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Fight strategic aerial battles with your very own airplane, taking down the monster infestation!

Recon Rewards (Work In Progress)[]

If you keep taking pictures of monsters using a Recon Camera, your recon points will go up. Here is the list of rewards you can get once your recon points reach a certain level:

100 points(?) - 30x Mile Points

249 points - 2x Blue Upgrade Egg

415 points - 35x Mile Points

582 points - 3x Blue Upgrade Egg

7?? points - 40x Mile Points

997 points - 4x Blue Upgrade Egg

1,247 points - 45x Mile Points

1,496 points - 5x Blue Upgrade Egg

1,746 points - 50x Mile Points

1,995 points - 2x Silver Upgrade Egg

2,245 points - 55x Mile Points

2,494 points - 3x Silver Upgrade Egg

2,827 points - 60x Mile Points

Bugs & Cheats

Bug-game dev story.png Bugs and cheats listed below can be replicated on a device without the need of cheat tools.
  • You can repeat timed special event missions by putting your phone in standby in a mission. This allows you to complete a map even after the 3 hour timer expires. Once you complete the map you can still very quickly open the missions tab and select that mission (if the event expired the timer reads 00:00:00) This allows for the near infinite replay of that mission, and the map resets every time. This trick can allow you to spam a mission, such as the G Metabok one, for tons of rewards. If you do not open the mission tab immediately after completing it however, the event disappears.
  • Reload cheat - If one of your planes receives severe damage or is shot down. Force quit the app to restore to the latest auto-save point which will be the point right before you started the mission. There will be no damage to your planes. But you will lose the following; stamina, mercenary count, lunch ticket spent on that attempted mission. Note that if you force quit when you are playing New World, you’ll have to wait 9 hours of cool-time.
  • There is a very rare chance that if Amy Duckworth (who can raise levels of expeditions and add chests to them) says goodbye, the pause menu appears that she’s gone, but if you re-enter, she’s available. This seems to happen after she goes after ringing the bell once (after she’s returned). v 1.93 (iOS)
  • On the latest iOS version (1.93), occasionally, after playing for a long time, everything in the game except the ads may completely freeze up at rare times when doing an action (pressing back on the helper screen, attacking an enemy, when the daily benefits page pops up, collecting an achievement, starting a mission etc.), and the music will continue to play even if you exit the app and shut your device off (and sometimes, it’ll continue to play even after force quitting the app, and the music will stop shortly after re-entering the app) and it’ll continue to play until you either force quit it, or turn it off and then on (which restarts the app). Your progress will not be wiped, and if it happens when the daily benefits page pops up and an apprentice done some work before, you will not lose the mile points and medals gained. If it happens in battle, your stamina, mercenary count, lunch tickets spent and New World tickets will be lost and wasted. Force quitting the app after every session will prevent this from happening.
  • Occasionally, when renewing the list of helpers that appears when going to the New World, the game may display an error message and crash. This usually happens after renewing the list for an extensive amount of time, but it can error even after renewing the list for a few times. Nothing will be lost if this happens. v 1.93 (iOS)
  • When taking on an enemy subduing mission ([Enemy] Outbreak) that takes place in Fort Wairo, the enemy that is noted in the mission name and description will not be at the goal, and the goal will still be unguarded. This might due to the fact that the goals in Fort Wairo is unguarded, and that the bosses appear just before the goal.
  • If you use Data Transfer to transfer data from a newer version of a game to a older version of the game, then the game on the older version will keep on crashing when you try to open it without fail. Updating the game to the newest version will resolve the issue, and you will not lose your transferred data.
  • There is a rare chance that. once your assistant succeeds in opening a safe (24 hours for a gold safe, 60 hours for a platinum safe), right before an item comes out of the safe, the game will display an error message and crash. After starting the game back up, it will still do the same thing again, but it won’t display an error message. It will show the item obtained from the safe. Nothing will be lost.
  • If an alarm/timer goes off when playing the game, then the game may instantly crash. If this happens in battle, then your stamina, mercenary count, lunch tickets spent and New World tickets spent will be lost and wasted.
  • There is a glitch when starting up the game on the latest iOS version (1.93) that makes the game completely freeze 3 seconds into the loading screen and makes the device unresponsive for a short while. The weaker your device, the more likely it is to happen and the longer the device will remain unresponsive for. For some reason, this glitch almost never happens when no ads load at the 3 second mark, and on some ads, it always freezes, and on others, it never freezes, so the freezing issue might be related on what ads load. Interestingly, this glitch never happens twice in a row, and this glitch can come in waves; sometimes, it will freeze every second time you start up the game, and other times, this glitch might not happen several startups in a row.


  • The Japanese Android release version was 1.0.3.

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