeteria Nipponica) 49
Bugs and cheats (Grand Prix Story 2) 49
Friend IDs (High Sea Saga)/list 49
Teachers (Pocket Academy ZERO) 48
Endgame (High Sea Saga) 48
Friend IDs (Grand Prix Story 2) 48
Bugs and cheats (High Sea Saga) 48
Raffles (Grand Prix Story 2) 47
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